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Snooker 19 Patch 1.14 Available - Patch Notes Here

Snooker 19

Snooker 19 Patch 1.14 Available - Patch Notes Here

Ripstone Games has released Snooker 19 game update 1.14 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Check out the patch notes below.

  • New game mode added – Practice Table is now available in-game. When using the practice table, you can respot the white ball anywhere and retake shots.
  • Online VS matches now use Pro+ Aiming Aid
  • Tournament calendar update. The ‘Winter Open’ added to run in December during the World Snooker break for the holidays with brand new exclusive reward pack
  • Fixed a bug affecting the break off in Six Red matches
  • Commentary improvements, including a fix for a bug affecting plants
  • Small improvements to side spin that have made a positive impact. We have adjusted the ball/ball friction properties, which has an impact on the amount of push out to the side that the cueball will have. After a period of closed testing and player feedback, this was found to be the best change to implement.
  • General bug fixes, crash fixes and improvements

More details about Snooker 19 update 1.14, can be read at reddit.

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