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Rocket League Esports Introduces The Field - A New Daily League For Everyone


Rocket League

Rocket League Esports Introduces The Field - A New Daily League For Everyone

In order for the top Rocket League players in the world to remain the best, they need to practice and compete with the best. Psyonix teamed up with Rival Esports to launch The Field, a multidivisional, team-based league filled with high-level Rocket League action.

The Field will consist of three divisions, based on skill level, in both North America and Europe. Seasons will last one month, with the first one beginning on August 1.

Ahead of that, teams will compete in the Open Trial Period for placement, starting in mid-July.

The Field is broken down into two regions, North America and Europe, and three divisions:

  • Division I: The highest level of play in The Field. Consists exclusively of Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) and Rival Series teams during the Open Trial Period (explained more below), with four additional teams being added for Season I.
  • Division II: Open qualification for any teams that hold Grand Champion rank in the Standard Ranked Playlist. For Season I, Division II will be limited to 20 teams.
  • Division III: Teams that do not qualify for Division II can play in Division III. Players who have left teams in Divisions I and II can form teams to play in this Division.

Each Division is subject to promotion and relegation. Promotion and relegation between Division I and Division II will happen at the beginning of each season. The number of promoted and relegated teams will rely on a variety of factors and will be decided by tournament administrators.

Promotion and relegation between Division II and Division III will happen twice a season (once at the start, and once at the halfway point on the 15th of each month). The top four Division III teams will promote, while the bottom four Division II teams will demote.

For more in-depth information about The Field, make sure to read the official blog post.

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