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Wednesday, March 22, 2017
04:43 PM - March 22, 2017. Written by vtcrb

There are a ton of College Hoops Roster going around for 2k17, but I am putting a different twist on it. I am not going to be making Individual teams, instead I am going to be assembling teams consisting of the College Stars of the 2016-17 College Season.

I would like to have suggestions of Players who may not be a Household name you would like to see included
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Monday, March 20, 2017
09:39 AM - March 20, 2017. Written by volsfan39
Is there really that much of a push from fans for pace of play in baseball? I say that for the simple reason everyone I know that attends games and are more than casual baseball fans are disgusted with this subject.

These are people I grew up with and have followed the sport with since the mid 70's. The ideas these people are coming up with will do nothing to speed the game up. Strike zone? They say this would cause more action in the game.

What it will cause is inflated ... Read More
Wednesday, March 15, 2017
10:49 AM - March 15, 2017. Written by timisone
It's amazing the amount of sports games we had this year. I want to rank the sports video games for me this year. My year starts with Madden last summer and stops at the show. So some of this is predicting how I will like the show.

1. Nba 2k17. By far has done the most out of any sports game. You can make your own team, right down to how the court looks. Also having the dream team was pretty cool. Only thing I wish I could do is change the age of legends.

2. MLB the ... Read More
Saturday, March 11, 2017
03:12 PM - March 11, 2017. Written by quintessence21
Crazy to see my boys going to the Big Ten Championship! There been some moments this season where I was not impressed with them and nervous about our march madness chances, but we are a lock now! Walton has been playing out of his mind, Irvin has stepped up a bit more now, it's great to see it! Go Blue!
Friday, March 10, 2017
Thursday, March 9, 2017
12:15 PM - March 9, 2017. Written by thescoop
On Monday this week, Gamestop's "The Show Mondays" finally featured franchise mode. After it was viewed, a lot folks in the forums, myself included, felt a little underwhelmed by the video.

This led too many expressing their disappoint, some in constructive ways and some in far from constructive ways. It also led to some attack people for not being pumped up and expressing their disappointment. After a bit of negativity, one of the mods decided to shut the entire forum down for a ... Read More
Wednesday, March 8, 2017
11:52 PM - March 8, 2017. Written by quintessence21
I truly am speechless at what happened today at the Camp Nou. When one considers the probability of what Barcelona did, it is incredible. Not only was this comeback against PSG, they had their momentum taken away by Cavani's goal. Being able to respond to this and come back to win is so rare given the parity at the professional level. I question what could possible be going on in the PSG players' heads during this game. It's so easy to question how they let this happen to them if they are professionals. ... Read More
Konecny dazzles in debut, Flyers outlast Kings lash

Things didn't go the way head coach Dave Hakstol had planned in his teams season opener Friday night, but the Philadelphia Flyers came out on top. The Flyers were outshot in Los Angeles by twenty one shots, but used timely positioning and good fortune to withhold the Kings onslaught of offense.

* Travis Konecny wasted no time making his impression felt in the NHL, causing a turnover halfway through the first period ... Read More
09:08 AM - March 8, 2017. Written by b10wick
The preseason has come and gone and head coach Dave Hakstol was happy to have escaped it with a clean roster and no injuries. The lines are set for opening night as the Flyers will travel to Los Angeles to take on Jonathan Quick and the Kings on Friday, October 14th. Here's a look at the line combinations Hakstol was using at Thursday morning's skate.

Konecny - Giroux - Simmonds
Schenn - Filpulla - Voracek
Cousins - Couturier - Raffl
VandeVelde - Bellemare - Read ... Read More
Tuesday, March 7, 2017
04:38 PM - March 7, 2017. Written by dynastynation
I will be using this to test a design idea for a full NCAA Tournament Bracket table.

EastMidwestSouthWestFinal Four
Monday, March 6, 2017
02:16 AM - March 6, 2017. Written by Xoax34

16 - Brewers
15 - Cubs
14 - Athletics
Rockies, Reds, Angels, Rays, Astros


16 - 49ers
15 - Chargers
14 - Bills
Saints, Raiders, Titans, Eagles


16 - Pacers
15 - Hornets
14 - Jazz
Kings, Blazers, Magic
Sunday, March 5, 2017
M17 AM Based Split Level Sliders V 6.9.2 (AP / AP / AM)

All Gameplay Sliders at Default except for (HUM / CPU):

INT: 50 / 30
TAK: 50 / 20

Offside: 50
False Start: 50
Offensive Holding: 45 / 50
Defensive Holding: 50 ... Read More
Saturday, March 4, 2017
01:58 PM - March 4, 2017. Written by purifyd13
I will be creating a nba2k17 version of my fictitious euro league, using team creation.
Friday, March 3, 2017
12:54 AM - March 3, 2017. Written by kobe4thewinbang

Celtics: "Shipping Up to Boston" (NBA Live 10)


Celtics: "Defending the Irish Gold" (NBA Live 10)

"Quest for Four" (2K14)


"Stride for Five" (2K16)

Thursday, March 2, 2017
03:56 PM - March 2, 2017. Written by rkwittem
Time Commitment/Scheduling:

We all have lives. Family issues and your personal life should come first. Some things are unavoidable and are obviously excusable.

That being said, by joining this league you are making a commitment of sorts with regards to your free time, as is everyone else in the league.

This is a long way of saying, "Be committed to playing your games."

For those who are unfamiliar with MLB Online

It's an ... Read More

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