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Awards Mookie Betts Collection Added to Diamond Dynasty

Awards Mookie Betts

MLB The Show 21

Awards Mookie Betts Collection Added to Diamond Dynasty

Get ready to spend major stubs if you want to get Awards Mookie Betts today in Diamond Dynasty. Going above and beyond the Mariano Rivera collection (as expected), it’s going to cost north of one million stubs if you’re starting from a rather low point with your collection. There are 15 collections you need to put together in order to get an absolutely stacked card. Let’s show off the card, then start gaming out some prices for some of the collections.

Awards Mookie Betts Collection

First the card:

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Perhaps the biggest downside in the short term is most of the best pitchers in the game are right handed. Betts has stacked stats from both sides of the plates, but you inherently give up that one built-in advantage in a lot of the high-end matchups for now. Beyond that, a player you pop into all three outfield positions or 2B is amazing. There is nothing to complain about with this card in terms of what he offers, and he’s easily one of the best three cards in the game right now.

However, let’s get to the collections and try to figure out some costs looking at the marketplace right now.

Collections (Prices Subject To Change)

Awards Mookie Betts Collection cost

There are 16 collections, you need to 15 of them.

Milestone Cards

29 available, you need 25 for the collection

  • Milestone Alfonso Soriano (collect all NL Series Live cards) – 250K – deGrom, Tatis Jr., Acuna Jr are the bottleneck, and the cost for those three is around 250K. Everything else you fill in which pushes cost closer to 300-350K.
  • Milestone Kenley Jansen (Battle Royale reward) – 300K
  • Milestone Rich Gossage (Ranked Seasons reward) – 130K
  • Milestone Vida Blue (Ranked Seasons reward) – 130K
  • Milestone Christy Mathewson (4th Inning Boss, now out of circulation) – 110K (if you didn’t pick it in your boss pack)
    • Most of the time, we do end up getting the old inning bosses back in circulation around the 9th Inning, which is when prices would dip.
  • Milestone Mariano Rivera (Collection reward) – Can’t be purchased
  • Milestone Nolan Ryan (5th Inning Boss) – 250K – but hard to say what it will cost soon because the inning is still new
  • Milestone Ralph Kiner (So Fresh, So Clean Event) – 120K – still available if you can get to 40 wins in ongoing event
  • Milestone James Paxton (Battle Royale reward) – 140K
  • Milestone Al Leiter (Battle Royale reward) – 180K
  • Milestone Pablo Sandoval (Daily Missions reward) – Out of circulation, if you missed out here, then you missed out on a “free” card
  • Milestone Fergie Jenkins (Kitchen Sink 2 packs) – 50K – These packs still show up time to time, and there is one in the 5th Inning rewards track
  • Milestone Cliff Lee – NL East Team Affinity 2
  • Milestone Grady Sizemore – 95K3rd Inning Boss, now out of circulation
  • Milestone Rob Nenn – 70KHeadliners Set 23 packs, or you can find in random The Show packs
  • Milestone Steve Finley – All NL West Live series players – If you get Soriano, you would get this card by default
  • Milestone Tom Glavine – All NL East Live series players – See above
  • Milestone Shawn Green – 60K – With Fergie Jenkins in the Kitchen Sink 2 packs
  • Milestone Dante Bichette – NL West Team Affinity 2
  • Milestone Roy Oswalt – AL West Team Affinity 2
  • Milestone lee Smith – 50K2nd Inning Boss, now out of circulation
  • Milestone Adam Dunn – 60KKitchen Sink 1 packs, you can find one in the 5th Inning rewards track, and at the end of the current event
  • Milestone Billy Williams – Player program from the 4th Inning
  • Milestone Brian Roberts – 30K – Headliners Set 17 packs (still pop up from time to time, or you find it in a random The Show pack)
  • Milestone Kenny Lofton – 70K1st Inning Boss, now out of circulation
  • Milestone John Franco – All Mets Live series players
  • Milestone Cavan Biggio – 6K – Kitchen Sink 1 packs
  • Milestone Billy Hamilton – 8KSpace 2 packs, pop up from time to time
  • Milestone Jeurys Familia – Space 1 packs, pop up from time to time

Three cards from Team Affinity, one from Daily Missions, everything else can be purchased. The purchasable cards push you towards 1.8 million stubs. If you picked all the right bosses and have all the BR and Ranked rewards, the cost drops to around 460K stubs. Finding the cheapest route leaving out the four most expensive cards gets you to around 1 million stubs.

2nd Half Heroes

33 available, 20 for collection

Easier to talk about this one in terms of just what is available through playing:

  • Jim Thome, Alan Trammell, Johnny Bench, Johnny Damon, Tony Gwynn, Dave Parker, Jon Lester, Gary Sanchez, Kolten Wong are available in Team Affinity programs or old player programs.
    • 9 players
  • Jonathan Villar and Miguel Sano are golds you can find in a Battle Royale run, or just purchase for around 2-3K
    • 2 players
  • Ryan Zimmerman, Jorge Posada, Trevor Hoffman are tied to Live series collections (Nationals collection is cheap)
    • 3 players
  • J.D. Martinez and Will Clark are both around 6K each
    • 2 players
  • You can cobble together 4-5 more for around 8-15K

Total cost of roughly 60-70K if you can do all the free program rewards.


41 available, 35 needed for collection

Again, easier to talk about this in terms of what’s left after you grind.

If you defeat the main Conquest map twice, you should have 30 prospect cards. If you were around during the 99 Wander Franco special, that’s another card, which takes you to 31. Kelenic is another free card you can get, which takes you to 32.

  • Three leftover diamonds go for around Sell Now (BIN) prices, so 5-6K each

Total cost of roughly 15-18K if you got all the free cards.


16 available, 12 needed for collection

The Prime Joe Nathan from the Daily Missions program will push this to 17.

  • Mark Prior is from Team Affinity 2 and Zach Britton is from the now-expired Daily Missions program.
  • Joe Morgan – 250K – 5th Inning Boss
  • Matt Harvey – 70K – Last month’s BR program, now out of circulation
  • Jason Bay – 37K – 2nd Inning Boss, now out of circulation
  • Frank Tanaka – Angels Live series players (Trout is 300-320K)
  • Cliff Floyd – 20K Headliners Set 17 packs
  • Rob Dibble – 45K – Kitchen Sink 1 packs
  • Jake McGee – 65K – In the current event
  • Pee Wee Reese – 70K – From expired event
  • Garrett Anderson – 175K – Old Ranked Seasons reward
  • Dan Plesac – 32KHeadliners Set 10 pack
  • A.J. Burnett – 35KHeadliners Set 8 pack
  • Todd Frazier – 70K – Expired event
  • Darren O’Day – 19K – Kitchen Sink 1 packs
  • David Robertson – 20K – Kitchen Sink 2 packs

Taking out the two free cards and the upcoming Nathan card, that means you need 9 other cards. The cost will be about 340K.


25 available, 20 needed for collection

  • Torii Hunter, Joe Torre, Edgar Martinez, Brandon Webb, Nelson Cruz are either in Team Affinity or Daily Missions program.
    • 5 cards
  • Chipper Jones – Live collection so around a 1 million stubs
  • Larry Walker – 100K – Ranked Seasons reward
  • Bryce Harper – 280K – Battle Royale reward
  • Eddie Murray – 80K – 4th Inning Boss
  • David Justice – 95K – Ranked Seasons reward
  • Manny Machado – 40KHeadliners Set 27 pack
  • Troy Glaus – 60K – 3rd Inning Boss
  • Trevor Story – 95K – Battle Royale reward
  • Matt Wieters – 90K – Ranked Seasons reward, out of circulation
  • Dwight Evans – 37KHeadliners Set 21 packs
  • Jorge Posada – 65K – Battle Royale reward
  • Nick Markakis – 90K – Expired event reward
  • Bill Mazeroski – 20K – Kitchen Sink 1 packs
  • Dallas Keuchel – 20K – Kitchen Sink 2 packs
  • Rick Porcello – 20K – Kitchen Sink 1 packs
  • Mike Hampton – 7K – Space 2 packs
  • Tim Salmon – 25KHeadliners Set 3 packs
  • Eloy Jimenez – 20K – Kitchen Sink 2 packs
  • Travis d’Arnaud – 20K – Kitchen Sink 1 packs
  • Asdrubal Cabrera – 90K – Expired event reward

Taking out the five most expensive cards, this will run you about 685K.

Signature Series

12 available, 10 needed for collection

Andrew McCutchen and Justin Turner will be available this month in the Daily Moments program to add two more here.

  • Whitey Ford is the old Daily Moments program card
    • 1 free card
  • David Ortiz is the AL Live series collection, so roughly 600K
  • Vladimir Guerrero – 270K – 5th Inning Boss
  • Dennis Eckersley – 82K – 3rd Inning Boss, now out of circulation
  • Stephen Strasburg – 65K – Headliners Set 26 packs
  • Michael Young – 50K – Headliners Set 25 packs
  • Evan Longoria – 40K – Kitchen Sink 2 packs
  • Zack Greinke – 50K – Expired event reward
  • Kyle Seager – 60K – Ranked Seasons reward, out of circulation
  • Anthony Rizzo – 40KHeadliners Set 20 pack
  • Carlos Santana – 40KHeadliners Set 15 pack
  • Harold Baines – 40K – Kitchen Sink 1 pack

About 465K if you don’t wait for the two new cards to come out. If you do wait, that takes off another lump and takes you to around 320K.

Topps Now

You need 80 of these cards, you can get them all from the Topps Now Moments or Monthly Awards programs.

Monthly Awards

You cannot currently do this collection, but after Thursday when the new program comes out you will be able to do it. Again, this one is no cost.

Future Stars

23 cards available, you need 20

  • Quinn Priester, Jordan Groshans, Josiah Grey, Edward Cabrera, Garrett Crochet,  Ronny Mauricio, Shane McClanahan, Sam Huff, Jackson Rutledge, Brice Turang, Robert Puason, Isaac Paredes, Jordan Balazovic, Tyler O’Neill, Amed Rosario are all in Team Affinity programs
    • 15 free players
  • Wander Franco – 70K – 4th Inning Boss
  • Jasson Dominguez – 50K – Expired event reward
  • Logan Gilbert – 40KHeadliners Set 24 packs
  • Luis Campusano – 35K – Expired event reward
  • Yoan Moncada – 30K – 5th Inning Program
  • Michael Kopech – 23K – 2nd Inning Program
  • Austin Riley – 35K – 2nd Inning Program
  • Nomar Mazara – 37K – 1st Inning Program

Roughly 160K if you pick the cheapest leftover cards.


45 cards available, you need 35

You’re also getting two more rookie cards from the Daily Missions program this month. You get a Pujols card from the first big Conquest map. All in all, the prices here are negligible.

If you have not been collecting old silvers and golds this gets more pricey, but a lot of these cards are in the Battle Royale track every month. I would ballpark this at 30K if you’re way behind.


There are 31 cards available, you need 25

Again, you should have some from old collections and many are on the Battle Royale track every month. I would ballpark this at 50K or so if you are really behind on it.


There are 64 available, you need 45

If you have been keeping up with Battle Royale and your programs, you should only need 7-10 more cards. It should cost about 5-8K per card that you still need.


There are 49 available, you need 40

Same deal as some of the other ones here. You should only need 5-10 cards if you have been keeping up on the free content. They go for about 4-8K per card.


There are 30 available, you need 25

  • Lou Gehrig, Sergio Romo, Roberto Alomar, Shane Victorino, George Foster, Juan Pierre, Jay Buhner, Don Sutton, Enrique Hernandez, Alonso Soriano, Gary Sheffield, Kelvin Herrera are all in Team Affinity programs (or an old Daily Missions player for Alomar).
    • 12 free players
  • Justin Verlander – 40K – Kitchen Sink 1
  • Reggie Jackson – 40K – Old BR reward
  • Mickey Mantle – 20KHeadliners Set 14 packs
  • Bob Gibson – 33KHeadliners Set 19 pack
  • Rickey Henderson – 400K – AL West Live series collection
  • George Brett – 50K – Old Ranked Seasons reward
  • Ivan Rodriguez – 30KHeadliners Set 5 packs
  • Adam Wainwright – 27KHeadliners Set 6 packs
  • Lou Brock – 110K – Battle Royale reward
  • Aaron Hicks – 30K – 5th Inning Program
  • Josh Donaldson – 20KHeadliners Set 1 pack
  • Kirby Puckett – 10K – Twins Live series collection
  • Blake Snell – 15K – 3rd Inning Program
  • Didi Gregorius – 25K – 3rd Inning Program
  • Dennis Eckersley – 20K – Oakland Athletics Live series collection
  • Kevin Kiermaier – 15K – Tampa Bay Rays Live series collection
  • Joe Carter – 40K – Toronto Blue Jays Live series collection
  • Vida Blue – 3K – Battle Royale rewards

Taking out the five most expensive cards, you need about 280-300K stubs.

Jackie Robinson

The 42 Series costs about 300K, but you should have a couple cards already so it’s probably closer to 240K.

2021 All-Star Shohei Ohtani

Collecting the leftover 2021 All-Star and Home Run Derby cards is going to run you north of 1.2 million stubs.

Bottom Line

All in all, the collection is going to run you well over 2 million stubs on the conservative end of things if you have not been keeping up with collections. Awards Mookie Betts — or any other card — is generally not going to be worth that, but it sort of depends how much you have been banking cards to this point. You have to wait until after Thursday to do the collection, and in reality this collection could cost over 3 million stubs if you’re starting from a really low spot cards wise.

Good luck.

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