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OS Weekly Wrap Up, Getting You Caught Up on Sports Gaming News (Jan 31 - Feb 6, 2021)


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OS Weekly Wrap Up, Getting You Caught Up on Sports Gaming News (Jan 31 - Feb 6, 2021)

Every Sunday, we will get you caught up on the sports gaming news you might have missed, during the busy week. This includes the latest videos from our content team and featured articles from the staff.

Sports Gaming News

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While we dove in and gave our initial impressions on what the create-a-boxer feature looks like in eSports Boxing Club so far, another way to think about it is by comparing it to the last big boxing game that was released. With that in mind, we’ve released a create-a-boxer comparison video that puts eSports Boxing Club against Fight Night Champion.

MLB The Show 21 will be missing a signature feature that has been praised year after year as a fantastic — and unique — element for franchise mode heads. This feature is carryover saves. Brian chats about why this feature did not make the cut during an otherwise exciting announcement week for MLB The Show 21.

Operation Sports Featured Articles

The loudest feature listed here, at least amongst the die-hard community, might be “franchise improvement.” That side of the community has been clamoring for a franchise overhaul for what feels like an entire console generation, so that will certainly be something to track as the game approaches. “New Franchise and MTO tools to better plan for the future” could mean a number of things. Are we getting a revamped scouting system? Revamped contracts? Is the progression system evolving? More tools for online leagues? Time will tell.

Enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday!

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