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OS Weekly Wrap Up, Getting You Caught Up on Sports Gaming News (Jun 21 - Jun 27, 2020)

Operation Sports

OS Weekly Wrap Up, Getting You Caught Up on Sports Gaming News (Jun 21 - Jun 27, 2020)

Every Sunday, we will get you caught up on the sports gaming news you might have missed, during the busy week. This includes the latest videos from our content team and featured articles from the staff.

Sports Gaming News

remastered tony hawk's pro skater


Operation Sports Videos

In Alex’s latest trailer, he used Madden NFL 20 to put together footage of rookies and veterans rocking new jerseys they’ll get to wear for a 2020-21 NFL season we hopefully get to have in full. You get to see NFL players on new teams in Madden 20 and NFL rookies in Madden 20.

We reviewed Super Soccer Blast last week, and it’s fair to say Kevin loved the game. More folks on staff are also getting a kick out of this little arcade soccer gem, so Prince is here with a Super Soccer Blast video where he plays the game and gives some thoughts on it.

The review of the Minnesota Twins was the beefiest boy we’ll have in this review series, but the White Sox are not far behind. The White Sox home run swings will include reviews of six players, but two are switch hitters and get two reviews. Let’s do it.

The White Sox were one of the more enjoyable set of reviews to do so far because they were, well, good. The Cleveland Indians home run swings are not as difficult to get through because there are only four players to cover, but three of them are switch hitters. Let’s jump into it.

Cleveland wrapped up the AL Central yesterday, so now we begin the final division here with the AL West. I’m starting today with the Seattle Mariners home run swings. The Mariners are an easy team to cover because I only have to look at three swings here. There are no switch hitters either, so this is one of the shorter review articles I’ll write for the entire series. The rest of the AL West has more players to cover, so it felt right to start from the “bottom” with the Mariners and work our way up from there.

We started out the AL West with the Seattle Mariners, and now we move to a team with a bit more home-run hitting depth with the LA Angels. The Angels home run swings include five players, and I think all five players on the list are self-explanatory.

The LA Angels had a bunch of veterans to cover yesterday, but today the Athletics skew a little younger. The Athletics home run swings include six different players, but there’s only one custom celebration to focus on among the six.

Operation Sports Featured Articles


When it comes to car control and the nuances of it, I am not sure another developer does it any better than the Italian-based Kunos Simulazioni. Whether I was racing with a PS4 controller or my Fanatec wheel, I could instantly tell the difference between each vehicle and its track interaction and was forced to adjust accordingly. Driving my BMW M6, Honda NSX or the Lamborghini Huracan, my approach was completely different as each vehicle in ACC delivers unique power and handling.

There is still a pandemic, so 2K players will be a captive audience in need of something to do. Plus, it sounds like if we do have an NBA season, it will go into October if things go according to plan, so there’s an opportunity for end-of-the-season award winners and Playoffs/Finals Moments. And, honestly, how hard can it be to come up with more Buzzer Beater or Out of Position players to bridge the gap, right? Maybe even another Prime series?

While nothing seriously worthwhile was shown in the trailer, EA Sports did update the FIFA 21 website with several new features that will be available on the next generation of consoles (PS5/Xbox Series S). Most of these features sound like your usual marketing catchphrases aimed at generating buzz for the next iteration, but a few, notably Deferred Lighting and Rendering, Gameday Immersion, and Off the Ball Humanization sound like they could have a real impact on gameplay and the match-day experience.

When they say 60 FPS in handheld, they mean it. The fastest cars piling up on the screen at the same time do not slow this game down. There are also no Cruis’n USA draw distance issues. Everything is visible, even though the screen is much smaller (which can complicate things). It is equally smooth in handheld and docked mode, which even for a game that initially came out 12 years ago (more on that later), triggered some profound amazement from me.

MLB The Show 20 gives you the option of adding the DH to both leagues. With that in mind, for those of you who like to mimic real life, you might now be asking, “who should be my DH for [Insert NL team here]?” Well, I’m here to help. Using real-life data from the past five years, I’ll look at who the ideal DH candidates are for each National League club.

With the release of our first glimpses of Madden 21 these past couple weeks, it’s a good time to start getting excited about how the next installment of the series might improve on its predecessor. While franchise mode might not exactly have been featured prominently in that sneak peek at the game — though any gameplay improvements across all modes will certainly be more than welcome for franchise players — there are some aspects of trying to manage a team over multiple seasons that could definitely use some attention. Specifically, the idea of how players progress throughout their careers is one that needs to be addressed in order to make things more realistic and better maintain a competitive balance within leagues.


Of course, hype reveals are nothing new, but I was lucky enough to take part in the Dirt 5 demo with zero time restrictions, which is great because I could not quit playing it. From the way the cars each handled to the amazing venues and tracks that looked unbelievably gorgeous in 4K, the Dirt 5 demo had me addicted to the content that was offered.

Watching a bird flap its wings while airing out over a quarter was a delight. Watching a bird bounce around the floor aimlessly after a bail is something I never realized I needed in my life. Aside from the graphics and the genius of SkateBird, tricks are like what you’d expect from an old-school Tony Hawk game. I used an Xbox One controller. The controller layout is excellent. That being said, while I would pull off hardflips and inward heelflips with ease, I was still trying to figure out some of the more complicated tricks in the game by the end of my time playing it. So, a trick list would make life a bit easier.

Over the years, one of Madden’s most frustrating things was the delay between hitting the desired WR’s button and the ball leaving the QBs fingertips. Now, EA says that a QB’s animation will be broken immediately after the receiver’s icon is selected. This means you should have more abilities to get the ball out while in other animations or being tackles. This improvement in button responsiveness interrupting animations should allow you to make some throws you otherwise could never make before.

If there is anything else you would like to see in the OS weekly wrap-up, feel free to let us know in this post. Otherwise, we will see you next Sunday.

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