Wednesday, May 25, 2016
01:37 PM - May 25, 2016. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Mike Lowe

I've talked candidly how about MLB The Show needs to continue to push itself to expand its gaming gap in both directions -- creating more separation from games on the rise like Madden and NHL, but also close the gap on the NBA 2K series. One of the ways The Show team can do that is by implementing a meaningful badge system similar to what NBA 2K has, allowing for SCEA to expand on the player personality and morale system introduced in MLB The Show 16. The beauty of the badge system NBA 2K is that the badges aren't just visual eye candy; they actually have an impact on a player's performance.

While this is not an exact top 10 list -- instead just an assortment -- here are a few badges that would add some uniqueness to perhaps otherwise similar players, thus providing more variety in franchise mode and online play.

Read More - NBA 2K's Player Badges Could Work in The Show

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12:51 PM - May 25, 2016. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

EA Sports has just posted a quick Madden NFL 17 video featuring the new juke move, along with a glimpse of the new score bug/banner (WIP). We've posted an image showing the differences between Madden NFL 16 (top) and Madden NFL 17 (bottom). Watch the video here.

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08:45 AM - May 25, 2016. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

Konami has just announced PES 2017 and revealed some of the new features and details about the game. Check it out and post your thoughts!

Real Touch

See how different players control the ball in unique and different ways based on where and how you control them, dictating the flow of the game based on how they react to the unpredictable movement of the ball.

Precise Pass

Combining Real Touch and real ball physics, passing is an art form in PES 2017. Many factors determine the speed and accuracy of the ball. The pass that is made on the best situation and timing will generate a perfect trajectory, creating a great satisfaction when a killer pass is made.

Goal Keeping

Keepers see a great jump in quality through added motions and animations, creating the most agile keepers in PES history. Attacking moments will be more dramatic than ever, bringing the best feeling of achievement when that goal is scored.

Total Team Control

Users can instantly change the attacking and defending mentality of the team, which can be tweaked and carefully controlled with simple controls, being able to immediately react to the unpredictability of the sport.

Advanced Instructions

Strategies that are quite individually defined such as Tiki-taka and Tight Marking which is strongly based on team ideology can be set in Advanced Instructions, which adds a huge variety in how you plan to win.

Corner Kick Strategies

Control the defensive strategies on a set piece, such as marking zonal or Man to Man. Offensive options also included such as specific player movement.

Adaptive AI

For the first time in a football game, the AI will learn how you play! Player and team behaviour has always been a staple of the PES series, and for PES 2017 Adaptive AI will change sports games forever.

Authentic Visuals

For PES 2017 the visuals have seen a major upgrade, offering Authentic Visuals thanks to the further incorporation of Fox Engine. Nothing has been left untouched, from player models, lighting, crowds, pitch and stadiums totally revamped. Never has a game looked so real.

Natural Player Movement

Hundreds of new animations have been added to bring the players and goalkeepers to life – but it doesn't stop there. New features such as Real Touch and Precise Pass see huge benefit, giving a vast array of movements when trapping and passing the ball.

PES 2017 screenshot gallery - Click to view PES 2017 screenshot gallery - Click to view PES 2017 screenshot gallery - Click to view PES 2017 screenshot gallery - Click to view
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Tuesday, May 24, 2016
08:22 PM - May 24, 2016. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

NBA Live 16 has arrived in The Vault for EA Access members. For those of you that might still be unaware, EA Access is an Xbox One exclusive, allowing members to try upcoming EA games prior to release, offering 10% off all EA digital purchases and more. It also gives users access to The Vault, which houses a growing library of EA games subscribers can play as much as they want. Users can subscribe to EA Access for $4.99 per month, or $29.99 for a full year.

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01:14 PM - May 24, 2016. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Fraser Gilbert

For the past few months, I’ve been playing Rocket League on an almost exclusively 1v1 basis. It isn’t something that many other players choose to do, and most would argue the game isn’t meant to be played that way. I agree with that sentiment to an extent, but there’s a certain quality to duel competition, and I’ve enjoyed my time with it so far.

Despite my fairly extensive experience with Rocket League in the past, I was awful at 1v1 gameplay in the initial stages. A lot of the skills you pick up in multiplayer competition don’t translate all that well to the 1v1 game, and you need to adapt the rest of your skill set to suit the situation. Due to the nature of it, everything you do in 1v1 has potentially severe consequences if you make a mistake. As a result, skill and finesse arguably shine through even more than usual.

Read More - One on One Rocket League Is A Whole Different Ball Game (Written by: Fraser Gilbert)

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First announced in March, Cross-network compatibility between Xbox One and Steam PC users is scheduled to arrive at 6:00 PM ET today, with the possibility for PlayStation 4 users to get into the mix at a later date.

Independent videogame developer and publisher, Psyonix, announced today that the sports-action hit, Rocket League™, now supports cross--network play between the Xbox One and Steam PC versions, making it the first-ever Xbox One game to do so. Nearly 2 million Xbox One players have competed in Rocket League™ since its launch in February 2016, but starting today, that pool of teammates and opponents grows even larger.

With this new addition, players can now easily include (or not include) cross-network rivals in both public and private matches, thanks to an easy-to-find toggle check box in the Options menu.

"We're really excited to bring Xbox One and PC players closer together," said Jeremy Dunham, Vice President, Psyonix. "Cross-network play has been something that Xbox One gamers have been asking us for since the day we launched, and thanks to Microsoft's new cross-network policies, we're proud to give it to them."

UPDATE: The update has arrived, check out the details of the 1.18 patch below.

  • (PC/XB1) Cross-Network Play is available now between Xbox One and Steam platforms.
    • *Cross-Network Play is enabled by default. Players can disable this feature in the Misc. tab of the Options menu.
    • If any player within a party has Cross-Network Play disabled, that party will only find games with players on their own platform.
  • (XB1) Players from Steam platform will appear with a Rocket League shield icon on the in-game scoreboard (instead of the Psynet icon like on the other platforms).
  • Leaderboards now have a platform-specific filter option that only shows rankings for the network you are playing on.
  • Fixed a crash in Free Play when Reset Ball was used after scoring
  • Fixed issues preventing players from spawning when playing offline/splitscreen modes.

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09:12 AM - May 24, 2016. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

With EA Play and E3 nearing the promotional cycle for the next Madden has gotten underway. There’s a lot to be excited about already for Madden NFL 17 including long-overdue work to Special Teams, a new defensive AI system, special moves for ball-carriers, and a “renewed focus on Franchise mode.”

In this episode of the Press Row Podcast, Bryan Wiedey, Rich Grisham, and Kat Bailey discuss all the news, the concern over “Tackle Battles”, and what is being hoped for with Franchise mode.

Joining us this week:Send us your feedback! We love to hear from you and can’t wait to read your stuff on the air in a future episode. Do it one of these ways:

1) Follow the show on Twitter at @PressRowPodcast and send us some Tweets while you’re there
2) Email the show at PressRowPodcast@gmail.com
3) Respond to this post

Run Time: 55 Minutes

Don’t forget about your chance to own Out of the Park Baseball 17 for 10% off! Just go to ootpdevelopments.com, click on the OOTP 17 banner, then enter the promotional code "PRESS17" at checkout to take another 10% off the price.

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Monday, May 23, 2016
07:06 PM - May 23, 2016. Posted by Willard76.

Alright, after many months of hard work, mostly by others not named me, we are very proud to announce the release of the 2016 OSFM HYBRID V1 - under psn - Crapinmyshoe

This year has been a special project as it was built around my son receiving his long awaited liver transplant and before I get into specifics about the roster, I would like to get thanks to our team, especially Waittilnextyear who engineered the majority of this year's edition, teeds who we also welcomed back into the fold and contributed many new faces as well as many quality control corrections, Cultbuscus who really got this thing back onto it's feet and basically gathered our team together this year, Totte who was our master of OD backdate as well as quality control, God of Nugget and Blobloblah who did a lot of the tedious work for us as well as the late Dr Illinios who managed to get himself banned from the site but still contributed.

If anyone is interested in making a donation towards the creation of this roster, I would appreciate donations made to Ronald McDonald House Toronto where I did the bulk of my work on the roster this year while my little guy recovered.

  • This is a 40 man roster that contains the following edits;
  • Full roster rerate (no player untouched)
  • Pitch Edits from WTNY
  • OD roster for all MLB clubs and close for AAA and AA
  • No carry over stats for rookies except for Kyle Higashioka
  • New Faces and players added to the OSFM V1.5
  • Equipment edits where info was made available
  • Accurate Opening Day MLB lineups
  • Proper positioning according to Baseball Reference
  • So much more, you need to download and use it to believe
This roster is intended for 30 Team Control but can be played with Single Team.

You will not find another roster that plays as accurate to true life, I hate making claims like this but it is true.

Please rate the roster so non OS users will know it's worth, and most importantly enjoy it for what it is - a great baseball game roster.


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08:20 AM - May 23, 2016. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Ben Vollmer
Last week EA announced there would be no version of NBA Live released on consoles in 2016. For fans of the series, or perhaps even fans of the sport, this is the latest in a series of heartbreaks.

The last time NBA Live went on hiatus, there was hardly a whisper in the wind as to its whereabouts. This time around, the announcement of a mobile version of the game (which, if EA is to be believed, is intended to expand the franchise to a "global" market) is most likely a move to keep the name alive and in circulation. Given the mostly sour efforts from NBA Live in the recent past, it's hard to believe the game sold copies on anything but name recognition. With that in mind, it would certainly behoove EA, if they ever intend on bringing the series back, to keep the name alive.

Read More - What's to Become of NBA Live?

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Sunday, May 22, 2016
Every Sunday, we will get you caught up on the sports gaming news you might have missed during the week.

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Saturday, May 21, 2016
10:22 AM - May 21, 2016. Posted by bad_philanthropy. Written by Steve Noah

The following NHL 17 features were mentioned in the latest EA Sports survey. We should hear more specifics on them soon, until then post your thoughts!

More NHL 17 news can be seen here.

Every Moment Built By and For Fans - Every feature and game mode in NHL 17 is developed with direct input and feedback from our fans to create the game that hockey fans want. From all-new game modes, to new experiences and more depth in existing modes, to the best on-ice gameplay in franchise history – NHL 17 is built by and for hockey fans no matter which way you play.

Sharpen Your Game - The next generation of the NHL Visual On Ice Trainer returns in NHL 17 to teach you the skills to succeed at every end of the ice. Whether you’re a pro player looking to elevate your game to elite status, or brand new to the NHL series and lacing up your skates for the very first time, the Visual On-Ice Trainer adapts to your skill level using dynamic feedback and coaching to make you a better hockey player. For every skill level, this is your hockey season.

The Biggest and Most Exciting NHL Ever - From the front office to the faceoff dot, NHL 17 delivers the most authentic and thrilling hockey experience in franchise history. Step into the fast paced action and deliver bone crushing hits with 12 Player NHL® Collision Physics, make a game changing saves with all-new Authentic Goaltending and celebrate your biggest goals with dozens of new goal celebrations – all while surrounded by Living Crowds in true-to-life Authentic Arenas. Off the ice, live out your ultimate hockey fantasy in all-new modes including Draft Champions, The World Cup of Hockey, Franchise Mode and more. Whether you compete online in a bid for glory, or simply lace up the skates and create highlight reel moments, NHL 17 gives you the chance to Shape Your Legacy the way you see fit.

Shape Your Legacy - On the ice, behind the bench, and in the front office - NHL 17 gives you the chance to shape your legacy where it matters to you in the biggest and most exciting hockey game to date. With 3 all-new games modes and more depth in fan favorite modes, NHL 17 lets you call the shots from the front office to the face-off circle and have more control than ever to lead your team to glory.

Take Control of the Ice - Own Every Zone in NHL 17 with more end-to-end gameplay control than ever before. Authentic goalies look and play the part with true-to-life stances, striking emotion and new reaction physics. Net Battles change the game for offensive and defensive zone play, and dozens of thrilling new goal celebrations capture the excitement of scoring the biggest goals on game night.

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Friday, May 20, 2016
04:01 PM - May 20, 2016. Posted by ChaseB. Written by Chase Becotte

Players On The Rise

Old guys still matter! Zorilla, Big Papi, Kinsler all got some love this week as veterans still showing out in their 30s. Andrew Miller is the highest overall player impacted on the positive side of things this week, moving up one point to 92.

The Phillies got some notice this week as Aaron Nola became the first Gold player on the Phils. Odubel Herrera was also boosted up to 83 overall and is now on the cusp of going Gold.

A bunch of other young, talented players got boosts as well. That list includes Trayce Thompson, Jackie Bradley Jr., Trevor Story and Nick Castellanos.

Tier Changes

(All thanks go to Daddy Leagues for these numbers!)
  • Aaron Nola went from Silver to Gold
  • Ben Zobrist went from Silver to Gold
  • Howie Kendrick went from Bronze to Silver
  • Trevor Story went from Bronze to Silver
  • Chris Coghlan went from Bronze to Silver
  • Rubby De La Rosa went from Bronze to Silver
  • Trayce Thompson went from Bronze to Silver
  • Joba Chamberlain went from Common to Bronze
  • Christian Friedrich went from Common to Bronze
  • Kirby Yates went from Common to Bronze
  • Tony Cingrani went from Common to Bronze
  • Mike Wright went from Common to Bronze
Full List Of Changes

Andrew Miller +1 boost in Overall rating (92 Overall)
Ben Zobrist +3 (87) -- +6 Con vs. R / +13 Pwr vs. R
Ian Kinsler +2 (87)
David Ortiz +2 (87) -- +2 Pwr vs. R / +3 Pwr vs. L
Aaron Nola +3 (86) -- +8 HR/9 / +7 K/9
Jaime Garcia +2 (84)
Odubel Herrera +3 (83)
Howie Kendrick +5 (82)
Nate Jones +2 (80)
Nick Castellanos +3 (81) -- +10 Pwr vs. R / +15 Pwr vs. L
Jackie Bradley Jr. +3 (81) -- +8 Con vs. R / +5 Con vs. L / +5 Pwr vs. R / +11 Pwr vs. L
Chris Coghlan +3 (80)
Mark Trumbo +2 (80) -- +10 Pwr vs. R
Trevor Story +2 (79) -- +11 Con vs. R
Rubby De La Rosa +4 (78)
Trayce Thompson +8 (78) -- +9 Con vs. L / +22 Pwr vs. L
Jeff Manship +5 (77)
Danny Duffy +6 (76)
Brad Brach +2 (75)
Chris Young +4 (75)
Jake Lamb +2 (72)
Joba Chamberlain +6 (71)
Christian Friedrich +7 (70)
Kirby Yates +3 (70)
Tony Cingrani +1 (69)
Mike Wright +8 (69)
Scott Carroll +5 (68)
A.J. Schugel +4 (67)
Matt McBridge +10 (63)
Pat Dean +5 (63)
Steven Moya +1 (62)

Read More - More Details, Including Joey Votto's Fall

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09:33 AM - May 20, 2016. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Jayson Young

Are you tired of playing baseball games where the pitchers are more likely to hit home runs than the first basemen are likely to complete 3-6-3 double plays?

Have you run out of curse words to scream while you helplessly watch lengthy fielding animations that are too slow to throw out 40-speed sloths, and too unreliable to consistently complete simple defensive acts like stepping on a base for a force out, or tagging out an oncoming runner?

Are you baffled by hitting and pitching systems where mysterious, unexplained attribute ratings have a bigger impact than basic bat physics in determining where a ball gets hit?

Have you lost interest in playing inside quiet ballparks with deflating atmospheres and dull commentary?

If so, you should absolutely own a version of Konami's Power Pros. But depending on which modes you want to play, you might not need the series' latest release, Power Pros 2016, which arrived last month on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.

Read More - Is Power Pros 2016 Worth Importing on the PlayStation 4?

09:21 AM - May 20, 2016. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

NASCAR Heat Evolution is scheduled to release on September 13 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The first Toyota driver to cross the finish line in the 2016 NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race at Charlotte Motor Speedway will be the cover athlete for the game.

Read the full press release below.


New NASCAR-Licensed Video Game Comes to Modern-Generation Platforms; Reveals Toyota Driver Cover Athlete Competition

Dusenberry Martin Racing (DMR), NASCAR’s exclusive console simulation-style video game licensee, today announced the future of NASCAR gaming with NASCAR Heat Evolution – launching September 13, 2016. Marking the debut of the NASCAR video game series on the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and Xbox One, and also arriving on Windows PC, this new title will provide fans with a brand-new and authentic racing experience.

NASCAR Heat Evolution will immerse fans in the door-to-door excitement of stock car racing and allow users to live the experience of taking the checkered flag. Whether a casual or hardcore gaming fan, NASCAR Heat Evolution will dynamically adapt to any skill level and deliver a true-to-life racing experience. The new game will feature all of the top drivers, teams, and incredibly detailed tracks and environments, giving fans the opportunity to feel what it is like to be a racing legend.

“Our company is a team of highly skilled gaming vertans with a proven record of success in NASCAR game development and publishing. Our commitment to the NASCAR community is to consistently deliver fun, engaging and high-quality NASCAR games to the market,” said DMR Chief Executive Officer Tom Dusenberry.

DMR, whose licensing agreement with NASCAR Team Properties runs through 2020, partnered with Monster Games to create NASCAR Heat Evolution, bringing more than 100 years of combined NASCAR games experience to the project.

DMR President Ed Martin said, “To deliver an all-new NASCAR game experience, we assembled an all-star team of NASCAR game experts and started with a clean sheet of paper. What the DMR and Monster Games teams have come up with is going to amaze NASCAR fans.”

From the same legendary team that created the critically acclaimed NASCAR titles NASCAR Heat and NASCAR: Dirt to Daytona, Monster Games has a clear vision for NASCAR Heat Evolution.

“The Monster Games team is thrilled to partner again with Tom, Ed and the Dusenberry Martin Racing team. We have been working on NASCAR Heat Evolution for 18 months and are excited about what we have created. From day one, our goal has been to deliver a fun, engaging and realistic racing game designed for NASCAR fans,” said Monster Games President Richard Garcia.

“The gaming space allows fans to consume our sport on a daily basis, ultimately helping grow and diversify our audience,” said Blake Davidson, Vice President of Consumer Products and Licensing, NASCAR. “Our fans have eagerly anticipated the arrival of a new NASCAR game, and we expect that NASCAR Heat Evolution will be well worth the wait.”

DMR has also partnered with Toyota, an Official NASCAR Partner, in a unique video game cover athlete competition. The first Toyota driver to cross the finish line in the 2016 NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race at Charlotte Motor Speedway will be the cover athlete of NASCAR Heat Evolution. Choosing a cover athlete from an on-track competition is a first in video game history. NASCAR Heat Evolution will mark the first time Toyota or any of their eligible drivers – Kyle Busch, Carl Edwards, Denny Hamlin, Matt Kenseth and Martin Truex Jr. – will be the face of a NASCAR video game. Toyota and DMR are developing an innovative in-game branding partnership that will elevate the racing experience for video game fans.

Fans that are ready to strap in and feel the adrenaline of a NASCAR racing experience have the opportunity to pre-order NASCAR Heat Evolution now at NASCARHeat.com, GameStop, Target.com, Walmart.com and the PlayStation®Store. NASCAR Heat Evolution will take racing fans to a level of realism, excitement and authenticity that has never been seen on a console before.

NASCAR Heat Evolution will be available on September 13, 2016 in North America for the PlayStation®4 system, Xbox One and Windows PC. More information can be found at NASCARHeat.com, with additional details to be released in the coming months. Fans can also follow NASCAR Heat Evolution on Twitter via @DMRNASCARHeat and @DMRacingGames.

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Oh, hey guysssss. So welcome back for another year of MLB The Show predictions. This feature was slumbering while The Show figured out a consistent release schedule for new rosters. Now that Friday seems to be the day when new rosters come out, that means I can start predicting ratings changes on Thursdays.

I’ll be breaking down my predictions into three categories once again (high, medium, low) as well as adding a “hold” category for players I think can become higher rated over the course of the season (see: Bryce Harper going from Silver to Diamond last season -- there’s only one Bryce though).

Okay, let’s get to it:

Ratings Boost Probability: High

Jackie Bradley Jr. - He's got a 23-game hitting streak going, and he's one of the best players in the AL this season. He has 7 home runs and a .370 average over the last month.

Ian Desmond - A bit forgotten after a weird offseason, but he's just rolling the last month in Texas. The mix of power, speed and average makes him a solid all-around player.

Adam Eaton - FanGraphs pointed out how valuable Adam Eaton has become, and it makes sense. He’s in the lineup every day, he’s not bad at anything, and he’s at least a plus-player in almost everything. He’s got a bunch of multi-hit games the last month, and he really does look like a top-tier center fielder at this point.

Danny Salazar - It’s only 50 innings, but you take notice of a guy with 61 Ks in 50 innings to go with a 1.8 ERA and 1.00 WHIP. Now his xFIP is 3.38 so he’s over his head for now, but Salazar has unbelievable stuff and is getting big-time results right now.

Read More - Scope Out The Rest Of The Predictions After The Jump

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