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MLB The Show 19 Diamond Dynasty: 10th Inning Program Reveal at 6 p.m. EST

MLB The Show 19 Diamond Dynasty

MLB The Show 19

MLB The Show 19 Diamond Dynasty: 10th Inning Program Reveal at 6 p.m. EST

We’re about an hour away from the last big stream for MLB The Show 19, and Sony San Diego is trying to make it worth your time with extra giveaways.

Linking your Twitch name to your PSN ID is not hard, so I recommend doing it if you have not this year and plan on watching. We will of course be back after the stream to detail everything from the 10th Inning Program.

In addition, we got the expected final 200 Star reward card for the 10th Inning Program: Barry Larkin.

Larkin completes the trio of 99 overalls we get to select from at 200 Stars. The top tier of the shortstop position is a tough one to break into so it will be interesting to see where Larkin’s stats end up. His swing can sometimes be tough to deal with, and the question with any Larkin card is just how good the hitting will be because you know the fielding will be elite. At the very least, he should certainly fit into a Reds-specific theme team, and being able to get a 99 overall at 200 Stars is great either way.

The 300 Star and potential 600 Star players are expected to be rather ridiculous if we already got three 99s at 200 Stars, so we’ll see what happens with this reveal.


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