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Friday, April 29, 2016
08:51 AM - April 29, 2016. Written by DubyaTO

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Thursday, April 28, 2016
10:34 AM - April 28, 2016. Written by Ecliptiz
The one reason why 2K beats out EA in almost every single one of their sports franchise is because 2K pays attention to detail. I feel that 2K has people that actually care about making the games and love doing it, for money or not for money. But with EA, I feel they just do it for one sole reason...money. This is why there main focus is MUT people they know people will fall into the the trap of spending hundreds of hundreds of dollars on packs so they can get a chance to get a good player....it ... Read More
Wednesday, April 27, 2016
04:52 PM - April 27, 2016. Written by majesty95
The No Pepper MLB The Show 16 League on PS4 if looking for 2-3 dedicated owners. New owners must be committed to playing multiple seasons (40 games per season), getting in up to nine games per week (quick counts on) and playing simulation style baseball.

Our leagues pride themselves on replicating real life as closely as possible through a video game. That means realistic strategy, roster moves and team management. ... Read More
11:06 AM - April 27, 2016. Written by phantomremix
Has anybody cracked the limitation of 12 custom teams in NCAA 14? If so please provide links or information on how to do it.

Thank you!
Tuesday, April 26, 2016
07:59 PM - April 26, 2016. Written by drinklime
When I was a boy we left our doors unlocked. We said "Hello" to our neighbors. If someone needed eggs for a recipe, the eggs were a quick step and a knock away. That's right. The neighbor had them.

Today, things are not so simple. Crime is at an all time high. Degenerates have found their way into our homes. And it's not just television. It turns out even games are not safe.

This brings me to the Internet. I believe ... Read More
Monday, April 25, 2016
08:52 PM - April 25, 2016. Written by Oinkersthepig
Top 10 mock and discussions about interesting players in the draft this year

Saturday, April 23, 2016
09:14 PM - April 23, 2016. Written by drinklime
5. Sergio Pettis

4. Sam Stout

3. Sage Northcutt

2. Matt Riddle

1. Mike Ricci
09:37 AM - April 23, 2016. Written by YeOldTonk
I believe it was Christmas morning of 1976. I was so excited to see what santa had brought me. I looked under the tree and dropped to the floor in excitement. There under the tree was a brand new Magnovox Odyssey 300 video game console. It was great! It had a total of three games on it, Hockey, Tennis and Smash. My dad help me get it connected to the extra 13" black and white TV we had downstairs and I was there for the rest of the day.

That was my first "video game" some ... Read More
Friday, April 22, 2016
08:55 PM - April 22, 2016. Written by drinklime
One area I will briefly touch on and go into more detail at a later time & date is fight strategies in UFC Undisputed 2009, 2010, and 3 (don't mind the bizarre numbering).

Undisputed 2009 featured several fight styles: striking, grappling, and signature moves. This resulted in a fantasic array of fighters, and a rich selection of strategies.

For example, styles included boxing, muay thai, wrestling, jiu jitsu. It reminds me of my days in Japan, when we would meet in ... Read More
04:35 PM - April 22, 2016. Written by Pepsi
All I wanted was an easy life. After all the talk, didn't land a single punch. Not one!

03:51 PM - April 22, 2016. Written by JonnyPython
I will be posting videos of OnlineMMA league matches and also Ranked Championships and Ultimate team gameplay as alittle archive for myself and others to follow if they would like. Did this mainly to keep track of my OnlineMMA matches. May start archiving a UFC Universe with custom events although im in my 20th or so event. Thanks for taking the time to look through my videos and stay tuned for more, you can find these videos on youtube by searching my name Jonathan Dahman. I will be making these ... Read More
02:11 PM - April 22, 2016. Written by jeff.ragauskis

This is the view of my section. I am so excited to sitting in those green beauties once again (Well, 2 rows closer than last year &#128525.

I don't know if it is just me, but I am trying really hard not to overdue my excitement just yet. Lots of expectations, predictions, etc. No, I am not selling out to some curse theory, hoax, hex, or such either. As I have gotten ... Read More
12:47 PM - April 22, 2016. Written by drinklime
Hello guys, drinklime here. By now you have probably heard some of the accusations being leveled against me.

I am here to state, unequivocally, that these charges are false.

While I cannot comment on the specifics of any case due to pending litigation, I am able to make the following statements:
  • There is no evidence of any wrongdoing by me
  • There has been a continuous, long-term effort by a handful of people to sully my online reputation
  • The
... Read More
05:21 AM - April 22, 2016. Written by Bigg Cee
OS is nice but I miss the EA forums so much, that was my home away from home.

I've been sad last few days over this.

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