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NBA 2K19 MyTeam: Weeks 45 and 46

NBA 2K19

NBA 2K19 MyTeam: Weeks 45 and 46

Okay 2K, I have to say I’m impressed. Here we are, nearly a month until the release of 2K20, and we’re still getting content.

Granted there were only four new cards in this “Premium Collection” but at least they were all opals. Plus, there were enough old cards included for “fan favorite” players that the auction house collapsed even more than I ever thought possible. So many galaxy opals can be purchased for under 20K MT, and that’s kind of insane.

If you’re looking to try out cards, now is the time to hop on MyTeam.

Personally, I see a lot more options presenting themselves (financially speaking) for my end-game lineup. Do I try and complete some earlier collections to get amazing opals I previously thought unattainable, like Blake Griffin or Karl Malone? (Ben Simmons seems to still be unattainable, as the opal Trae Young in that collection is going for 600K+ right now.) Or, do I just stick to my favorite (now much cheaper) players, and blow my remaining MT on packs or other such nonsense?

So obviously this isn’t my end-game lineup, but it’s actually the first lineup I created for 2K19. Oh, how much has changed in 11 months…

Yes, for now I’ve gone with the “favorite players” option. Basically, as I do every year, I end up with an end-game lineup built around current and former Houston Rockets. However, as you can see I’m four tokens away from getting the all-99 rated LeBron James opal in the Token Market. At that point, all bets are off.

So even at the beginning of August, this squad is still a work in progress and that’s fine by me. I’m actually not done with All-Time Domination yet, so there’s still more to play.

But let’s talk turkey about some new cards.

I did have to try out (and couldn’t resist because of the price) the new opal Kristaps Porzingis, and he lives up to my expectations. In addition to hall of fame Deep Range and Limitless badges, he also has HOF Brick Wall (really?), Rim Protector, Defensive Stopper (excuse me?) and finally Posterizer (wow).

I can’t wait to pair him with Yao Ming and terrorize opposing front lines.

Then there’s Scottie. We all knew he would eventually get an opal and now is that time. He’s absolutely stacked defensively, but he doesn’t seem to quite stack up to opal (Finals MVP) Kawhi. Check it out:

They both have 20 HOF badges, but Kawhi technically has superior attributes. Since Kawhi is so cheap now, I plan on picking him up and running some tests to see who will be my ultimate starting SF, as I’m sure I’ll run that super LeBron at PF. We’ll see who wins out.

I’ll leave you all with a reminder this week to check out the MyTeam twitter account as there are a few locker codes still trickling out, most of which have decent token or MT rewards if you’re still tinkering with your lineup. Oh, and amazingly, the servers still seem to be working. Regardless, I’ll be praying every day for the next 30 days that 2K20 gets a server upgrade.

So has everyone else cashed out of 2K19 already? What are your end-game lineups looking like?

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