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Tuesday, March 28, 2017
02:39 PM - March 28, 2017. Written by sc050610
Hello Everyone,

So I have been blogging about my Franchise over on The ShowNation for a few years now but now with that they have started to update the site yearly and dump all the old threads, I figured the time is now to get things started over here.

I am currently in my second year of my Franchise and sit 51-32 on the year two games back of the Yankees in the division.

To get caught up on where I left things off at on The ShowNation click this link below. I will begin posting from where I left off over there.

Dynasty: sc050610
Saturday, March 25, 2017
Miami Dolphins at San Francisco 49ers
Mar 25, 20171ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Miami Dolphins (CPU)10301023
San Francisco 49ers (Me)0032326
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense377389
Rushing Yards193161
Passing Yards184228
First Downs1615
Punt Return Yards95
Kick Return Yards112110
Total Yards498504
3rd Down Conversion5-15 (33%)5-14 (35%)
4th Down Conversion0-00-0
2-Point Conversion0-00-0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals2-0-2 (100%)4-1-2 (75%)
Posession Time25:5922:01
Scoring Summary
9:00(MIA) Olindo Mare 28 Yard FG30
3:45(MIA) Ricky Williams 80 Yard TD Run (Mare Kick)100
5:30(MIA) Olindo Mare 47 Yard FG130
6:42(SFO) Todd Peterson 35 Yard FG133
11:58(SFO) Todd Peterson 34 Yard FG136
9:45(MIA) Jason Taylor 21 Yard Fumble Return for TD (Mare Kick)206
6:46(SFO) Tim Rattay 88 Yard TD Pass to Curtis Conway (Peterson Kick)2013
4:24(SFO) Kevan Barlow 6 Yard TD Run (Peterson Kick)2020
1:09(MIA) Olindo Mare 20 Yard FG2320
0:18(SFO) Kevan Barlow 21 Yard TD Run (Peterson Kick No Good)2326
Miami Dolphins
Jay Fiedler15/3019502
Ricky Williams291746.01
Travis Minor2189.00
Rob Konrad111.00
Randy McMichael57615.10
David Boston7689.70
Chris Chambers23216.00
Terrence Wilkins11919.00
Wade Smith30
John St. Clair30
Jeno James31
Seth McKinney11
Zach Thomas70.000
Sam Madison60.000
Junior Seau60.000
Morlon Greenwood52.000
Arturo Freeman50.000
Adewale Ogunleye41.000
Patrick Surtain40.010
Jason Taylor30.001
Sammy Knight30.000
Shawn Wooden30.000
Tony Bua20.000
Olindo Mare3/42/21147
Matt Turk620834.62
Travis Minor511222.30
Sam Simmons294.50
San Francisco 49ers
Tim Rattay14/2724911
Kevan Barlow291625.52
Jamal Robertson111.00
Tim Rattay1-2-2.00
Curtis Conway18888.01
Brandon Lloyd35518.30
Rashaun Woods4379.20
Eric Johnson23216.00
Cedrick Wilson11717.00
Fred Beasley11616.00
Kevan Barlow144.00
Jamal Robertson100.00
Kwame Harris30
Jeremy Newberry30
Scott Gragg32
Eric Heitmann20
Ronnie Heard70.000
Ahmed Plummer70.000
Julian Peterson60.000
Derek Smith60.000
Jamie Winborn60.000
Tony Parrish50.020
Mike Rumph40.000
Bryant Young31.000
Shawntae Spencer30.000
Andre Carter21.000
John Engelberger20.000
Todd Peterson2/32/3835
Andy Groom520941.71
Cedrick Wilson611018.30
Jimmy Williams252.50
Dynasty: Str8Edge4Life
Penn State Nittany Lions at Minnesota Golden Gophers
Mar 25, 20171ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Penn State Nittany Lions (CPU)700714
#21 Minnesota Golden Gophers (Me)037717
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense279361
Rushing Yards2267
Passing Yards257294
First Downs1320
Punt Return Yards2767
Kick Return Yards6355
Total Yards369483
3rd Down Conversion7-16 (43%)8-17 (47%)
4th Down Conversion0-01-1 (100%)
2-Point Conversion0-00-0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals3-2-0 (66%)3-2-1 (100%)
Possession Time16:0619:54
Scoring Summary
1:10(PSU) Zack Mills 2 Yard TD Pass to Isaac Smolko (Gould Kick)70
2:38(MINN) Rhys Lloyd 28 Yard FG73
5:05(MINN) Kevin Salmen 3 Yard TD Run (Lloyd Kick)710
8:50(PSU) Zack Mills 9 Yard TD Pass to John Bronson (Gould Kick)1410
0:19(MINN) Bryan Cupito 24 Yard TD Pass to Jakari Wallace (Lloyd Kick)1417
Penn State Nittany Lions
Zack Mills19/3725721
Austin Scott0/1000
Austin Scott12171.40
Tony Hunt3103.30
Paul Jefferson441.00
Zack Mills5-9-1.70
Gerald Smith48721.70
Terrance Phillips35518.30
Kinta Palmer5499.70
Austin Scott22211.00
Josh Hannum12222.00
John Bronson199.01
Ryan Scott188.00
Isaac Smolko252.51
Tyler Reed40
Andrew Richardson30
Charles Rush10
E.Z. Smith10
Levi Brown12
Andrew Guman80.000
Paul Posluszny70.000
Donnie Johnson51.000
Anwar Phillips50.010
Ed Johnson50.000
Calvin Lowry40.000
Jay Alford30.000
Brent Wise30.000
Alan Zemaitis30.000
Paul Cronin20.000
Tamba Hali20.000
Matthew Rice20.000
Robbie Gould0/02/220
Jeremy Kapinos939744.12
Donnie Johnson46315.70
Calvin Lowry6274.50
Minnesota Golden Gophers
Bryan Cupito24/4729411
Marion Barber III10272.70
Laurence Maroney9202.20
Amir Pinnix2136.50
Bryan Cupito430.70
Kevin Salmen133.01
Justin Valentine310.30
Jared Ellerson813316.60
Logan Payne5469.10
Keith Matthews4369.00
Paris Hamilton12828.00
Matt Spaeth4256.20
Jakari Wallace12424.01
Laurence Maroney122.00
Rian Melander60
Joe Ainslie30
Greg Eslinger31
Brandon Harston10
Mark Setterstrom10
Mario Reese70.000
Terrance Campbell60.000
Darrell Reid42.000
Justin Fraley30.000
Anthony Montgomery30.000
Brandon Owens30.000
Mike Wojciechowski30.000
Trumaine Banks20.000
Eric Clark20.000
Ukee Dozier20.000
Kyle McKenzie20.000
Johnathan Richmond20.000
John Shevlin20.000
Dominique Sims20.000
Jamal Harris00.010
Rhys Lloyd1/12/2528
Justin Kucek722932.70
Laurence Maroney23919.50
Marion Barber III11616.00
Jakari Wallace22512.50
Marion Barber III22412.00
Laurence Maroney11818.00
Dynasty: Str8Edge4Life
Wednesday, March 22, 2017
Clemson Tigers at Oklahoma Sooners
Mar 22, 20171ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
#15 Clemson Tigers (CPU)14103330
#2 Oklahoma Sooners (CPU)0032124
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense362264
Rushing Yards237
Passing Yards360227
First Downs2014
Punt Return Yards4641
Kick Return Yards78105
Total Yards486410
3rd Down Conversion6-14 (42%)8-19 (42%)
4th Down Conversion0-01-2 (50%)
2-Point Conversion0-01-2 (50%)
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals5-2-3 (100%)6-2-1 (50%)
Possession Time22:1417:46
Scoring Summary
7:54(CLEM) Charlie Whitehurst 23 Yard TD Pass to Curtis Baham (Dean Kick)70
3:06(CLEM) Charlie Whitehurst 9 Yard TD Pass to Kelvin Grant (Dean Kick)140
9:23(CLEM) Charlie Whitehurst 4 Yard TD Pass to Chansi Stuckey (Dean Kick)210
2:47(CLEM) Jad Dean 22 Yard FG240
4:31(CLEM) Jad Dean 30 Yard FG270
1:02(OKLA) Trey Dicarlo 21 Yard FG273
9:31(OKLA) Jason White 9 Yard TD Pass to Mark Clayton (White Pass to Clayton)2711
7:39(OKLA) Kejuan Jones 2 Yard TD Run (White Pass No Good)2717
6:16(OKLA) Jason White 20 Yard TD Pass to Brandon Jones (Dicarlo Kick)2724
1:35(CLEM) Jad Dean 24 Yard FG3024
Clemson Tigers
Charlie Whitehurst26/4936034
Chansi Stuckey22713.50
Duane Coleman15171.10
Charlie Whitehurst12-42-3.50
Chansi Stuckey812015.01
Curtis Baham811214.01
Airese Currie610517.50
Duane Coleman2126.00
Kelvin Grant199.01
Bobby Williamson122.00
Tommy Sharpe10
Chip Myrick11
Marion Dukes02
Roman Fry01
Justin Miller70.000
Leroy Hill62.000
Vontrell Jamison61.000
Anthony Waters50.000
Tye Hill40.000
Eric Coleman30.000
C.J. Gaddis30.000
Travis Pugh30.000
Trey Tate21.000
Jamaal Fudge20.000
Maurice Nelson20.000
Jad Dean3/33/31230
Cole Chason516833.50
Brandon Nolen57815.50
Justin Miller5469.10
Oklahoma Sooners
Jason White17/4722720
Kejuan Jones15543.51
Will Peoples122.00
Jejuan Rankins111.00
J.D. Runnels111.00
Jason White8-21-2.60
Mark Clayton68414.01
Jejuan Rankins35518.30
Brandon Jones45112.71
Will Peoples34414.60
Kejuan Jones1-7-7.00
Wes Sims100
Jammal Brown61
Kelvin Chaisson30
Davin Joseph30
Vince Carter23
Antonio Perkins70.030
Donte Nicholson60.010
Jowahn Poteat52.000
Clint Ingram42.000
Jonathen Jackson41.000
Eric Bassey40.000
Lynn Mcgruder40.000
Lance Mitchel40.000
Brodney Pool40.000
Dusty Dvoracek31.000
Lawrence Dampeer21.000
Wayne Chambers20.000
Chijoke Onyenegecha11.000
Trey Dicarlo1/41/1421
Blake Ferguson522344.50
Jejuan Rankins47218.00
Antonio Perkins33311.00
Antonio Perkins5418.10
Dynasty: Str8Edge4Life
Iowa Hawkeyes at USC Trojans
Mar 22, 20171ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
#16 Iowa Hawkeyes (CPU)00077
#1 USC Trojans (CPU)2170634
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense233328
Rushing Yards49105
Passing Yards184223
First Downs1117
Punt Return Yards1625
Kick Return Yards12034
Total Yards369387
3rd Down Conversion4-16 (25%)3-11 (27%)
4th Down Conversion1-2 (50%)1-4 (25%)
2-Point Conversion0-00-0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals2-0-0 (0%)5-4-0 (80%)
Possession Time15:3816:22
Scoring Summary
4:02(USC) Matt Leinart 21 Yard TD Pass to Lee Webb (Killeen Kick)07
3:24(USC) Ronald Nunn 37 Yard Interception Return for TD (Killeen Kick)014
0:35(USC) Matt Leinart 13 Yard TD Pass to Greg Guenther, Jr. (Killeen Kick)021
1:04(USC) Matt Leinart 12 Yard TD Pass to Whitney Lewis (Killeen Kick)028
6:35(IOWA) Drew Tate 33 Yard TD Pass to Warren Holloway (Schlicher Kick)728
0:27(USC) Hershel Dennis 9 Yard TD Run (Killeen Kick No Good)734
Iowa Hawkeyes
Drew Tate12/3218413
Jermelle Lewis20683.30
A.J. Johnson492.20
Mike Follett1-3-3.00
Drew Tate4-25-6.20
Ed Hinkel68614.30
Warren Holloway24221.01
Calvin Davis12323.00
Jermelle Lewis22110.50
Champ Davis11212.00
Pete McMahon40
Lee Gray30
David Walker20
Mike Elgin01
Mike Jones01
Marcus Paschal60.010
Chigozie Ejiasi50.000
Abdul Hodge50.000
Matt Roth50.000
Chad Greenway30.000
George Lewis30.000
Derreck Robinson30.000
Antwan Allen20.000
Sean Considine20.000
Jovon Johnson20.000
Jonathan Babineaux11.000
Kyle Schlicher0/21/110
David Bradley619232.01
Jermelle Lewis48320.70
Albert Young23718.50
Ed Hinkel2168.00
USC Trojans
Matt Leinart17/2821631
John David Booty1/1700
Hershel Dennis6396.51
Reggie Bush17281.60
Lee Webb22613.00
David Kirtman2178.50
William Buchanon1-1-1.00
Matt Leinart1-4-4.00
Whitney Lewis36220.61
Lee Webb23718.51
William Buchanon23718.50
Steve Smith33311.00
Chris McFoy4205.00
Reggie Bush2147.00
Greg Guenther, Jr.11313.01
Jason Mitchell177.00
Ryan Kalil20
Travis Watkins20
Fred Matua11
Kevin Arbet71.000
Manuel Wright61.000
Dallas Sartz41.000
Oscar Lua31.000
Collin Ashton30.000
Marco Chavez30.000
Greg Farr30.000
Jason Leach30.000
Ronald Nunn20.011
Van Brown20.000
Matt Grootegoed20.000
Mike Patterson20.000
Darnell Bing10.010
John Walker00.010
Ryan Killeen0/04/540
Tom Malone421654.00
Reggie Bush11919.00
Eric Wright11515.00
Reggie Bush3258.30
Dynasty: Str8Edge4Life
Tuesday, March 21, 2017
Arizona Wildcats at West Virginia Mountaineers
Mar 21, 20171ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Arizona Wildcats (CPU)00000
West Virginia Mountaineers (Me)773320
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense276260
Rushing Yards-1694
Passing Yards292166
First Downs1618
Punt Return Yards115
Kick Return Yards10710
Total Yards394275
3rd Down Conversion5-17 (29%)6-15 (40%)
4th Down Conversion1-4 (25%)0-0
2-Point Conversion0-00-0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals3-0-0 (0%)3-1-1 (66%)
Possession Time15:0920:51
Scoring Summary
7:44(WVU) Pat White 69 Yard TD Pass to Steve Slaton (McAfee Kick)07
0:41(WVU) Pat White 11 Yard TD Pass to Darius Reynaud (McAfee Kick)014
5:16(WVU) Pat McAfee 22 Yard FG017
7:16(WVU) Pat McAfee 44 Yard FG020
Arizona Wildcats
Willie Tuitama27/4421302
Kris Heavner7/137902
Xavier Smith6355.80
Kris Heavner1-7-7.00
Willie Tuitama9-44-4.80
Mike Thomas811814.70
B.J. Dennard78011.40
Anthony Johnson55611.10
Antoine Cason4256.20
Travis Bell11414.00
Xavier Smith700.00
Terrell Reese2-1-0.5
Peter Graniello62
Eben Britton33
Jovon Hayes10
Bill Wacholz12
Ronnie Palmer12100
Antoine Cason11100
Spencer Larsen9100
D'Aundre Reed4100
Wilrey Fontenot4000
Dane Krogstad4000
Nate Ness4000
Louis Holmes3100
Dominic Patrick3010
Yaniv Barnett3000
Donald Horton3000
Michael Turner2100
Lionel Dotson2000
Devin Ross2000
Jason Bondzio0/10/000
Keenyn Crier517635.12
Anthony Johnson37023.30
Mike Thomas12222.00
Michael Turner11515.00
Antoine Cason3113.60
West Virginia Mountaineers
Pat White10/1414421
Darius Reynaud1/12200
Steve Slaton29802.70
Pat White18191.00
Owen Schmitt 263.00
Noel Devine2-1-0.50
Jarrett Brown1-10-10.00
Steve Slaton26532.51
Dorrell Jalloh24020.00
Darius Reynaud33210.61
Tito Gonzales 11010.00
Owen Schmitt11010.00
John Maddox199.00
Ryan Stanchek21
Michael Villagrana10
Greg Isdaner01
Chad Snodgrass01
Larry Williams, Jr.8000
Eric Wicks7010
Vaughn Rivers6000
Guesly Dervil5000
Antonio Lewis4010
Marc Magro4000
Ridwan Malik3110
Quinton Andrews3010
Johnny Dingle2200
Chris Neild2200
Andrae Wright2200
Boogie Allen2000
Max Anderson2000
Mortty Ivy2000
Bobby Hathaway1100
Pat McAfee2/22/2844
Scott Kozlowski727238.81
Noel Devine11010.00
Guesly Dervil155.00
Dynasty: Str8Edge4Life
Saturday, March 18, 2017
07:07 PM - March 18, 2017. Written by WestleySnipez
VANCOUVER, British Columbia - 25 games in to the season, and the Canucks still are struggling to string together wins. With a record of 12-12-1, remarkably they are holding onto a wildcard spot, and sit just one point behind Arizona who has third in the Pacific (though the Coyotes do have three games in hand).

Last season, the Canucks had issues scoring and their defensive play was what won them games. Now though, the reverse has happened. Offense leads the way while the back end try and keep the puck out of the net. Rumors are beginning to circle whether or not goaltender Ryan Miller might be trending towards the end of a long career, as he sits at a .903 Save percentage and a 2.97 GAA over 20 games. Backup tender Jacob Markstrom is posting better numbers, but in a smaller time frame; with a .922 SV% and a 2.22 goals against average.

Henrik and Daniel continue to lead the charge offensively, with Daniel having 19 points in 25 games, and Henrik 16 points in the same time frame. Brock Boeser has a bruised wrist halfway through November, causing him to miss four games, but has 9 goals and 15 points in 21 games. He continues to lead the rookies in goals, and sits 4th in points behind Auston Matthews, Patrik Laine, and Mitch Marner.

Meanwhile, Bo Horvat has broken through his slow start, now having 10 points in his last 12 outings. Reid Boucher and Sven Baertschi are continuing their offensive strives, with both scoring 7 goals each. New comer Leon Draisaitl is doing quite well after a struggling start in Edmonton. After producing only 2 assists in 15 games for the Oilers, he put up 13 points (8 of them goals) in the last 15 games. Loui Eriksson was injured in the first game of the season, the 6 million dollar winger is expected back soon, and should help with penalty killing and the third line's production.

On defense, Alexander Edler and Chris Tanev lead the back end, averaging 23 minutes a game each. Ben Hutton, Troy Stecher, and Nikita Tryamkin are continuing to improve, each playing roughly 20 minutes a night. Each have done quite well in the takeaways department. Erik Gudbranson, however, has done abysmally this season. He averages only 17 minutes a night, but is a team worst -11, has only 1 assist, and has over 53 giveaways in 25 games.

Vancouver Canucks Stats - 2016-17
D. Sedin2561319-222619.8%
S. Baertschi25710170104515.6%
H. Sedin2541216-102429.5%
L. Draisaitl (EDM, VAN)26871512635913.6%
B. Boeser2196151146713.4%
R. Boucher247714-2046410.9%
B. Horvat25310131012585.2%
M. Granlund2558137043713.5%
D. Dorsett2536910241915.8%
B. Sutter250880016340.0%
B. Gaunce152684141811.1%
A. Edler25178600342.9%
J. Skille24347-2020349.4%
N. Tryamkin251670018323.1%
C. Tanev254376043212.5%
B. Hutton232461106255.7%
M. Chaput172352041612.5%
T. Stecher20213-312229.1%
A. Rodin4112000425.0%
L. Eriksson1011-10000.0%
R. Miller21111002.9759:4763.903650
J. Markstrom41212.2259:439.922115
Dynasty: WestleySnipez
11:09 AM - March 18, 2017. Written by Steelers4190
BREAKING: Tom Crean fired by Indiana University after 9 seasons. AD Fred Glass releases statement:

"After deliberative thought and evaluation, including multiple meetings with Tom about the future, I have decided to make a change in the leadership of our men's basketball program. Tom Crean brought us through one of the most challenging periods in IU basketball history, led his players to many successes in the classroom and on the court and represented our university with class and integrity. While winning two outright Big Ten titles in five years and being named Big Ten Coach of the Year, Tom worked tirelessly to develop great young men and successful teams. However, ultimately, we seek more consistent, high levels of success, and we will not shy away from our expectations. Tom is a good man and a good coach and we owe him a great debt of gratitude for his many positive contributions to Indiana basketball. We wish him well.

The national search for our new coach begins immediately. The Board of Trustees and the President have expressly delegated to me the responsibility and authority for this search and hire. While I will not be establishing a formal search committee or advisory committee, I will consult with basketball experts from around the country and throughout the State of Indiana, including many former Indiana University basketball players. The expectations for Indiana University basketball are to perennially contend for and win multiple Big Ten championships, regularly go deep in the NCAA tournament, and win our next national championship—and more after that. We will identify and recruit a coach who will meet these expectations."

BREAKING: Indiana University hires Nick Cotner as head basketball coach. Nick Cotner now leads a program that hungers to return back to the elite tier of the college basketball world. Cotner, who grew up an in-state Hoosier fan, says it was an easy decision to accept the job and looks forward to the challenge. The first thing Nick Cotner will have to do is repair the relationship between in state talent and the school. The state of Indiana is a hot bed for basketball talent and Indiana has always been at its best when the state has been recruited at a high level. During the presser Nick Cotner said the first thing he will do is meet with the current roster and then jump head first into recruiting.


SF Collin Hartman - Though he has one season of eligibility left he has opted to pursue his career after obtaining his degree from the university.

PG Josh Newkirk - After transferring to IU to play his JR season under former coach Tom Crean the PG has decided that he will not be a good fit under new coach Nick Cotner and has opted to transfer once again.

SG Curtis Jones - After spending his freshman season playing under Tom Crean the SG will opt to pursue his education and college career elsewhere after the coaching change.

BREAKING: O.G. Anunobuy, Thomas Bryant, Robert Johnson, and James Blackmon, who were rumored to be leaning towards leaving the university, have all decided to return to Indiana University after meeting with new coach Nick Cotner.

Late Recruiting


PF Joseph Wilcox ***** Bloomington, IN
PG Matt Morrison *** Cincinatti, OH
SG Ben Brandon *** Seattle, WA
SF Bill Wiggins *** Tell City, IN

Indiana Hoosiers Roster
31Thomas BryantC6'10255JR
20Deron DavisF/C6'10240SO
3O.G. AnunobyF6'8235JR
1James BlackmonG6'4200SR
4Robert JohnsonG6'3195SR
13Juwan MorganF6'8230JR
23Joseph WicoxF6'8200FR
11Devonte GreenG6'2185SO
44Bill WigginsF6'7202FR
43Ben BrandonG6'4188FR
30Matt Morrison G5'10165FR
35Tim PrillerF6'9225SR
52Tyler HartleyG6'1180JRWalk On
50Stepehn RichterC7'0246FRWalk On
24Abe LangeG6'0165FR Walk On
Dynasty: Steelers4190
Thursday, March 16, 2017
07:07 PM - March 16, 2017. Written by WestleySnipez
VANCOUVER, British Columbia - Some games are filled with exciting, intense hockey. Others, lack luster, boring affairs where both teams can't seem to put a puck in the net.

In their first 10 starts this season, the Canucks are a game below .500 with a 4-5-1 record. But that record doesn't tell the whole story, as the Canucks are close in 4 of those 5 losses, losing by only one goal. Third periods are proving to be the difficulty for the boys in blue and green, as they've given up 15 of the 27 goals against in the final frame. Compared to just 4 of the 25 goals for in that same period. Once Vancouver figures out they have to play three periods, not just two, they'll be able to produce a much better record.

On the bright side, Henrik and Daniel Sedin seem revitalized with a reduction in TOI. Playing on the second line and second powerplay unit, they've each put up 7 points in the first 10 games of the season. Brock Boeser, the rookie right winger from the NCAA, has been benefiting from Henrik's improved production, potting 5 goals of his own and taking an early lead in the Calder race.

Struggling with the workload of first line time are the youngsters Bo Horvat, Sven Baertschi, and Reid Boucher. Baertschi leads the line in points with 6 in 10, Boucher (who missed one game to the flu) has 4 goals and 1 assist for 5 points in 9 games, and Horvat has only 3 points in 10 after a slow start to the season.

"Last season I struggled for the first half to put up points," Horvat said following the Canucks' game against Montreal last night where he went pointless. "I'm just focusing on doing what the coach needs me to do, the little things are what leads to goals. I'd feel better about it if the team was doing better, but you're always looking for the win, and when you can't contribute... Yeah it sucks."

The Canucks' next game is against the Ottawa Senators tonight in the nation's capital.
Dynasty: WestleySnipez
Tuesday, March 14, 2017
02:26 PM - March 14, 2017. Written by Chicago Made
Returning to the UnstoppaBulls: The Tank is Bulletproof

I once thought of this season as being one of hope, playoffs, and success. Now, I hope that we are doing enough to secure ourselves a top 3 pick. Whilst, also hoping the Kings get me in the Top 11-15.

Elsewhere in the league not much movement has occurred. The Orlando Magic however did sign veteran forward Terrence Jones to a one-year $5.76M deal. The next night the Magic visited the United Center and, well they kicked our butts. 82-120, behind Evan Fournier double-double. Jimmy Butler did however, have another great outing for us scoring 25 points. But, his contributions dont seem to be enough. I have told Jimmy many times that he needs to be more aggressive. He just seems unwilling to show the level of aggression that I need from him on a daily basis.

We took that bullet to the head. Next was a two-game road trip to the southeast. Atlanta was first up on the trip and I think the players left their will and determination to win home in Chicago. As Dwight 16pts, and 12 rebounds powered the Hawks to a 78-127 victory. Miami was no better except we looked a smidge better defensively. Rose stood tall in the game before going down with a left foot sprain after Dragic stepped under him on a jump shot. Rose finished the game with 26 points but the sad news will have him on the sidelines for 1-2 weeks.

While some could now criticize the investment in Rose. Doctors in New York told the Knicks that newly acquired guard Dwayne Wade would miss the next month with left knee tendinitis.

As we headed back home, some breaking news from Los Angeles came through as the Lakers, and new president of basketball operations Magic Johnson decided to fire Luke Walton. They replaced him with Benjamin Walker a nonexperienced coach out of San Jose.

I let the team have the day off after the road trip before we took on the Wizards. And lets just say that no Rose, and playing the fierce backcourt of Beal, and Wall. It was shaping up to be a bad day. The Wizards would beat us 112-95 in our sixth straight blowout loss, and seventh loss in a row.

Good thing we have a ton of expirings..... Including the coach.
Dynasty: Chicago Made
12:34 AM - March 14, 2017. Written by WestleySnipez
October 08, 2016

VANCOUVER, British Columbia - As preseason comes to a close, we finally get a chance to see the opening night rosters for each team. Last Thursday the Canucks announced their final cuts, finalizing their 23-man roster for the 2016-17 season.

Change is in the air, the Canucks will no longer be led by Daniel and Henrik Sedin, but instead by Bo Horvat and Sven Baertschi. Last season the Sedins had their lowest point per game production since 2004. Horvat and Baertschi led the Canucks in preseason scoring, both getting 8 points in 6 games.

As for new faces, Brock Boeser made the final cut, producing 4 goals and 2 assists as the third wheel on the Sedin line.

Here are the projected lines for the start of the season:

Vancouver Canucks Roster
53Bo Horvat216'0223LeftRodney, Ontario
33Henrik Sedin366'2183LeftÖrnsköldsvik, Sweden
20Brandon Sutter286'3190RightHuntington, New York
45Michael Chaput246'2194LeftL'Île-Bizard, Quebec
22Daniel Sedin366'1190LeftÖrnsköldsvik, Sweden
21Loui Erikson316'2196LeftGothenburg, Sweden
47Sven Baertschi245'11192LeftBern, Switzerland
60Markus Granlund236'0183LeftOulu, Finland
50Brendan Gaunce226'2217LeftSudbury, Ontario
11Reid Boucher235'10195LeftGrand Ledge, Michigan
61Brock Boeser196'1192RightBurnsville, Michigan
15Derek Dorsett296'0192RightKindersley, Saskatchewan
9Jack Skille296'1216RightMadison, Wisconsin
17Anton Rodin266'0176LeftStockholm, Sweden
8Chris Tanev266'2195RightEast York, Ontario
23Alexander Elder306'3214LeftÖstersund, Sweden
88Nikita Tryamkin226'7265LeftYekaterinburg, Russia
27Ben Hutton236'2207LeftPrescott, Ontario
5Luca Sbisa266'2205LeftOzieri, Italy
44Erik Gudbranson246'5220RightOrléans, Ottawa
51Troy Stecher225'10189RightRichmond, British Columbia
30Ryan Miller366'2168LeftEast Lansing, Michigan
25Jacob Markstrom266'6196LeftGävle, Sweden

The starting lineups for the game against Calgary on Saturday shouldn't be much different from this:

Vancouver Canucks Depth Chart - 2017
LWSven BaertschiDaniel SedinLoui ErikssonBrendan Gaunce
CBo HorvatHenrik SedinBrandon SutterMichael Chaput
RWReid BoucherBrock BoeserMarkus GranlundDerek Dorsett
D #1Chris TanevTroy StecherErik Gudbranson
D #2Alex EdlerNikita TryamkinBen Hutton
GRyan MillerJacob Markstrom
Dynasty: WestleySnipez
Monday, March 13, 2017
12:32 AM - March 13, 2017. Written by WestleySnipez
September 16th, 2017

VANCOUVER, British Columbia - The Vancouver Canucks hired Westley Snipez as General Manager last Saturday.

Snipez replaces Jim Benning, who was fired August 16 after the Canucks missed the playoffs for the second straight year. Vancouver finished with a 34-38-10 record, 14 points out of a wild card spot, and 26th in the league. The 54-year-old Snipez, who signed a three year deal will have some tough decisions to make before the start of the 2017-18 season.

The Canucks have a plethora of youth with players like Bo Horvat, Sven Baertschi, Troy Stecher, and Ben Hutton already in the lineup. But even more youngsters are on the way, with a prospect pool loaded with Nikolay Goldobin, Brock Boeser, Adam Gaudette, Thatcher Demko, and Olli Juolevi coming up.

"I've been a hockey fan all my life," Snipez said at the news conference: "I'm extremely grateful to be given this opportunity."

"This team has a lot of talented, young players that you can really build around. Speed, skill, size can all be found in one form or another on the roster. But there is still a lot of questions out there, namely around our center depth. I expect us to compete for a playoff spot this year, but I think it'll be two seasons before we have a group that can really go deep."
Dynasty: WestleySnipez
Sunday, March 12, 2017
02:05 PM - March 12, 2017. Written by ssimpsons3
All DD players will report to Spring Training today to get ready for the new season. MLB 17 is close, but not close enough, and I really want to get started into this years game. Y2Y saves have been great, but this year I'm starting fresh in everything. 15 I was heavy into DD, getting 90 wins in full-game PVP. in 16, I hardly did anything in DD, going 18-13 in PVP. But this year, I'm getting back into it, and it starts today.

I play DD differently. I am a diehard Cleveland Indians fan, I have been playing Franchise modes exclusively with them since the days of Front Page Sports: Baseball Pro 98, and this isn't going to change much going into DD. I'm not looking for a 99 ovr team with all diamond players, no, I am going to collect, and exclusively play with Cleveland Indians players only, or players that have played for the Indians. CC, Lee, Cabrera, Peralta...and if classic players are in there...Justice, Mesa, Murray, Thome etc. Should be hard to do, seeing how the Tribe could have 4 diamond players in 17, Kluber, Miller, Lindor, Kipnis...so I think there will be planty of meaningful grinding this year.

This may put me at a disadvantage, not getting that Griffey ((ovr right off the bat...but that's ok, that is the point. I want to be an underdog team, loyal to my current boys, and give former Indians the chance they might have never got...Grady, I'm looking at you...

So what are my plans for "DD Spring Training"...pretty much get back into the flow of things. Play some 9 inning Extra Inning games on All-Star with whatever Indians squad I can piece together, and also restart and play some conquest. Nothing too serious, seeing how this will not transfer over, but just to be used like real sporing training. Get back to playing everyday, seeing pitches, getting used to matchups, and eat sleep breathe baseball.

For The Show, Myself, and the Cleveland Indians of real life, 2017 is going to be an amazing year.
Dynasty: ssimpsons3
Monday, March 6, 2017
08:59 PM - March 6, 2017. Written by Chicago Made
Returning to the UnstoppaBulls: Bulls Blog #3: Looking like a long season.

Well if you look up the definition of struggle in the dictionary Im sure there will be a photo of the Bulls logo. We were blown completely out by the Pacers which quickly meant this rebuilding process was in full swing. As you see I have been here attempting to clean up some of the mistakes the franchise has made.

Things began when I traded Paul Zipser to the Lakers to bring veteran Metta World Peace back around full circle to the team that drafted him. Following the trade I received a call back from the front office in Phoenix saying they liked the deal I sent them for PJ Tucker so I sent sharp shooting swingman Anthony Morrow to Phoenix for Tucker. The last deal of the night saw me send dancing machine Cameron Payne to San Antonio for Dedmond and a late 1st round pick. While I may have bamboozled the Spurs here in this deal the name of the game isn't how to make the other team good. Its how to make my team better right now.

The trade showed its worth as we went to Brooklyn to battle a team in far worse shape than we were. Brooklyn, struggles were evident as Jimmy Butler continued his hot streak scoring 28 points in the 109-103 victory. Sean Kilpatrick was the workhorse for the Nets as he notched 22 in the loss.

Chicago would then get an early rematch with the Celtics. However, they'd suffer the same fate as the season opener. Losing 117-109. Butler scorched the Celtics this time around scoring 36 points. Isaiah Thomas would shake his bad night however, and drop 31 points in the game and earn himself a player of the game nod. After the game I gave the Thunder a call and made a deal that would add Jeramy Grant to the team. His size and athleticism could be great addition to the second units defense.

Our next opponent was the New York Knicks. This game was one that bothered me heading into the night knowing that we would be facing off against D-Rose and Jo (Noah), really was getting under my skin. So I made the call to trade for Rose. I sent native Chicagoan Dwayne Wade in a deal to New York straight up for Rose. The move allows Wade to play along side his friend Carmelo Anthony whilst I bring back the hometown kid. After acquiring Rose, Rondo was available to the field so I sent him to Indiana in return we received what I hope to be our sixth man in Monta Ellis. The next day we went to Indiana to challenge the Pacers and lost in a snoozer 89-115.

I do believe tho that things should be changing in the near future.
Dynasty: Chicago Made
Saturday, March 4, 2017
09:34 AM - March 4, 2017. Written by Chicago Made
Returning to the UnstoppaBulls: Bulls Blog #2: Rough Start

Well the season has begun, and the basketball is being played around the world. Except here in Chicago. We had the pleasure of our season opener being a home game, against the vastly improved and talented Boston Celtics led by point guard Isaiah Thomas.

Thomas, didn't show up big though in this game as he was missing shots left and right. It could be attributed to the defense of Rondo. Chicago played a great defensive game in this one, but Avery Bradley would prove to be too much for the Bulls as he led the Celtics with 18 points. Jimmy Butler was the work horse for Chicago scoring 22.

After the game I was asked into my first official press conference where the media was asking me questions about the expectations I have for the team. Well that simple Win... I want to build a dynasty one that will rival the likes of the Spurs, Lakers, Bulls, and Celtics. I want this version of the Bulls team to be viewed as the next great organization built on integrity, passion, and determination. I want winners that will win by any means necessary.

The media ate it up, and enjoyed the banter I shared with them. In the press conference I also announced a trade with the New York Knicks. As we traded Joffrey Lauverne, and Christiano Felicio for Willy Hernangomez and Marshall Plumlee. Hernangomez will be one of those blue collar, hustle guys for the team. I like the intensity that he plays with and the way he cleans the glass. His presence in the paint could be a commodity to the organization as we build toward our future.

Our second game was an total embarrassment as we lost at home to the Pacers to the tune of 154-114. Paul George scored 28. We looked lost defensively making horrible reads in rotations and just playing sloppy and bad basketball. Jimmy Butler was our lone bright spot scoring 30 points on the evening.

As I analyze my team with every game I see that three-point shooting will be a achilles heel to our team moving along. Roster plans are rather uncertain as of now but it is to be believed this team will be making major moves as the season progresses.
Dynasty: Chicago Made

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