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AEW Fight Forever Day One on Xbox Game Pass Rumor Squashed

AEW Fight Forever Day One

AEW: Fight Forever

AEW Fight Forever Day One on Xbox Game Pass Rumor Squashed

Things have been awfully quiet on the AEW Fight Forever front lately, but things could get a bit more interesting very soon. WrestleZone is reporting that the game will arrive Day One on Xbox Game Pass.

While nothing officially has been announced, we’ll most likely be hearing much more about this rumor very soon with a possible release date finally revealed.

UPDATE: (11-8) The rumor has been squashed.

AEW Fight Forever will be releasing for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Below are some of the features for AEW Fight Forever taken from their Steam page.

  • Combines nostagic arcade wrestling feel with innovative All Elite Wrestling finishers and offensive moves.
  • Talent roster combines biggest legends to enter the ring plus brand new, high-flying AEW stars!
  • Single, tag-team, 3-way, 4-way, ladder, Casino Battle Royale, Falls Count Anywhere, Unsanctioned Lights Out, Exploding Barbed Wire Death and online co-op multi-player matches!
  • Online co-op multi-player!
  • Tag team matches feature a sequence of team maneuvers performed with simple commands.
  • Deep career mode
  • Wide range of customization modes: wrestler attire and appearance, move sets, entrances, teams, and arenas.
  • More than 40 weapons!
  • Mini-Games!
  • Daily and weekly challenges!

For more news on the game make sure to hit up our game page. Our most recent article breaks down the gameplay footage from Gamescom a couple of months ago.

In this video, we get our first look at how extensive the movesets look in the menu and just how realistic each move looks. It appears wrestlers can have up to five finishers and five signature moves. To build up a special, you have to wear your opponent down while building up your meter. It looks precisely like No Mercy. The moves in Fight Forever look realistic too. For example, Kenny Omega hitting the One-Winged Angel looked picture perfect. When he took it one step further and did the avalanche version, I marked out. The arcade thud and animation as he hit the mat added a unique touch. The replays looked cool as well.

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