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NBA 2K19 MyTeam: Weeks 38 and 39

NBA 2K19

NBA 2K19 MyTeam: Weeks 38 and 39

It’s an opal world, and we’re just living in it.

The MyTeam content has been flowing, but at this point I’ve been solely focused on galaxy opals. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve barely touched any pink diamonds, diamonds or lower, just to save money. I even sold my opal Luka (for a cool 300K profit) just so I can try out other opals and attempt to figure out what kind of lineup works best for me.

Here are a few opals I’ve taken for a test run:

  1. James Harden – As I’ve mentioned before, my goal is to create a lineup that operates similarly to last year’s Houston Rockets. Obviously, that all starts with Harden, so I had to get him. Miraculously, I actually pulled him from a 10-pack box. Definitely one of my happier pack openings, because yeah, The Beard is a force of nature. This is the perfect card to run my offense through.
  2. Kawhi Leonard – I was trying to fill the Trevor Ariza role here, and Kawhi is obviously pretty great. This card is a monster, but the reason I sold him is because his value rose the week after I bought him and I couldn’t turn down a 150K profit. He still could end up being my guy, when his price inevitably drops.
  3. Yao Ming – I already have the pink diamond and love it, so I figured I should try the opal. He’s got some spectacular hall of fame badges and honestly is kind of cheesy, but at this point in the game I can’t feel too bad about that. The only reason he might not be my end-game center is because I’m kind of looking for someone more athletic, as I want to be able to switch anything defensively. Yao probably could do it, though. We’ll see.
  4. Moses Malone – He’s built more like Clint Capela, and according to 2KMarketCentral Moses is one of the top opals in game in the defensive, rebounding and athleticism categories. Plus, he can even shot the three a little bit. Right now I’m leaning more towards Moses, mainly because he hasn’t been in MyTeam as much in recent years, and for all I know he won’t be back next year. Plus, he’s way cheaper than Yao or opal Kareem right now. I figure I got to save my MT where I can.
  5. Steve Nash – I managed to get him for 100K BIN with an infinite contract, and wanted to see if he could be a taller Chris Paul. He could because he’s great, but I ultimately realized I just really wanted that opal CP3. So I flipped Steve for a nice profit and went on a snipe hunt to pick up the rest of the 20th Anniversary Cards I was missing. Yes, Chris Paul is short. But he’s also a pitbull, which is what I want in the leader of my team. I’m very happy with my backcourt right now and don’t see it changing anymore this year.

Here’s my current lineup:

I’ve been trying to flip players I’m not 100 percent sold on yet, just to keep my options open (in case 2K drops something that causes the value of certain cards to drop suddenly). Right now I’m saving up (and hoping for some kind of a price drop) for opal Paul George. I want to do my due diligence and see if he fits that 3-and-D small forward role a little better than Kawhi. Mainly because his 3-point release is just sooooo sweet.

However, we all know that LeBron and Kevin Durant are going to get opals at some point. So if I’m able to afford it, I’d love to have those two guys fill out my starting lineup (with KD as my small forward, and with LeBron as my P.J. Tucker). Though if 2K drops an opal Scottie Pippen, I’ll have quite the conundrum on my hands. But of course that’s the beauty of MyTeam, right?

How are your end-game lineups shaping up?

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