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Wednesday, August 27, 2014
03:44 PM - August 27, 2014. Written by Jakeness23
In this side by side comparison I must say that Live looks better. Good thickness to the player model. Good detail in the accessory, jersey fits better. I'm not trying to start a huge, bloody debate because I have 2K pre-ordered but I will look into Live when the demo comes out. 2K still needs to fix the jerseys, models, and editable hair and facial hair would be nice for both games. Just giving my 2 cents... please don't turn this into a really heated thing if you decide to comment. Be respectful, ... Read More
Tuesday, August 26, 2014
On the release date of Madden I choose to write this blog with a warning to NBA 2k staff/marketing : Don't employ EA's attitude of secrecy/silence when it comes to letting your buyers know what is/isn't in last gen titles.

Everyone at this site is a fanatic about one sport or another in regards to gaming. That is a big reason why I love the community here at OS. Whether that is soccer,basketball, football, baseball, etc. we are all passionate about one(or more than one) of ... Read More
This is more important than you might think because believe it or not, I have correctly guessed the last two Super Bowl matchups and winners. Using the same method by which I have used the last two years, I will come up with this year's pick for the big game, but first go through the divisions and show you records for every team including wins and losses. We'll start with a division that is near and dear to my heart, the AFC East.

AFC East:
... Read More
08:42 AM - August 26, 2014. Written by bradtxmale
Here is a mock Madden NFL 15 cover. I made it this morning. I figured you guys could get a good laugh from this. Leave me a comment.

Sunday, August 24, 2014
After 8 games on all pro, a brief trial of the skills trainer and an online game , here are my initial impressions of the game.
Graphics .
A much better effort coming out of EA Tiburon this year. New player models look great. Tom Brady looks like a lanky skinny kid rather than a linebacker, lighting in the stadiums is markedly better. I played a game at Heinz Field in the afternoon ,as weather changed and the afternoon progressed the skybox changed different shades of colour and ... Read More
Friday, August 22, 2014
LG ROLL CALL #XB1 www.tinyurl.com/C4MaddenS27RCxb1 #PS4 www.tinyurl.com/C4MaddenS27RCps4 - LIVE 9/5 #MUT 9/6 #M15 www.compete4ever5.eventbrite.com #1

Thursday, August 21, 2014
11:33 PM - August 21, 2014. Written by RUFFNREADY
First my rant: "This is too bleeepin short! C'mon EA!"
I have played only two games (8min qtrs accel clock), and a bunch of the skill challenges; quit the trial, went out for dinner, then went for a bike ride with the family, had dessert, put the kids to bed, had a drink (adult beverage), turned back on my console, logged into EA Access Hub, clicked on Madden 15, and now it's telling me I have less than a hour left!!!! WTH!!!

Timeline: started playing the game around ... Read More
03:40 PM - August 21, 2014. Written by teddyice
will this be it ....the madden we been waiting on for yrs...will it be like
nfl2k5 which by the way the greatest game ever ....someone please say that
this could be the madden tht we been waiting to play
Wednesday, August 20, 2014
04:59 AM - August 20, 2014. Written by HadlerT
Well, it was a good season.

The Mariners handed the ball to King Felix in game 7 to all but ensure a ALCS victory and the franchise's first ever trip to the World Series. But that's just not how it was supposed to be.

Felix was his dominant self, going 8 IP and giving up no runs on three hits. He also had 15 Ks.

However, him giving up 0 runs in 8 IP doesn't matter when the offense doesn't score any runs in NINE innings. Top of the ninth, Ichiro just ... Read More
04:35 AM - August 20, 2014. Written by HadlerT
Game 5:

The Yankees score first as Brian McCann doubles in Derek Jeter for a 1-0 lead in the bottom of the third. Blake Beavan escaped a bases loaded jam to escape further damage.

However, in the bottom of the 4th, Ichiro (lol) hit a HR to right field. 2-0 Yankees after 4 full innings.

In the top of the 8th, #9 hitter Chris Taylor his a Leadoff HR to make it 2-1. 3 runs later, and we're going into the 9th with a 4-2 lead. ... Read More
04:18 AM - August 20, 2014. Written by HadlerT
Game 3:
Paxton vs. McCarthy

Mariners took a early lead in the first, scoring three runs. They also added 2 in the 5th to make it 5-0. The Yankees scored one run in the 5th as well to make it 5-1. In the 7th, Cano homered to make it 6-1 M's.

A home run by Chase Headley made it 6-2 and Farquhar shut the door for the win.

Mariners are now only down 1-3, and in game 4, will send Roenis Elias to the mound against former Mariner Michael Pineda. ... Read More
03:55 AM - August 20, 2014. Written by HadlerT
Game 1 ALCS:
Felix vs. Hiroki Kuroda

In the bottom of the first, three straight base hits by Cano/Morales/Seager brought up Justin Smoak with the bases loaded and two outs. He popped out to Brian McCann at C in foul territory. I really wish I had Logan Morrison instead if Smoak.

In the top of third, the Yankee's 9/1/2 hitters (Ichiro/Gardner/Jeter) all had base hits, which made the bases loaded for Jacoby Ellsbury. He struck out looking on a 0-2 sinker. ... Read More
Game 3: Paxton vs. Gray

Both pitchers were perfect through 6, but Paxton gave up a Leadoff HR to Crisp in the bottom of the 7th.

Gray shut us down, but we both took advantage if each other's bullpens.

Lost the game log, but FINAL score: Oak 6 - 4 Sea

I'll post a quicker write up for games 4/5 like I did for game 3, at the end of the series, win or lose, I'll post the stats from all the hitters.

Game 4:
Elias vs. ... Read More
03:19 AM - August 20, 2014. Written by HadlerT
ALDS Results:
Game 1
Hernandez vs. Lester

Lester was perfect through 5, but unfortunately for him, Dustin Ackley smacked a HR with one out in the 6th. Felix was perfect though 7, but unfortunately he gave up a leadoff solo HR to Brandon Moss to start the 8th.

In the bottom of the 9th, tied 1-1, Cano led off with a single, followed by Morales, who flew out to RF. Seager was up next, and Cano stole second during his at bat. He grounded out to 2B, and Cano ... Read More
02:23 AM - August 20, 2014. Written by HadlerT
Made it to October! The Mariners went 97-65 and won the division by one game over Oakland, who went 96-66 and won the WC

Playoff Brackets:
NLWC: Atlanta def. SF
ALWC Oakland def. TB

Now, in the ALDS It's the Brewers/Dodgers and the Braves/Nationals in the NL, compared to the Yankees/Royals and Oakland/Seattle.

I'll be posting game-by-game updates, starting with game 1 of the ALDS against Oakland with Felix taking on Lester. ... Read More

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