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GRID Legends Rise of Ravenwest DLC and Patch 5.0 Available Today - Trailer, Screenshots & Patch Notes

GRID Legends

GRID Legends

GRID Legends Rise of Ravenwest DLC and Patch 5.0 Available Today - Trailer, Screenshots & Patch Notes

Codemasters and EA have released their GRID Legends Rise of Ravenwest DLC and patch 5.0 today. The a new story-based expansion features the history of the infamous racing team Ravenwest shown through 11 new themed story experiences.

This third expansion of the series focuses on Ravenwest Motorsport’s ace driver, Nathan McKane, one of the main characters of the ‘Driven to Glory’ story mode.

Players will receive four newly-added classic cars and updated tracks, including new layout variants for the iconic Miami track. The four new vehicles include the BMW 320 Turbo Group 5, 1967 Chevrolet Corvette, 1971 Plymouth GTX, 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback. Three new sponsored Career Events and a variety of icons, liveries and banners for in-game use are also available in the new pack.

The GRID Legends Rise of Ravenwest DLC is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC for $9.99. The game was added to the EA Play List in September. Deluxe Edition owners get instant access. For more details on the DLC check out the latest blog.

GRID Legends patch 5.0 was also released today, check out the patch notes below.


  • Several environmental track adjustments have been made
  • Objective progress that was reset relating to ‘Finish X or higher,’ should now be displaying correctly in certain circumstances


  • Resolved an issue with joining in-progress multi-round events, where the wrong vehicle will be selected
  • The session browser now prioritizes Friend lobbies
  • After a host migration, the new host will be able to create a new Race Creator session
  • Race Creators sessions featuring DLC cars should now be loanable for all players
  • Resolved an issue when joining a sponsor objective lobby and selecting a vehicle


  • Multiple minor UI fixes have been made throughout the game
  • Several stability adjustments have been made, reducing the frequency of game crashes


  • Several translation and localisation tweaks have been made, as well as the removal of some unsupported characters
  • A tweak to the MINI Miglia’s audio has been made to avoid an issue before changing gears
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