Wednesday, October 29, 2014
04:43 PM - October 29, 2014. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

With Out of the Park Baseball on sale through tonight, the team at Out of the Park Developments decided to try to play spoiler for tonight's Kansas City Royals vs. San Francisco Giants Game Seven.

Out of the Park Developments ran a game seven simulation in Out of the Park Baseball 15 ten times, and the Royals came up the winner seven out of the ten simulations, winning by an average score of 5.6 - 4.8.

The games were all relatively close, so the team at OOTP Developments certainly has a built in caveat that anything can truly happen tonight. In an earlier simulation before the series started, the Royals won three out of five seven game series simulations.

Who do you have in tonight's game seven?

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04:32 PM - October 29, 2014. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

NBA 2K15 roster updates arrive every day and this year Mike Stauffer (bedwardsroy19) will provide us with the details. Check out what's new in today's roster update.

Read More - NBA 2K15 Roster Update Details (10-29-14)

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01:57 PM - October 29, 2014. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

Today 2K revealed details around MyNBA2K15, the free companion app to NBA 2K15 (see the trailer here), with major improvements allowing fans to stay more in touch with the console experience than ever before. The app includes exclusive features such as being able to chat in MyPARK, quick and easy ways to earn extra VC, and the ability to shop in the MyPLAYER Store on your mobile device.

Grab it for iOS here and Android devices here.

The new features in the companion app include:
  • Easier Login – This year you’ll be able to login to MyNBA2K with your PSN ID, Xbox Gamertag, or your Steam ID, making it much easier for people to login and give you less account credentials to have to remember.
  • View NBA 2K15 Data – In MyNBA2K15 you’ll be able to keep in touch with key stats from your MyCAREER, MyGM, and MyTEAM wherever you go. Analyze the data to decide what you should be doing next in your MyCAREER and MyGM, or show off your MyTEAM collection to your friends.
  • Daily Virtual Currency (VC) Bonus – The #1 draw to download the app is for people to earn extra VC so we’ve made this more interesting in MyNBA2K15 by allowing you to make more choices. The way it works is that you’ll draw up to 6 cards at a time. VC cards will each have different amount of VC on them (200 VC, 300 VC, etc.). Once every 24 hours you can choose to turn in 3 of those VC cards and get the combined VC amount added to your account.
  • Pick & Win – Another way to get some easy VC from the companion app. Each night you can pick the teams you think will win games being played in the NBA. The next day, come back and collect 50 VC for each game you got right, and then make your picks for the next night’s games. This feature is turned off at the moment as there are no NBA games being played.
  • MyPLAYER STORE – In MyNBA2K15 you can shop for gear in the MyPLAYER STORE, using VC from your account. Anything you purchase here will be unlocked in NBA 2K15 for you to use. You can buy clothing, jewelry, and tattoos for MyCAREER, MyGM, and MyPARK, directly from the app. This feature is only supported on PS4, Xbox One and PC.
  • Enter Locker Code – Now you can enter your Locker Codes from wherever you are. You’re no longer required to be sitting in front of your console or PC to redeem Locker Codes. Turn those codes in as soon as you get them and have your reward waiting for you when you get back to playing NBA 2K15.
  • MyPARK CHAT – This year you’ll be able to chat with other players inside the MyPARK feature in NBA 2K15. You can send messages directly to anyone you can see in your Park. Contact people for games, find people to join you in a squad, or talk about strategy. The MyPARK CHAT is exclusive to MyNBA2K15. MyPARK CHAT is only supported on next gen consoles.
  • MyTEAM Mobile – The standalone card collection game is back this year as well and it’s better than ever. It was very popular last year and we have added a bunch of new features to make it a better experience. Matchmaking has improved, your draft board level increases along with your deck, there is a new player enhancement feature which will allow you to modify cards in a way that best suits your strategy, and there are over 1000 all new cards to collect.

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06:51 AM - October 29, 2014. Posted by JoeMimic. Written by Steve Noah

EA Sports UFC patch 1.05 is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users, weighing in a just over 1GB. It includes quite a few gameplay adjustments and 3 new fighters: Diego Sanchez, Michael Chiesa and Hector Lombard.

Some of the details are available in the image above, but much more information about the patch can be seen here, at the EA Forums. Below are just a few of the details.
  • Stamina Burn: A new “Stamina Burn” system has now been implemented to help counter consecutive single-type strike combos.
  • Stamina Regeneration: A pause has been added to stamina regeneration for the attacking fighter if their takedown is successfully denied.
  • Gegard Mousasi in Middleweight Division: Gegard Mousasi is now also available for play in EA SPORTS UFC’s Middleweight division.

EA Sports UFC screenshot gallery - Click to view EA Sports UFC screenshot gallery - Click to view EA Sports UFC screenshot gallery - Click to view
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Tuesday, October 28, 2014
03:51 PM - October 28, 2014. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

Madden helped fuel an amazing quarter for EA, as the company recorded record revenues for the quarter. At this point, Madden players have logged 89 million games played, which is up 48 percent over last year's Madden.

In addition, EA's mobile sports games are logging in 40 million monthly active users, up 250 percent over last year.

From the GamesIndustry article:

"On a GAAP basis, total revenues climbed from $695 million to $990 million (with digital accounting for $508 million), while profit improved to $3 million (up from a loss of $273 million last year)."

Also Andrew Wilson was quoted in the article:

"Electronic Arts continues to put our players first, delivering new experiences, innovation and new ways to play," said Chief Executive Officer Andrew Wilson. "It was an excellent second quarter, with strong new titles, deep player engagement in our live services and ongoing digital growth driving continued momentum."

The bang-up quarter for EA is a huge sign the company's strategy is working, as more and more gamers engage with their products on screens of all shapes and sizes. Digital and mobile are driving the growth right now, and it stands to reason more and more offerings will be coming from EA and that avenue. EA's stock is up in after-hours trading.

11:07 AM - October 28, 2014. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

The long anticipated and hyped PS4 2.0 update is arriving with tons of new features for gamers today.

The biggest feature is the new 'Share Play' feature which will allow gamers to start a party in order to let their friends spectate them playing a game or even hand over control of a game. The person who virtually gets control of a game doesn't need to own it in order to play, which sets up some fun possibilities for sure.

There will also be YouTube integration as well as new themes for you to customize your dashboard with. You'll also be able to play music files from USB drives -- as well as use USB drives for data backup and restoration.

Also, PlayStation Plus users will be able to install monthly games by simply adding them to your library -- which eliminates the need to install every free game which will absolutely eat away at your HDD space.

There have been a couple of problems reported thus far, as users are having some issues getting their YouTube accounts to work and there are not currently any themes available in the PS Store. We expect both will be taken care of pretty shortly!

What do you think of the new update?

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10:53 AM - October 28, 2014. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

Nostalgia in gaming is something which has long been taken advantage of, but not quite in the way that GOG.com has decided to take advantage of it.

GOG simply republishes old, classic games for gamers to purchase, DRM-free. The older games work on current systems with few hitches, and Mac/PC cross compatibility is there for many games as well. On top of that, gamers get a 30-day money back guarantee on all purchases of their DRM-free games.

GOG isn't exactly new, but today's news of LucasArts' old Star Wars games finding their way to the platform makes you wonder what sports games are long overdue for an appearance. The platform as a whole sports some real heavyweights in classic PC gaming, but the sports selection is pretty paltry right now. Given that older, licensed titles are never going to end up on the platform for obvious reasons, we have to go with a more off-the-beaten path for which sports games would go well on the platform.

The problem, however, is that most every sports game has some sort of official licensing which prevents it from being republished. This of course, makes it very hard to find games which could be a fit on the platform -- but we're interested in what games you'd like to see brought back to life for modern day audiences.

What unlicensed old sports PC games should get a new life on GOG's platform?

10:30 AM - October 28, 2014. Posted by MMChrisS.

NBA Live 15 is here!

According to our initial impressions, there is plenty of improvement with the game -- but it probably doesn't fully measure up to its peers in our genre just yet. But our question isn't about this year's game quality so much as do you think the series has done enough for you to consider a purchase of NBA Live next year?

Sound off by voting in our poll, and leave a comment below on what you think!

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08:34 AM - October 28, 2014. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

NBA Live 15 is available today for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Since more people will have their hands on it today, we figured it would be better to start a fresh new topic.

If you want to read some impressions from the EA Access version, click here. Otherwise, play a few games and post your impressions.

NOTE: If you are looking for the game or demo in the PS Store, they typically update later in the afternoon.

EA Sports has posted their full list of controls for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Below is a list of items that have arrived in the first in-game update:
  • Updated scanned player heads for D. Rose, J. Noah, K. Leonard, and C. Anthony
  • Updated San Antonio Spurs Championship jerseys
  • Cleveland, New Orleans, and Charlotte courts have been updated
  • Updated jersey icons for MIN alternate, MIA Floridians (Hardwood Classics), PHI road, CLE alt 2
  • Updated accessory colors for new Cavaliers uniforms
  • Updated "Pull the Chair" Post Move
  • Updated catch animations on inbound passes
  • Updated "Up and Under" layup animations
  • Updated team show colors for Sacramento
  • Jordan shoes updated for players in Rookie Showcase.
  • Steal rating updated for K. Humphries & J. Hamilton
  • Updated accessories on several players
  • Updated rosters to reflect recent player moves
  • Updated player shoes in the All-Star Game
  • Moved some players to the free agency pool
  • Updated player portraits in Live Ultimate Team
  • Info updated on several players, including playstyles, positions, jersey numbers and more
  • Foot planting with pump fakes has been updated
  • Shot timing updated for free throws

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Monday, October 27, 2014

If you still have some time remaining on your EA Access trial version of NBA Live 15, a title update has just arrived. Let us know what you are seeing.

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04:27 PM - October 27, 2014. Posted by MMChrisS.

It seems as if social, connected experiences are what gaming is about right now. Companies are striving to figure out what balance works best for their consumers and fans, but many of those same customers and fans are simply asking why they haven't been asked what they want.

More connected experiences can be pretty cool. SSX was a game we reviewed highly that delivered an amazing offline/online combination experience, and there were few hiccups. On the other hand, Driveclub had a similar premise but with less than spectacular results.

What do you want in your sports games going forward? Do you want more connectedness? Less? More say-so in how, when, and why your games connect to the big server in the sky?

Sound off by voting in our poll and leaving a comment below!

01:22 PM - October 27, 2014. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

Last year's debut hockey management sim from Out of the Park Developments had a lot of lessons to learn, and it appears the second year of the franchise is looking up quite a bit.

The graphical interface of Franchise Hockey Manager 2015 is all new, with a lot of influence from Out of the Park Baseball clearly evident now. Not only is the look new, but the functionality and ease of navigation (a key complaint last year) have been worked on as well.

Things like the news screen have been reworked and streamlined so there are less options to wade through while other areas have been expanded for greater control over your team. We're looking forward to hearing more information, and with no release date currently announced -- we're sure there will be plenty of new information to come.

Be sure to check out the blog on OOTP Development's website for more details and check out the new screens below.

Franchise Hockey Manager 2015 screenshot gallery - Click to view Franchise Hockey Manager 2015 screenshot gallery - Click to view
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11:20 AM - October 27, 2014. Posted by MMChrisS.

Things didn't go well for NBA Live last season, but change is in the air with NBA Live 15. We gathered a couple of staffers up who are giving the game some playtime early on XBox Access and asked them what they thought about this year's game ahead of release day...

Read More - NBA Live 15 Staff Impressions Ahead of Release Day (Roundtable)

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06:57 AM - October 27, 2014. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

EA Sports has posted another NBA Live 15 video. This one features Damian Lillard walking you through some of the controls in the game.

The trial version of NBA Live 15 is available now for Xbox One EA Access subscribers. The PlayStation 4 demo and the non-EA Access version will be available tomorrow for Xbox One users. The game itself releases tomorrow.

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Sunday, October 26, 2014
My first online gaming experience was playing a remote user in NFL 2K1 on my Dreamcast. In the years since, I’ve watched online gameplay go from a novelty, to alternate play modes, to the core feature of both games and consoles. Usually, it works by creating immersive, innovative and unique experiences.

But other times it doesn’t. When a game puts all of its eggs into the online basket, there’s room for a huge debacle, leaving gamers with nothing but a shell of a $60 game (see SimCity, 2013).

Driveclub isn’t quite as bad as EA’s City Builder, but inconsistent online functionality have plagued the first “serious” racing game on PS4 and left some users feeling cheated. Unfortunately, looking at just the single player options won’t inspire additional confidence.

Read More - Driveclub's Online Issues, Average Gameplay A Forgettable Experience (PS4 Review)

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