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Wreckfest is Free For PlayStation Plus Subscribers Starting May 4

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Wreckfest is Free For PlayStation Plus Subscribers Starting May 4

PlayStation Plus subscribers can download a digital copy of Wreckfest: Drive Hard, Die Last for free, starting on May 4 for the PlayStation 5.

The PlayStation 5 update is still scheduled to arrive on June 1, promising enhanced visuals, dynamic dirt on vehicles, better textures, and improved visual effects. Running a buttery smooth 4K resolution at 60FPS, players can also wreck it up online with 24 player support.

Burn rubber, break rules and shred metal in this full-contact racer from the creator of the FlatOut. Race and upgrade patched-together cars, improving their looks and toughening up their body armour to survive the epic crashes and neck-to-neck fights over the finish line in competitive races. Enjoy some hilarity in Challenge modes as you get behind the wheel of crop harvesters, three-wheelers and much more, then challenge your friends online in multiplayer up to 24 players.

Wreckfest arrived on Xbox Game Pass back in February. If you missed our Wreckfest review, read it here.

On the primal side of things, the “smashability” of vehicles makes for an incredibly realistic driving experience. Collisions and body damage don’t feel pre-programmed as the shapes you can crush your hapless opponents into feels limitless. Whether shearing off a bumper or sandwiching a car into a pocket-sized has-been, Wreckfest allows your skill and creativity to do the talking. Of course, on the flip side of things, one wrong turn and you can find yourself shambling your way to the finish line with a mangled piece of equipment you previously thought was an indestructible weapon. The AI deserves a lot of credit in this installment as opponents are not simply there to race, but actively looking to destroy you as well.


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  1. vertman
    If we download for PS5 on 5/4 do we then get a free PS5 upgrade when that comes out on 6/1 or do we need to pat extra for that?

    I have it for XSX and can say the upgrade is amazing because this game is awesome imo, but the load time suck - well kiss those long loads goodbye, it's like a new game now
    I've had the chance to play both versions on next gen. I'd say the differences are subtle, mostly because of the controller. On the damage front, I had a wheel pop off on a truck in the PS5. Don't remember that happening before. Also had steam come from the engine in a distinct manner that I don't remember seeing before.
    The dual sense has its pluses and minuses. The plus is the triggers. The minus is some sound effects are now on the controller, and I feel that takes away from the impact. Slamming into a wall isn't as loud.
    Either way, I love this game!

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