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Friday, August 28, 2015
11:04 PM - August 28, 2015. Written by jdareal21
Admittedly, Madden 16 is far from perfect. In fact, most games are. What it is however, is easily the greatest entry in the series outside of Madden 2005. We can all have opinions, but this really shouldn't be debatable. On the field gameplay in Madden 16 is the best I've ever seen in a video game, yes, even better than "that" game. See, "that" game had classic presentation that's lead to revisionist history, if we're being honest, the gameplay wasn't better than it's direct competition that year ... Read More
Thursday, August 27, 2015
08:18 PM - August 27, 2015. Written by ChirpyMango01
A couple of months ago, I didn't even expect to be playing Madden when it came out. I was anticipating the release of Joe Montana Football 16, and intended to play only this as my football fix for this year. Like many others, I was fooled, and here I am, buying Madden on release day for the seventh year in a row. I've only played for the past couple days, but here are my impressions of Madden NFL 16:

When the game first opens, you play through a dramatic and immersive scenario in which ... Read More
04:22 AM - August 27, 2015. Written by ExtremeGamer
Madden 16 came out on Tuesday and I've played a decent amount of it so far. It goes without saying this is one of the most polarizing game releases every year, so many fans on both sides of the argument. I get Madden every year, and lately it's been a let down ever year, how would this year fair?

So far, I love it on the field, some of the best it's ever been sans the AI jumping offsides glitch that's being fixed in the first patch according the EA development team. BUT, franchise ... Read More
Monday, August 24, 2015
Call in tonight at 6pm Est. 877 497-1811 #OnlineNationRadio #NBA2K16 #NBALive16 #Madden16

Sunday, August 23, 2015
08:37 PM - August 23, 2015. Written by geezmeister
Go to xbox.uservoice.com and vote for NCAA 14 to be backwards compatible! There are some sketchy games already approved....cmon OSers vote!
05:52 PM - August 23, 2015. Written by DblocW
This may become lengthy so my apologies in advance. ( I also started this last October and finally got a chance to finish this today )

[font="Century Gothic"]Wassup my people, its ya boy D Bloc,and well...I play NBA2K.

I, have been playing this game since its creation, and let me tell you, its been on hell, of a ride...I have not ever missed a 2K. So you, know where my loyalty has been. I mean the game has taken many leaps and bounds and they have been great. ... Read More
04:53 PM - August 23, 2015. Written by Dan13Marino
Felt like it has been a long while since my last reset. It wasn't a quick one. Finally it came, no player. For the first time a playoff support card. It was good to be a team support one. Halftime Show (+132 REB to team).
Now, does this give me a loyalty reward point? I hope so.

Tier : Playoff++

Wins : 1,141
Loses : 126
Total Games : 1,267

Board Clears : 315

Rare : 210
Super Rare : 33
Ultra Rare : 12
Epic ... Read More
Friday, August 21, 2015
05:53 PM - August 21, 2015. Written by DutchMastah7
Video games and basketball have always been passions of mine. And they've also gone hand in hand for me since I could remember. It all started with NBA Jam and Michael Jordan vs Larry Bird. First basketball game ever for a lot of people my age. I was only around 5 at the time and I think the only players I even knew were Larry Bird, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. I was also slowly becoming obsessed with basketball at a young age.

After those two games though, I don't recall ... Read More
Thursday, August 20, 2015
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Tuesday, August 18, 2015
03:53 PM - August 18, 2015. Written by Son of Sam99
September30, 2013

Detroit, MI- Despite front office turmoil the Red Wings players and coaches will have to gain their focus as the NHL regular season begins in earnest this week. Head Coach Mike Babcock has made it clear that he expects the team to improve on their 24-16-8 ... Read More
03:51 PM - August 18, 2015. Written by Son of Sam99

Entry: September 30th, 2013

We had further talks around the league trying to shop Daniel Alfredsson. San Jose, Edmonton, Phoenix, and Dallas all had no interest. It’s obvious to everyone that we’re trying to free up cap space so they’re all requiring us to pay some portion of his salary which I’m not willing to do. Even Ottawa wouldn’t listen to any kind of deal despite ... Read More
Monday, August 17, 2015
Archive Episode from tonight. 8-17-15

Discussing NBA 2K16, NBA Live16 and Madden 16


6pm EST. Call in to listen 877 497- 1811 and get in the chat room at 5:55pm.
01:19 PM - August 17, 2015. Written by b1baller
I'm telling you, NBA 2K should make a "motion fatigue system" of some sorts. It would really make the game more realistic. Like if you sprint(turbo) down the court, for about a couple seconds you should be fatigued(slow down). Also dribbling movements around the court. It would make players pass the ball more as well. They won't be able to launch the ball from 3 point distance after doing 30 seconds of dribbling moves, just like in real life!

Link to Thread: http://www.operationsports.com/forum...e-nba2k16.html
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10:00 AM - August 17, 2015. Written by bigdooky15
When choosing a team for Connected Franchise Mode (other than your favorite team of course), what do you look for? Do you find the team currently most poised for a Dynasty run like the Packers or Seahawks? Sure, you may get to the Super Bowl with a bit of ease, but what is sports without a little bit of drama. Maybe you choose a rebuilding team like the Titans and build your future around your franchise quarterback in Marcus Mariota? But perhaps you don’t like doing too much work to make your team ... Read More

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