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NBA 2K20 MyTeam: Two New Moments Players Take the Place of Moments of the Week This Time Around

myteam moments damian lillard

NBA 2K20

NBA 2K20 MyTeam: Two New Moments Players Take the Place of Moments of the Week This Time Around

It seems like we’ll get a week off from Moments of the Week in MyTeam. Instead, we get two new Moments players that will be added to the group of four I already reviewed here and here. Those two players are pink diamond Damian Lillard and diamond Ben Simmons. One other alteration is that the four other Moments players who were set to expire tomorrow will stay in packs with these two new cards until Thursday.

Pink Diamond Damian Lillard

myteam moments damian lillard

Quick Analysis: Pink diamond Damian Lillard is a sight to behold for many. Because he has gold Clamps, it makes it much easier to justify him in a lineup. His shot release is a fan favorite, and with HOF Range Extender he’s good to go there. He also has HOF Quick First step so he’s going to be able to blow by people who try to take away his air space. Gold Clamps won’t solve all his defensive woes, but this is still a fun card.

Diamond Ben Simmons

myteam diamond ben simmons

Quick Analysis: This card is easy enough to discuss because I already reviewed his Glitched version when it came out. This diamond Moments Ben Simmons retains PG eligibility, and he has all the same HOF badges. However, his 3-point rating takes a hit and he’s not quite as good in general. However, this might drop the price of the Glitched version a bit, or it may make this version much more attainable. If you can get your hands on a Simmons card at PG, you generally should do it. Yes, the 3-point shooting is an issue that can be hard to overcome at times, but he’s a tank. On top of that, he’s very fast, is great on defense, and he will surprise you with some of his finishes and dunks.

You can continue to look at these cards over at 2KMTCentral if you want to crunch the numbers. Again, I may review these two in more depth within 24 hours, but no guarantees.

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