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Wreckfest Available Now on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X - New Tournament Arrives

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Wreckfest Available Now on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X - New Tournament Arrives

Wreckfest is available now for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X featuring enhanced visuals, dynamic dirt on vehicles, better textures, and improved visual effects. Running a buttery smooth 4K resolution at 60FPS, players can also wreck it up online with 24 player support.

For the PlayStation Plus subscribers that didn’t grab the PlayStation 5 version for free last month, you can upgrade your PlayStation 4 copy for $9.99. Xbox One users can also upgrade at the same price. For those of you looking for the full version, it’ll cost you $39.99.

THQ Nordic also released another Tournament update today, which includes a new free Wrecking Playground environment.

The tournament is themed around the Wrecking Playground environment, with the monthly event challenging you to score points by wrecking your car, destroying objects and getting airtime. To make sure you can really go to town with vehicular destruction, resetting the car will repair it instantly. The weeklies are timed events in which you need to collect the special Bugbear coins littered around the level as quickly as possible. And of course, since any tech demo remake wouldn’t quite be the same without the iconic Speedbird with Next Car Game livery we’re bringing it too back as a tournament reward. And the best part? Wrecking Playground and the accompanying Extreme damage mode are both available in multiplayer as well. As a special trick, whenever the game mode is set to deathmatch or team deathmatch and damage mode to Extreme, single player or multiplayer, resetting will instantly repair the car just like in the tournament events so you can get the full Wrecking Madness experience with your friends as well!

Here are the latest patch notes.


  • Added a new track: Wrecking Playground.
    Server admins note: the internal designation for the track is wrecker01_1.


  • Introducing new tournament: Wrecking Madness
  • New tournament reward car: Speedbird GT.


  • (XB1/XSX) Game no longer sporadically crashes during multiplayer.
  • (PS5) Improved Voice Chat reliability.
  • (PS5) Improved multisample anti-aliasing.
  • (PS5) Improved performance.


  • Server admins note: if you’re using a custom script to start your server, make sure that the executable points to Wreckfest.exe or Wreckfest_x64.exe in the ROOT (the “main” installation) folder, and not in the /server folder as previously. Attempting to launch the server from the /server folder won’t work anymore.
  • Improved dynamic objects syncing over network.


  • Added a new “Extreme” damage mode.
  • Improved Bandit and Bandit Ripper handling.
  • Improved dynamic dirt for a number of vehicles.


  • Speedbird engine audio no longer cuts off when the engine is over-revved.
  • Schoolbus, Motorhome, Supervan & Sofa Car loaners: Fixed triggering misconfiguration with gearshifter sounds.
  • (PS5) Fixed surface material misconfiguration that disabled some surface sounds and their haptic feedback.
  • (PS5) Decreased the effect of in-game physics to haptics intensity of track object and car-to-car collision rumbles.
  • (PS5) Added unique dynamic skid rumble for asphalt surfaces (take that Rocket RX for a spin!).
  • (PS5) Added unique rumble for barrel and fence collisions, player vehicle gearshift and backfires.
  • (PS5) Adjusted rumble style of low momentum collisions with track objects for a sharper/snappier feel.
  • (PS5) Lowered center frequency of low intensity car-to-car collision rumbles.

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