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NBA 2K20 MyTeam: Moments Reviews for Brandon Ingram and Marcus Smart

nba 2k20 moments ingram

NBA 2K20

NBA 2K20 MyTeam: Moments Reviews for Brandon Ingram and Marcus Smart

I’ve already talked about how it was a little surprising to get this four-pack of Moments cards, so let’s get right to a review for pink diamond Brandon Ingram, and a diamond Marcus Smart review.

Pink Diamond Brandon Ingram Review

nba 2k20 moments ingram

HOF Badges: Pogo Stick, Quick First Step, Difficult Shots, Catch and Shoot, Clutch Shooter, Volume Shooter, Consistent Finisher, Contact Finisher, Fancy Footwork, Showtime, Slithery Finisher

Gold Badges (include): Corner Specialist, Deep Fades, Quick Draw, Green Machine, Range Extender, Clamps, Interceptor, Defensive Leader

Attributes: 90 3-point shooting, 90 driving dunk, 86 ball handling, 90 speed, 86 speed with ball, 86 lateral quickness, 85 perimeter defense, 84 block, 85 defensive rebounding

Analysis: This is the first new Ingram card we have received since Moments of the Week 1 Ingram. He goes from an amethyst to a pink diamond. I do not like his shot release, but I don’t think it’s a broken shot or anything. Rather, the timing just feels off for me. Either way, he does have a quick release and his shooting stats are solid overall. For a pink diamond, he does not get amazing HOF shooting badges, but he does get Quick First Step at the very least. He’s quick off the bounce, and at 6-foot-9 he’ll work well at SF as a potential matchup problem.

However, to be blunt, I don’t think he’s elite if we’re grading him against other pink diamonds. He will be a good playmaker, he has hot zones all over the place and he’s going to be solid on defense. But that’s not enough for a PD to stand out here in January. He also feels a little slow with the ball. Plus, it’s also one of those things where if he continues to score in bunches in real life, he’s a classic player who 2K will give even better updates to in the coming months regardless of how the Pelicans end up doing.

Diamond Marcus Smart Review

nba 2k20 moments smart

HOF Badges: Tireless Shooter, Catch and Shoot, Green Machine, Volume Shooter, Flexible Release, Pick Pocket, Clamps, Interceptor, Intimidator, Off-Ball Pest

Gold Badges (include): Pick Dodger, Lightning Reflexes, Pogo Stick, Trapper, Defensive Leader, Dimer, Floor General, Quick First Step, Unpluckable, Corner Specialist, Quick Draw, Range Extender, Pro Touch

Attributes: 93 3-point shooting, 89 driving layup, ball handling, 90 speed, 90 speed with ball, 95 help defense, 95 lateral quickness, 95 perimeter defense, 96 stealing

Analysis: This is the first new Marcus Smart card we have received this year, and I’m a little bummed because I think the secret will get out about him now. He has one of my favorite jumpers this year, and I’ve used his emerald card in a ton of high-leverage spots because I have that much faith in him (and Jaylen Brown since I’m already mentioning Celtics players). He retains that same great shot, and he adds to it with a bunch of other goodies.

First off, he’s going to be great on defense, which is expected. With HOF Clamps, he’s off to a great start, and he has great base attributes on top of that. He’s a pest and a nuisance, and he’s the exact sort of player you need at the point of attack. He’s also 6-foot-3 so he’s mostly best used at PG. In terms of shooting, he’s just very easy to green. It’s a quick shot, but it’s a shot that makes sense and is easy to read. He’s also going to be secure enough with the ball and has good enough speed. Overall, Smart is a diamond who can play above that tier, and so here’s to hoping he’s cheap enough to get onto your squad.

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