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Friday, November 27, 2015
09:54 AM - November 27, 2015. Written by jmik58
Dynasty: jmik58
Wednesday, November 25, 2015
09:09 AM - November 25, 2015. Written by jmik58
Dynasty: jmik58
Tuesday, November 24, 2015
11:10 PM - November 24, 2015. Written by cdfresh96
NY - Dynasties are not found often. Especially in a league as frantic as the NFL. Only a few franchises come to mind when you talk about successful NFL dynasties. Green Bay had Lombardi, Favre, and now Rodgers. Indianapolis had Johnny Unitas and then Peyton Manning. Dallas had Irving, Aikman, and Jimmy Johnson. Chicago, Pittsburgh, and the NY football Giants all have also had their stretches of greatness. Not to mention the most recently established dynasty in Boston with Brady and Belichick. However a team that has been around since the 60s but has captured only one Super Bowl is the New York Jets. The Jets have been a franchise of pure mediocrity for the majority of its time. Questionable moves by the front office have often led to their ultimate demise and sometimes even embarrassment. And although they've had their share of solid teams that occasionally make the playoffs, have we ever really gone into a season and said the New York Jets are a team to look out for this in the upcoming season?

The Jets are often found behind the shadow of their neighbor and NFC rival, the New York Giants. The Giants have more championships and all though may not make the headlines as often as the Jets seem to find their way to have Super Bowl success.

So what is it that they are doing wrong? Well for one the Jets have not had a franchise quarterback since the last time the Jets won the Super Bowl. Broadway Joe Namath was their quarterback. Since Namath, the Jets have not been able to find the franchise quarterback. Mark Sanchez became an average game manager that probably held the Jets back from anything too great. And now the Jets find themselves with another QB issue with their recent pick Geno Smith struggling to adapt the NFL. The Jets picked up veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick to take the reigns but Fitzpatrick isn't going to be the face of this franchise.

If the Jets want to become a dynasty, their going to need to find the man who can handle the lights, the pressure, and the attention in New York (something that is not too easy to find). But for now the Jets will have to settle with Fitzpatrick. Can the Jets make some noise with the addition of Brandon Marshall and the return of Darrelle Revis, certainly. But are they going to really threaten the Pats and be a threat in the playoffs, highly unlikely.
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Dynasty: cdfresh96
09:54 AM - November 24, 2015. Written by jmik58
Dynasty: jmik58
Monday, November 23, 2015
09:57 AM - November 23, 2015. Written by jmik58
Dynasty: jmik58
Sunday, November 22, 2015
07:18 PM - November 22, 2015. Written by jmik58
So I don't spam things getting caught up, I'll just include links to Episodes 1 - 9

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9

Dynasty: jmik58
Saturday, November 21, 2015
03:23 AM - November 21, 2015. Written by IchBinDeutsch
Wyoming 41, Air Force 29

*NOTE* I accidentally exited the game before I could copy down the stats, my bad for that.
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Dynasty: IchBinDeutsch
02:28 AM - November 21, 2015. Written by IchBinDeutsch

Wyoming 24, Idaho 17

Idaho Vandals at Wyoming Cowboys
Sep 12, 20151234F
IDHO (0-1)730717
WYO (1-1)1470324
Top Performers
PASS: M. Linehan, Idaho - 26/43, 297 yards, 2 TD
RUSH: B. Hill, Wyoming - 24 carries, 104 yards, 2 TD
REC: J. Sannon, Idaho - 6 catches, 92 yards
Team Stats Comparison
First Downs2015
3rd Down Efficiency4-124-13
4th Down Efficiency0-12-2
Total Yards469461
Passing Yards297177
Rushing Yards114125
Penalties-Penalty Yards7-694-34
Time of Possession13:2314:37
Scoring Summary
4:39(WYO) J. Maulhardt, 30 yard pass from C. Coffman (T. Bailey kick)07
2:27(IDHO) E. Penny, 30 yard pass from M. Linehan (A. Reklow kick)77
1:18(WYO) B. Hill, 2 yard run (T. Bailey kick)714
3:21(WYO) B. Hill, 1 yard run (T. Bailey kick)721
0:39(IDHO) A. Reklow, 21 yard FG1021
0:55(WYO) T. Bailey, 17 yard FG1024
0:02(IDHO) M. Garner, 1 yard pass from M. Linehan (A. Reklow kick)1724
Idaho Vandals
M. Linehan26/4329720
E. Penny9748.20
J. Sannon69215.30
E. Penny24522.51
M. Garner111.01
D. Parham6000
T. Lashley5100
A. Reklow1/12/2521
Wyoming Cowboys
C. Coffman10/3117710
B. Hill241044.32
J. Hollister48220.50
J. Maulhardt35919.61
E. Yarbrough8200
T. Bailey1/23/3617
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Dynasty: IchBinDeutsch
02:02 AM - November 21, 2015. Written by IchBinDeutsch

Washington State 35, Wyoming 31

Wyoming Cowboys at Washington State Cougars
Sep 3, 20151234F
WYO (0-1)14301431
WSU (1-0)00142135
Top Performers
PASS: C. Coffman, Wyoming - 23/43, 399 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT
RUSH: B. Hill, Wyoming - 15 carries, 37 yards
REC: J. Maulhardt - 7 catches, 143 yards, 1 TD
Team Stats Comparison
First Downs2116
3rd Down Efficiency5-153-10
4th Down Efficiency2-21-1
Total Yards587578
Passing Yards399381
Rushing Yards4520
Penalties-Penalty Yards3-151-10
Time of Possession17:5410:06
Scoring Summary
4:22(WYO) J. Maulhardt, 9 yard pass from C. Coffman (T. Bailey kick)70
3:59(WYO) A. Wingard, 53 yard INT return (T. Bailey kick)140
3:59(WYO) T. Bailey, 30 yard FG170
2:26(WSU) R. Cracraft, 55 yard pass from L. Falk (E. Powell kick)177
0:03(WSU) G. Wicks, 3 yard run (E. Powell kick)1714
5:38(WSU) R. Cracraft, 5 yard pass from L. Falk (E. Powell kick)1721
4:17(WYO) T. Mayfield, 6 yard pass from C. Coffman (T. Bailey kick)2421
3:19(WSU) R. Cracraft, 5 yard pass from L. Falk (E. Powell kick)2428
2:11(WYO) S. Wick, 2 yard run (T. Bailey kick)3128
0:25(WSU) B. Ware, 24 yard pass from L. Falk (E. Powell kick)3135
Wyoming Cowboys
C. Coffman23/4339921
B. Hill15372.40
S. Wick4112.71
J. Maulhardt714320.41
T. Mayfield2199.51
U. Olive6300
C. Appleby4100
A. Wingard1011
T. Bailey1/34/4730
Washington State Cougars
L. Falk28/4438142
L. Falk9151.60
G. Wicks451.21
R. Cracraft49924.73
B. Ware36722.31
D. Lemora7100
K. Palacio4100
T. Taliulu4100
D. Ekuale4100
E. Powell0/15/55--
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Dynasty: IchBinDeutsch
Monday, November 16, 2015
07:42 PM - November 16, 2015. Written by Reiny09
Sacramento Kings at Minnesota Timberwolves
Sacramento (9-17)1923262213103
Minnesota (12-14)1927232112102
Sacramento Kings
D. Collison324-130-45-70800413
M. Belinelli373-81-30-0610007
R. Gay3812-241-23-47201028
Q. Acy362-100-51-2913105
W. Cauley-Stein366-90-01-217014213
R. Rondo222-72-42-42110018
O. Casspi185-120-02-21010012
K. Koufos182-30-01-2710315
B. McLemore182-41-20-0312005
C. Butler152-51-42-2110017
TEAM TOTALS40-95 (42%)6-24 (25%)17-25 (68%)5326799103
Minnesota Timberwolves
R. Rubio400-50-20-06132030
K. Martin4210-200-46-65000426
A. Wiggins437-163-31-29401018
K. Garnett352-50-00-0911104
K. Towns3410-200-05-913111125
N. Pekovic243-70-05-66010111
S. Muhammad212-91-50-0110005
Z. LaVine163-61-22-2410039
G. Dieng161-20-02-2522114
TEAM TOTALS38-90 (42%)5-16 (31%)21-27 (78%)58237413102
Dynasty: Reiny09
06:42 PM - November 16, 2015. Written by JazzCeltics
The Squadron of Youth
Utah Jazz MyGm NBA 2k16

Around 7:30 in the evening, Clayton Moore, former all-star center of the Utah Jazz, was called by Harvey Baxter, owner of the Utah Jazz. After a concise and informative call, Clayton Moore discovered that he would become the general manager of the Utah Jazz. He booked a flight to Salt Lake City, Utah. On October 26th Clayton Moore met with Harvey Baxter over the general manager position. The following were on his wishlist and were demands:
Win a title within 3 years
Receive two lottery picks
Win 18 road games
Acquire 2 veteran free agents

Donít let the team chemistry drop below 46%

Mr. Baxter then showed him the current roster and depth chart:

Utah Jazz Depth Chart - 15-16
PGTrey BurkeRaul; NetoDante Exum (Inj.)
SGAlec BurksRodney HoodElijah Millsap
SFGordon HaywardJoe InglesChris Johnson
PFDerrick FavorsTrevor BookerTrey Lyles
CRudy GobertJeff WitheyTibor Pleiss

Utah Roster 15-16
2Joe InglesSF286-8226
3Trey BurkePG236-1191
5Rodney HoodSG236-8206
10Alec BurksSG246-6214
11Dante ExumPG206-6190
13Elijah MillsapSG286-6225
15Derrick FavorsPF246-10265
20Gordon HaywardSF256-8226
21Tibor PleissC267-3256
23Chris Johnson SF256-6206
24Jeff WitheyC257-0231
25Raul NetoPG236-1179
27Rudy GobertC237-1245
33Trevor BookerPF276-8228
41Trey LylesPF206-10234
Dynasty: JazzCeltics
02:29 PM - November 16, 2015. Written by mgarcia6
I'm starting a new Chicago Cubs franchise using last year's version 2 OS rosters. I'm currently at 8-8 and playing every single game. I love this game and will try to post daily box scores and updates.
Dynasty: mgarcia6
09:21 AM - November 16, 2015. Written by Reiny09
Minnesota Timberwolves at New York Knicks
Dec 16, 20151ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Minnesota (12-13)22242236104
New York (10-16)2520242897
Minnesota Timberwolves
R. Rubio383-90-41-12181037
K. Martin358-163-46-610100325
A. Wiggins376-142-50-06220314
K. Garnett304-60-02-29001010
K. Towns336-150-010-117120022
S. Muhammad226-112-33-32100117
N. Pekovic193-60-02-2400018
G. Dieng160-00-01-2610001
Z. LaVine140-30-10-0640020
TEAM TOTALS36-80 (46%)7-17 (41%)25-27 (93%)52285113104
New York Knicks
J. Calderon371-70-12-2273024
A. Afflalo375-163-65-55500018
C. Anthony3511-270-34-511530226
K. Porzingis324-80-10-0712128
R. Lopez275-80-01-23121111
D. Williams214-92-30-04001010
J. Grant195-71-32-21410113
K. O'Quinn161-40-11-2300003
L. Thomas111-11-11-4501004
L. Amundson100-00-00-0210010
S. Vujacic10-00-00-0010000
TEAM TOTALS37-87 (43%)7-19 (37%)16-22 (73%)4325123997
Dynasty: Reiny09
01:17 AM - November 16, 2015. Written by Reiny09
Denver Nuggets at Minnesota Timberwolves
Dec 15, 20151ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Denver (7-18)1719261577
Minnesota (11-13)22252629102
Denver Nuggets
E. Mudiay323-100-00-0562026
R. Foye312-70-33-4220027
D. Gallinari358-262-60-04311118
K. Faried337-110-04-46101018
J. Nurkic252-70-01-21011005
J.J. Hickson222-30-01-2700005
W. Barton183-81-31-2210028
D. Arthur170-60-50-0500010
J. Nelson171-30-10-0460022
J. Lauvergne164-50-00-0100108
TEAM TOTALS32-86 (37%)3-18 (17%)10-14 (71%)4620431177
Minnesota Timberwolves
R. Rubio332-51-21-1692026
K. Martin349-192-24-45510224
A. Wiggins389-181-22-28310221
K. Garnett261-60-03-3700005
K. Towns3610-130-09-1016232029
S. Muhammad245-160-20-04300010
N. Pekovic191-50-00-2202002
G. Dieng171-20-01-2500003
A. Miller151-20-00-0130002
T. Prince20-00-00-0000000
TEAM TOTALS39-86 (46%)4-8 (50%)20-24 (83%)5425926102
Dynasty: Reiny09
01:16 AM - November 16, 2015. Written by Reiny09
Minnesota Timberwolves at Phoenix Suns
Minnesota (10-13)2818281611101
Phoenix (13-12)2221311614104
Minnesota Timberwolves
R. Rubio443-101-21-15142018
K. Martin435-271-43-63110214
A. Wiggins4012-302-34-512220330
K. Garnett353-60-11-2912007
K. Towns356-130-01-17041013
N. Pekovic246-110-04-615000016
S. Muhammad204-100-20-0310008
G. Dieng150-10-03-4301003
A. Miller141-20-00-0030012
TEAM TOTALS40-110 (36%)4-12 (33%)17-25 (68%)57221217101
Phoenix Suns
B. Knight445-170-23-472010813
S. Weems404-91-12-23200311
T.J. Warren316-132-30-08110014
M. Morris417-202-82-210111118
T. Chandler376-70-02-218013114
P.J. Tucker234-52-30-24010210
A. Len162-80-03-4500307
D. Booker141-30-10-1220002
J. Leuer133-40-04-45010010
A. Goodwin102-70-11-2330035
TEAM TOTALS40-93 (43%)7-19 (37%)17-23 (74%)65296718104
Dynasty: Reiny09

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