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OS Weekly Wrap Up, Getting You Caught Up on Sports Gaming News (Nov. 17 - Nov. 23, 2019)

Operation Sports

OS Weekly Wrap Up, Getting You Caught Up on Sports Gaming News (Nov. 17 - Nov. 23, 2019)

Every Sunday, we will get you caught up on the sports gaming news and our featured articles, you might have missed, during the busy week.

Sports Gaming News

FIFA 20 Career (In Menus)

Operation Sports Featured Articles

When I wrote the WWE 2K20 review, I recommended sitting it out. However, I did preface that statement by saying you should also wait for some patches to see if Visual Concepts could hash out a lot of the issues.
One of the best parts about iconic video game franchises is how different people can love the same game but for completely different reasons. A Super Mario fan on one side of the world might be super dedicated to finishing each level completely, insisting on collecting every single coin and bashing every last goomba into the dirt. On the other side of the world resides another Super Mario fanatic whose singular focus is completing the game in the shortest time possible. Same game. Two different super fans with two different experiences with that game.
As far as EA Sports games go, it’s always been that the NHL series comes across as a bit of an afterthought to Madden and FIFA, even just based on the resources the company devotes to the games alone. When it comes to the card-collecting modes that have become a lucrative staple of these games, HUT may always play second fiddle to MUT and FUT, but Hockey Ultimate Team has continued to show steady improvement in recent years.
The English Premier League season is roughly a third of the way through, which gives us a good feel for the clubs involved this year. And while career mode didn’t deliver on EA’s promises, there’s still some fun to be had with the mode. In this article, we’ll take a look at three clubs, all offering unique challenges to your managerial skills.
A lot of the biggest esports events related to sports games either started or hit a new stage in the last week. If you watch esports, why do you like them? If you don’t, why don’t you have interest?
Yesterday, EA Sports announced a partnership with CONEMBOL (South American Football Association) to feature a fully licensed Copa Libertadores in FIFA 20, free of charge! There are three major club competitions in South America for those of you unfamiliar.
EA Sports released its newest and almost always highly criticized roster update for NHL 20 yesterday. This update, like most, was simply a ratings increase or decrease and did not include missing player images or player likenesses.

If there is anything else you would like to see in the OS weekly wrap-up, feel free to let us know in this post. Otherwise, enjoy getting caught up and we will see you next weekend.

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