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02-28-2017 07:48 AM
Inaccurate Statcast Data
I also hope that sliders do not effect what is actually calculated. For example, lets say a player runs 20 MPH from 2B to Home with sliders at default. If you adjust the baserunner speed slider,... (592 views, 15 replies)
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02-28-2017 07:44 AM
California Dreamin'
http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y87/Mudcat58/a-the-l_zpsfe1bbd7b.jpg PLAYERS OF THE WEEK http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y87/Mudcat58/CD%20POTW%2017-12_zpsw7gl8ez9.png The Fab 5, Week 12 ... (12,914 views, 324 replies)
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02-28-2017 07:42 AM
Auto base running fixed?
Locking this up, there's no way to tell for sure until the game is released. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Operation Sports mobile app (84 views, 2 replies)
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02-28-2017 07:39 AM
MLB The Show 17 Countdown thread!!!
27 more days.... https://ncurellosports.files .wordpress.com/2016/11/trout.jpg?w=648 (13,343 views, 198 replies)
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02-28-2017 07:35 AM
Bling's CAP thread- Requests welcome
I figured as much, wasn't trying to minimalize his work. It looks great! Was just curious. (23,985 views, 283 replies)
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02-28-2017 07:31 AM
MLB The Show 17 Q&A on Facebook Reveals More Details on the Game
It's not a game killer but have they fixed the height of the numbers on the Yankees jerseys ? They're too low on the back .. lol Sent from my iPhone using Operation Sports (10,642 views, 118 replies)
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Bigg Cee
02-28-2017 07:29 AM
UFC 210 - Buffalo - April 8
http://cdn.mmaweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/UFC-210-Cormier-vs-Johnson-2-Poster.png Main Card (Pay-Per-View) *Daniel Cormier vs. Anthony Johnson Gegard Mousasi vs. Chris Weidman Will... (583 views, 10 replies)
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02-28-2017 07:27 AM
MLB The Show 17 Screenshots - Jumbotron Improvements
Wonder if Russell and crew got the new Yankee stadium additions in ? I remember sending him a link on it back in November on twitter and he did favorite the tweet . Sent from my iPhone using... (2,987 views, 49 replies)
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02-28-2017 07:26 AM
MLB THE SHOW 17 DD 101 Video
I honestly think I'm going to drop a extra 50$-100$ on Stubbs for the game when it does come out .. I want my DD team nassssssty haha. Sent from my iPhone using Operation Sports (183 views, 1 replies)
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02-28-2017 07:24 AM
MLB The Show 17 Adds MLB Network with Harold Reynolds, Dan Plesac & Matt Vasgersian
I really want this game .. craving it badly .. quick question anyone know if the only difference between online deluxe and GameStop 100$ copy, Is it just the snap back hat and the steel case ? ... (10,662 views, 148 replies)
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Simple Mathematics
02-28-2017 07:22 AM
NHL 17 Revamped Rosters
I do not have overalls from the game in the spreadsheet. Right now I have 4 different times I have assigned overalls this year. So you can use any rosters you want. Sent from my iPhone using... (26,703 views, 100 replies)
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Jeffrey Smith
02-28-2017 07:20 AM
Best Rebuilds?
The Reds could also be an interesting rebuild. Haven't seen them mentioned too often. (1,744 views, 41 replies)
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02-28-2017 07:02 AM
OS NBA 2k17 Shoe Vault - Discussion
I wonder what Nike are doing with the LeBrons come playoff time this year. Obviously they normally do an Elite release, stripped back and made lighter but the 14s look like an Elite pair. I wonder... (227,842 views, 1,744 replies)
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02-28-2017 06:59 AM
I only care about an Amethyst/Diamond Chris Webber and Mullin from this point. How bo
I only want Orlando TMac now. Everyone got hyped over the juiced up gold version from last year but I am waiting on the real version. Maybe a PO Westbrook later too. Sent from my iPhone using... (100 views, 2 replies)
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Pappy Knuckles
02-28-2017 06:48 AM
EA Sports UFC 2 Photo/Video Thread
1500 fights and my 11th submission win. Nothing all that special, but it's such a rarity for me that I wanted to post it. He had a good record and he would've kept grabbing me with Rousey the whole... (27,982 views, 435 replies)
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02-28-2017 06:44 AM
Have a baseball game at 6:15pm est. How does your morning look? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk (37,979 views, 2,469 replies)
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Bigg Cee
02-28-2017 06:42 AM
UFC 209: Woodley vs. Thompson 2 (3-4-2017)
I updated the fight card. (1,412 views, 20 replies)
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02-28-2017 06:19 AM
WWE Network Discussion Thread
😂😂😂😂😂 aw man, I'm crying. Heenan was too sharp, man. Now I wish I could've gotten prime JR and Heenan. Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk (311,735 views, 5,870 replies)
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02-28-2017 06:18 AM
2/23 - 2/27 Games Discussion Thread
Stop gassing them man, they stink. (4,125 views, 169 replies)
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02-28-2017 06:16 AM
OS MMA Random Thread
"We don't care about the past, we care about the future" Translation = "look man, his check clears." Sent from my SM-N900T using Operation Sports mobile app (154,175 views, 2,326 replies)

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