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Super Soccer Blast Video: A Blast of Arcade Cheer

super soccer blast video

Super Soccer Blast

Super Soccer Blast Video: A Blast of Arcade Cheer

We reviewed Super Soccer Blast last week, and it’s fair to say Kevin loved the game. More folks on staff are also getting a kick out of this little arcade soccer gem, so Prince is here with a Super Soccer Blast video where he plays the game and gives some thoughts on it.

Super Soccer Blast is not trying to be FIFA or PES, and in some ways it fits in your library the same way Super Mega Baseball does along with MLB The Show. Check out Prince’s breakdown and feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel if you’d like.

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  1. I find it pretty fun, but it's kind of hilarious that the game seems to have more fouls than FIFA 20 as an arcade game. Also seem to have a bit of button or input delay or something unless it's impossible to shoot first time.

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