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OS Weekly Wrap Up, Getting You Caught Up on Sports Gaming News (May 17 - May 23, 2020)

Operation Sports

OS Weekly Wrap Up, Getting You Caught Up on Sports Gaming News (May 17 - May 23, 2020)

Every Sunday, we will get you caught up on the sports gaming news you might have missed, during the busy week. This includes the latest videos from our content team and featured articles from the staff.

Sports Gaming News



Operation Sports Videos

Alex slides through with a Mike Tyson-themed gameplay video. Older Mike is captured with the white beard and he’s facing a created version of Tyson Fury. It’s Tyson vs. Tyson in the fantasy matchup of the moment.

In Run the Triple episode 3, The Red Scourge starts it off (as usual) by taking us through some time on the practice field as he talks about the triple option in NCAA Football 14. He practices some permutations of the play to lab some things out for the upcoming weekend. From there, he takes Army up against Kansas State in a back-and-forth game.

Prince goes into his usual depth to cover most of the options at your disposal when you’re creating teams and players. Part of the appeal of Super Mega Baseball 3 is all this customization, and it’s one of many reasons why we love the game so much.

Over the next few episodes of Coach’s Corner, we’re going to go through the process of building a custom spread playbook from scratch in Madden NFL 20 — focusing first on the run game. In this episode, we take a look at the Ace and Bunch formation groups and talk through the best run schemes from each formation.

Operation Sports Featured Articles

If you’re looking for 1999 MLB rosters that are playable in MLB The Show 20, mkharsh33 has recently put out a roster just for you. These 1999 MLB The Show rosters include 1,215 players, and the lineups and pitching staffs are all accurate based on the end-of-season rosters from that season. You might know mkharsh33 from other roster files like his 1998 MLB rosters, but this is his biggest project yet. He’s done work to try and create a more uniform ratings process, and he’s even gone in to tweak more likenesses and so on to make this roster as authentic as possible.

When Video Assistant Review (VAR) was introduced back in 2017, no one would have predicted the influence it would have on the beautiful game. A flashpoint nearly every weekend in England, VAR has changed the way the game is played. With the eye in the sky always watching, players have to play to the whistle and know that any punishable action can be looked at, sometimes even a few minutes after the fact. Should it be introduced in FIFA 21? Let’s make the case for it!

Back in February, part two of this series looked at another scenario where the NBA offseason turned out differently and how the ensuing NBA season would have unfolded. It featured Anthony Davis in a Clippers uniform, the Banana Boat Lakers, and the Knicks beings the Knicks, among other things.

Codemasters is gearing up for the newest release of their award-winning F1 franchise, F1 2020. The latest version comes with some new additions while promising to tweak and enhance what was available in past editions of the game. I was lucky enough to sit down and play F1 2020, and while it’s still an obvious work-in-progress, it’s on-track improvements were noticeable from the start.

If there is anything else you would like to see in the OS weekly wrap-up, feel free to let us know in this post. Otherwise, we will see you next Sunday.

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