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MLB The Show 20: Prime Matt Kemp in Headliners Set 20

MLB The Show 20

MLB The Show 20: Prime Matt Kemp in Headliners Set 20

Headliners Set 20 Matt Kemp replaces Prime Rob Dibble in Headliners packs today. Prime Matt Kemp is a 97 overall. Kemp has had some very good cards in past MLB The Show games, and this one should be no exception. It is a Prime version of Kemp, so the card art is actually different from the card maybe some were expecting (Prime cards are new this year), but it still looks like a winner.

He has 124 contact versus left-handed pitching, solid fielding numbers, good speed, and basically looks like a five-tool star. Diamond Kemp’s vision is just okay, but otherwise he looks like he’ll be good against both left-handed pitching and right-handed-pitching.

Here are his ratings:

headliners set 20 prime matt kemp ratings

Here are his quirks:

prime matt kemp quirks

Here’s a look at his price on the community market about an hour after he came out:

community market prime matt kemp

The odds on the Headliners packs remain the same as always, so good luck if you try getting him in packs as you’ll have a 1:10 chance at a diamond, albeit that diamond might not be Matt Kemp.

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