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NBA 2K20 MyTeam: Approaching the Finish Line?

NBA 2K20

NBA 2K20 MyTeam: Approaching the Finish Line?

Thanks to that cool Zion-centric commercial during the PS5 reveal, we now know that 2K21 is coming this fall. So, the game is not being delayed until the next-gen systems release, and if that’s the case, the 2K20 cycle is probably coming to an end soon.

Or is it?

There is still a pandemic, so 2K players will be a captive audience in need of something to do. Plus, it sounds like if we do have an NBA season, it will go into October if things go according to plan, so there’s an opportunity for end-of-the-season award winners and Playoffs/Finals Moments. And, honestly, how hard can it be to come up with more Buzzer Beater or Out of Position players to bridge the gap, right? Maybe even another Prime series?

Speaking of Prime, it seems logical that this week could finally be the end of Series 3. And, as I mentioned last time, a final token market update could also be coming this week (if last year’s release is any indication). But a big piece of the end-game puzzle will be the final Prime Series 3 player, and the collection reward.

Could the reward possibly be G.O.A.T. LeBron? If so, we might be done. If not, well, you know he’s coming at some point so until that happens there’s hope.

I actually got stupid lucky and pulled a Prime galaxy opal Paul George, so since then I’ve been trying to snipe/save up for the other Prime players. I figure if the reward is an end-game player I love, I’ll lock-in and ride off into the sunset.

Or if not, and it looks like MyTeam content will continue, I can undoubtedly always sell those Prime players for a ton of MT and keep going. Right now I’m loving the amount of new cards released each week, and have been buying/trying/flipping tons of players as I work my way through the Spotlight Sim challenges — still no Kobe or Larry for me yet, but I’m in no hurry.

Last year, content was actually released through July, so regardless we’ve (hopefully) got at least got another month of amazing stuff.

I don’t know about you guys, but I find myself looking forward to content release days more and more recently. And surely there will be a galaxy opal Zion to look forward to, plus other overpowered cards for his peers similar to last year’s Draft Class and Generation Next sets. Plus, there’s always one last big promo release that shatters the market, at which point you just know it’s over (see below).

I also wonder how many G.O.A.T. cards we’ll end up getting?

Initially, it seemed like the answer would be three: Kobe, MJ and LeBron. Again, like last year. But we now also have Magic, Kareem and Larry. Will be there be a Bill Russell? (There should be. His Out of Position card is great, but he needs a G.O.A.T. card that can play center for the purists.) How about Durant, Wilt or Giannis? Jerry West is the logo, shouldn’t he be worthy of G.O.A.T. status? Or how about the most unstoppable scorer in the NBA, my man James Harden.

So yeah, there’s tons of opportunities here for content that could easily  carry us into the fall.

2K, if you need any ideas, feel free to hit me up. Or, realistically, put a poll up on Twitter and ask your paying customers what cards they would want. Please. Try it. We want content now more than ever. Even if the overwhelming response is for a galaxy opal Isaac Bonga (I hope not), that’s at least better than just releasing more small point guards. Though, honestly, I’ll try anyone as that’s what makes the game fun for me.

Here’s some new cards I’ve recently fallen in love with:

  1. Galaxy Opal Kevin McHale: This is the version of McHale I’ve always wanted. He can do everything at an elite level, has a nice jump shot, and most importantly of all he’s free. Please 2K, keep up the free content, it’s great. I’m still hoping for another set of Spotlight Sims before all is said and done.
  2. Pink Diamond Hakeem Olajuwon: He’s got a duo with galaxy opal Clyde that makes Hakeem an opal too. I’ll probably keep grinding for the Historic Spotlight Hakeem, but man, I’m in no hurry now.
  3. Pink Diamond Bill Walton: You all can have your Bongas and Magics, I’ll gladly take Bill Walton as my point guard (whenever I need an insanely tall one, that is). He’s 6-foot-11, has every HOF badge you’d ever need, and is under 10K MT. Yeah, he doesn’t have a great 3-point shot, but I can deal with that. He is also an elite center if you need him to play his actual position for some crazy reason.
  4. Diamond Ryan Anderson: He’s cheap, tall (6-foot-10) and can shoot the lights out at SF or PF. He’s also got 25 HOF badges, including Brick Wall, and has gold Unpluckable, Rim Protector and Clamps (hilarious if you are a Rockets fan and actually watched him play).

I know a lot of people (myself included on occasion) are down on 2K20 compared to previous years. Yeah, there’s definitely room for improvement and innovation, which hopefully will come next-gen, but I’ve still been having a blast playing these last few weeks (and months).

Kudos to the 2K team for keeping us all entertained, and (please) keep up the good work!

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