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Sports Gaming News Weekly Wrap-Up - Madden 22, F1 2021, ESBC, MLB The Show 21 & More

sports gaming news

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Sports Gaming News Weekly Wrap-Up - Madden 22, F1 2021, ESBC, MLB The Show 21 & More

Every Sunday, we will get you caught up on the sports gaming news you might have missed, during the busy week. This includes the latest videos from our content team and featured articles from the staff.

Sports Gaming News

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Last week was a busy one for EA as Madden 22 took center stage with plenty of details about the franchise mode changes in the form of interviews, developer notes, and more. If you missed any of that, Prince dissects the trailer and the new Madden 22 franchise mode info in this breakdown. Steps were taken to improve this mode, and Prince takes us on a guided tour of the scouting, coordinator pages, and more.

Matt shows zero hesitation delivering five hot takes about Madden 22‘s franchise mode and the future of the feature within the series. He also comes out hot with some Gretzky takes that I appreciate. If you’re looking for something more than just a breakdown of all the info, this is for you.

In this video, Brian breaks down all of the home-field advantage M-Factors, and how they will impact gameplay in all modes of Madden 22.

Want to help complete this massive community MLB The Show 21 fictional roster project? There are tons of community roster projects from the OS faithful — both fictional and real — and Brian wants to help create another one with the help of those who want to offer it up.

Brian recently scoped out the partially genius, but terribly flawed Backbreaker football game for a retrospective. He gives its Tackle Alley mode a whirl several years after it initially tried to make its mark in the football world. At just about this point last year I also brought up Backbreaker, so maybe there’s something about that time right before Madden comes out that makes us all nostalgic for this weirdly unique game.

Operation Sports Featured Articles

Tour de France 2021 reviewIf you’re a fan of a sport, then the best you can hope for from a video game representation of said sport is that it captures all of the intricacies of the sport in a way that’s both realistic and fun. Anyone who appreciates all of the finer details that help separate the great athletes from the lesser ones are going to want a video game to effectively replicate all of the maneuvers and strategies that play a huge part in keeping the elite in front of the pack so that the people at home with a controller in their hands can feel as if they’re using their own expertise of the sport to flourish.

It’s a good time to be a cycling fan who happens to like video games. Between the Tour de France 2021 getting off to an interesting start and Pro Cycling Manager 2021 (PCM) being available, you can get your fix one way or another. Plus, there is also the Tour de France 2021 video game that is available and has been reviewed by the other Kevin), so there are two options for those of us who enjoy a good peloton! For those who are unaware, Pro Cycling Manager 2021 is a very detailed cycling simulator that allows you to take control of nearly every aspect facet of managing a professional cycling team. This includes deciding which sponsors will invest in your team, what riders will make the team, and what strategy your riders will utilize on race day. While we enjoy the festivities of the real Tour de France, it’s time to see how the folks over at Cyanide Studios have handled business with this Pro Cycling Manager 2021 review.

mlb the show retroAs tends to happen on our site, someone on the Operation Sports forums started a thread that got hundreds of responses. When this happens, it creates a life of its own and makes us pay close attention to every post.

This time, OS forum user Houston posed the question simply asking how old are you on our Show forums? It was a simple question that caused a thread to explode with answers. Houston also added a poll, so we could see the empirical data. According to a poll of 245 responses at the time of this writing, the age group that plays MLB The Showthe most is the 35-44 bracket (with about 34% of the vote). I have to admit I was a little surprised. I thought this age group would probably be the second highest, with the highest being the 28-34 age group. But I was wrong, and even more wrong when I saw the next highest age group was the 45-54 age group with just over 24%. The 28-34 crowd currently comes in third with 16.5%.

If you were anything like me, then Hot Wheels was deeply entrenched in your childhood. It was a world that involved so many different types of vehicles, and each one had its own story and background. Milestone is looking to bring that world alive again, only this time it’s in the form of a video game, and the developers are looking to deliver a game that conjures up memories of both the past and present in Hot Wheels Unleashed. Although the game is not releasing until mid-September, Milestone provided me with a playable build of Hot Wheels Unleashed for this preview.

Golf is a sport with the kind of rich tradition and history that many purists demand be reflected in the video game adaptations of the sport. For these hardcore fans of the leisurely pastime that was once referred to as a “good walk spoiled,” only the finest of simulations like PGA Tour 2K21 or perhaps the upcoming EA golf game can possibly satisfy their need to have all of the intricacies and complex physics of the game be a part of even their virtual experiences on the links. Though everyone is certainly welcome to their own preferences when it comes to any video games, this short-sighted viewpoint is one that can also potentially limit exposure to other golf games that might offer enjoyment of a different kind. This is where my Mario Golf: Super Rush review comes into play.

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