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Sports Gaming News Weekly Wrap-Up – Undisputed, AEW Fight Forever, DDS: Pro Football 2023 & More

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Sports Gaming News Weekly Wrap-Up – Undisputed, AEW Fight Forever, DDS: Pro Football 2023 & More

Every Sunday we get you caught up on the sports gaming news you might have missed during the busy week. This week it’s all about Undisputed, AEW Fight Forever, DDS: Pro Football 2023 and more.

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undisputed betaWhen the first news of ESBC Undisputed dropped back in late 2020, the boxing community was put on notice. It’s been far too long since we’ve had a AAA boxing game. The buildup to this game has been something akin to a title fight with some doubting that the game would ever be released as we were subject to roster updates and fighter renders for quite some time. Well, when the news of the beta released, many of us realized that this was indeed a serious game. Now, having played the beta, I can bring you my Undisputed beta impressions.

It’s safe to say that by now people have grown accustomed to seeing sports games released that are missing key features at launch — with the promise of having them patched in at an unspecified later date. For instance, NHL 23 players are still waiting on cross-play functionality that is supposed to be unveiled this week, and Madden 23 players are hoping at some point for modes that actually work. In the case of PGA Tour 2K23, cross-play is something that’s expected to be in the pipeline as part of a future update. This should help the game’s competitive realm, where work really needs to be done if they are going to be able to stay ahead of EA’s own golf game. As of now, there are plenty of online societies to join and casual playlists to use to square off against others in online rounds, but there’s a need for an overriding competitive mode framework in PGA Tour 2K23.

If you’re a fan of sports simulation titles, then chances are you are already familiar with Wolverine Studios. The development team behind the Draft Day Sports series of simulation titles that include, most notably, their yearly releases of DDS: Pro and College Football and Basketball. Having Wolverines Studios for years, I understand their methodical approach and staying true to their formulaic patterns of refining what is in the game and gently broadening the inclusions of new options. This brings us to my Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2023 review.

aew coverThis weekend, All Elite Wrestling presents Full Gear, the final PPV of the year and the first since CM Punk went on a tangent about the AEW locker room. The card is loaded with a ton of marquee matchups. But most importantly, for us gamers, we’ve been promised some long-awaited AEW Fight Forever news. I’m still excited, even if it isn’t the news gamers wanted when there were rumors of Fight Forever heading to Xbox Gamepass a few weeks ago.

Nevertheless, with all this talk about Fight Forever and the inevitable release, one thing has continued to stick out like a sore thumb over the last several weeks, and it’s former AEW Champion CM Punk still being front and center on the game’s cover. I even used my mediocre Photoshop skills to alter the cover because I could not stop thinking about it. But seriously, with Punk more than likely gone, who will be the next ‘featured’ cover wrestler on AEW Fight Forever?

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