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Steve_OS's Scouting Report
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Written 11:29AM - January 4, 2014
Written 03:32PM - November 20, 2013
Written 08:13PM - October 3, 2013
Written 05:09PM - November 29, 2012

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gamebreakerz is offline
# 297
gamebreakerz @ Dec 19, 2014 (1 Day Ago)
Hey Steve,

I run a LAN Center here in the Seattle area and I'm really trying to grow the local scene for Madden and 2k tournaments out here. I don't want to create threads and spam the group when we host events, is there a better way to communicate with players?

Keep up the good work and let me know if we can be of any help to you.


Shandor Collins
CalmLikeABomb is offline
# 296
CalmLikeABomb @ Nov 26, 2014
Steve, I am confused and can't get help on the forum, so I thought I would ask you. I have searched the forums and I see a Madden 15 Patch 2 has been released, and then a Patch 4 has been released. Is there a 3rd one. I am seeing people post that they got a 3gb X1 patch right before player likeness patch. I did not get that prompt for patch, only could d/l the likeness one from store. Am I missing something. Thanks Steve.
Cleve07103 is offline
# 295
Cleve07103 @ Nov 2, 2014
Hello. Love what you're doing it possible to get an in depth review of the player and coaches tendencies ( the not so obvious ones) on nba 2k15? Like bench utilization, how does changing it one way or the other affect the game?
CalmLikeABomb is offline
# 294
CalmLikeABomb @ Oct 18, 2014
Steve, just wanted to give you Kudos for Operation Sports. It is truly my favorite gaming site to go to. So glad you are so involved with the forums. Thanks.
MZUSAMarcus is offline
# 293
MZUSAMarcus @ Sep 28, 2014
Good Morning, Steve:

Thanks for giving me posting privileges earlier! Since that time, I have created a thread and a blog for the purpose of increasing the numbers of American users on ManagerZone, and I would like to say I've made an impact (200 views, while meager compared to other threads and blogs, is a start).

I am contacting because I have more questions that relate to my objective(s) as an Operation Sports user (recruiting American football/soccer gamers to ManagerZone): (1) Is it possible for another forum to be created under the "Soccer" category--one that would consider the possibility of other soccer games (like, say, ManagerZone)? and (2) If an "Other Soccer Games" forum is created, could a seemingly out-of-place thread be moved to the aforementioned and newly created forum (like, say, my thread)?



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