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Thursday, February 26, 2015
11:32 PM - February 26, 2015. Written by Fridge Combat
Bolts Insider

With the end of the pre-season looming, a lot of releases are taking place, a lot of veterans looking for jobs. However, one team's loss is one team's gain.


SD - T. Reese WR - 520K - Formerly released by the Chargers, the 7th Rnd pick gives the Bolts a legitimate kick returner and a speedster. Not a great receiving option however.

SD - A. Blake CB - 640K - Blake was an undrafted free agent for the Jaguars. Possessing excellent physical talents, but lacking tangible skills, he is definitely a project player for the future.

TB - M. Floyd WR - 2.83M - The big man has gone to join 2 other big men in Tampa Bay. With 3 starting receivers now over 6' 5", (and every receiver over 6'), it seems that Glennon can now just throw the ball up and hope for the best in a pinch.

TB - R. Bironas K - 2.27M - The first team all-pro kicker joins a team which, initially, could see him getting a lot of work! However, with the signing of Malcolm Floyd, he may see more Extra Point work than expected.

HOU - L. McClain FB - 850K - The versatile Fullback joins a loaded back field which will see his blocking come into focus. Don't be surprised though if McClain makes contributions in the passing game too!


NE - S. Vereen HB = DET 3 Rnd Pick - It seems the Lions are happy to just load their team with talented players. Vereen will join Reggie Bush in the backfield to create a versatile duo. Not to mention Joique Bell also! However, with very similar skill sets, one has to wonder if it would have been worth saving the pick and going with a smash and dash combo in Bush and Bell. Either way, a 3rd is great value for this explosive and instinctive play-maker.

The Lions are now loaded on offense with this trade.


CIN - T. Newman CB -Another experienced corner hits the free agent market. Newman still has a lot to give, but will struggle to fins a team at his advanced age.
Possible Landing Spots: N/A

TB - A. Clayborn DE - There is still a lot of potential in the ex-Hawkeye DE, but a string of unfortunate injuries has proved too much for the Bucs. At only 26, if a team will give him a chance he could amount to big things, if he can stay on the field.
Possible Landing Spots: DET/ SEA/ CHI/ NYG

ARI - L. Foote MLB - The 32yr old ex-Steeler didn't make the grade for the Cardinals behind two young and talented LBs. There may be suitors out their for Foote, but it will be hard to find.
Possible Landing Spots: TB/ MIN

SF - D. Bishop MLB - Unfortunately, with an embarrassment of riches at MLB, it was clear the 30yr old out of Cal would be the one to get the axe. But sitting at the 30 mark there is definitely potential to see him land at team with a need.
Possible Landing Spots: DEN/ TB/ IND/ ATL/ MIN

NYJ - J. Babin OLB - Throughout his journey in the league, Babin had his best year in 2011 with the Eagels, where he recorded 18 sacks at DE. But it seemed to be a scheme fit as he has failed to produce quite as well since. Still, he can stand up or rush with his hand in the dirt, making him a versatile player.
Possible Landing Spots: TB/ ATL/ NYG/ JAX

WAS - S. Moss WR - Despite a productive career, Moss has seen his production decrease since the arrival of Pierre Garcon and Desean Jackson. At the back end of his career, don't be surprised if Moss calls it quits at the end of the year.
Possible Landing Spots: N/A

Could this be the last year in the league for the long-time 'Skin?

SEA - T. Moeaki TE - One of the top TE prospects in the 2010 draft has thus far fallen short of his potential. A stint of injuries and poor QBs has really hurt his career. He is still young, however, with plenty of talent, we will have to see if a team is willing to give him the opportunity.
Possible Landing Spots: OAK/ NYG

PIT - I. Taylor CB - The long-time Steeler was shown the door in favour of Jabari Greer, and it may be a while before the 11yr man finds another door open for him again.
Possible Landing Spots: N/A

TEN - L. Washington HB - The explosive back out of Florida State will be looking for a new team this year. Whilst he's never lived up as a RB, Washington has had a lot of kick return success in his career. However, on the wrong side of 30 he may be out of the job for a time.
Possible Landing Spots: N/A

CHI - M. Mariani WR - The return specialist will have to look for a different team to run for this year, but with many teams settled at K/PR, he may have a tough time.
Possible Landing Spots: N/A

HOU - T. Savage QB - Savage's draft stock unusually rocketed during the 2014 draft leading many to believe he was a very high prospect. However, it doesn't seem to have paid off, but with a powerful arm and decent college career, he could see time as a backup project.
Possible Landing Spots: TB/ NYJ/ NE

A lot of minor injuries this week affecting some high-profile players.


NE - N. Solder OT - Quad tear - 3W

BAL - T. Suggs OLB - Disc. Ankle - 3W

BUF - K. Williams DT - Knee Cartilage Tear - 3W

PIT - J. Greer CB - Shoulder Tear - 3W

All of the above players are expected to return by Week 2 of the regular season so there is little to be concerned with. However, each team must be careful that the loss of these important players doesn't affect them too much, as a 0-1 record is difficult to overcome.

As a side note, we noted the injury history of CB Jabari Greer last week and questioned his durability. The Steelers dodge a bullet here, as Greer did not re-aggravate his prior ACL injury. We hope he can hold up the remainder of the season.

The Bolts Insider is an independent news-letter, created by a long-time, avid Charger fan, dedicated to bringing you all the top news and results as they happen!
Dynasty: Fridge Combat
Wednesday, February 25, 2015
02:42 PM - February 25, 2015. Written by Braves1980
Spring Training February 27, 2014

Atlanta Braves at Detroit Tigers
Feb 27, 2014123456789RHE
Atlanta (2-0)000002000242
Detroit (1-1)000100000160
Atlanta Braves
Heyward, DH312200.833
Terdoslavich, PH-DH100000.333
Pena, SS300002.000
Greene, SS100000.000
B. Upton, CF300000.167
Cunningham, CF100000.000
Doumit, RF301000.333
Constanza, RF000000.000
Laird, C300001.000
Bethancourt, C000000.500
Freeman, 1B300000.125
Johnson, 3B300001.500
Schafer, LF300000.000
Gosselin, 2B311000.250
2B: Gosselin (1)
3B: Heyward (1)
HR: Heyward (2)
RBI: Heyward 2 (4)
GIDP: Freeman
E: Minor (1), Freeman (1)
Detroit Tigers
Davis, LF200010.000
Dirks, PH-LF101000.500
Jackson, CF402000.500
Cabrera, 1B310011.000
Martinez, DH401101.200
Hunter, RF400002.000
Kinsler, 2B300000.000
Lombardozzi, PH100000.250
Iglesias, SS401001.143
Castellanos, 3B300011.000
Avila, C301000.143
2B: Martinez (1), Iglesias (1)
RBI: Martinez (1)
GIDP: Avila
Atlanta Braves
Garcia (W, 1-0)2.0311104.50
Floyd (H, 1)2.0000120.00
Hale (S, 1)2.0200020.00
Detroit Tigers
A. Sanchez 1.0100010.00
Visperas (H, 1)1.0000010.00
Putkonen (L, 1)1.02220118.00
E. Sanchez 1.0000000.00
Dynasty: Braves1980
Tuesday, February 24, 2015
11:23 PM - February 24, 2015. Written by Braves1980
Detroit Tigers at Atlanta Braves
Jan 1, 123456789RHE
Detroit ()000011000240
Atlanta ()14250000X12210
Detroit Tigers
Jackson, CF412001.500
Iglesias, SS300012.000
Cabrera, 1B400002.000
Hunter, RF300010.000
Avila, C400003.000
Dirks, LF311001.333
Kinsler, 2B300001.000
Sanchez, P000000.000
Chamberlain, P000000.000
Lombardozzi, 3B301101.333
Verlander, P000000.000
Vispersa, P000000.000
Alvarez, P000000.000
Martinez, PH100001.000
Jones, P000000.000
Coke, P000000.000
Perez, 2B100000.000
2B: Dorks (1)
RBI: Lombardozzi (1)
SAC: Verlander
GIDP: Cabrera
Atlanta Braves
Heyward, RF3332001.000
Terdoslavich, RF201000.500
Upton, LF312300.667
Constanza, LF200000.000
Freeman, 1B511101.200
Gattis, C322200.667
Bethancourt, C201001.500
Johnson, 3B3230001.000
Pena, 3B200001.000
Simmons, SS3032001.000
Pastornicky, SS1010001.000
Uggla, 2B300000.000
Gosselin, 2B100000.000
Upton, CF311200.333
Schafer, CF100000.000
Medlen, P1110001.000
Benjamin, P1110001.000
Ju, P1010001.000
Bardy, P000000.000
Venters, P000000.000
TEAM TOTALS4112211203
2B: Medlen (1), Ju (1), Heyward (1), J. Upton (1), Johnson (1), Terdoslavich (1)
HR: Heyward (1), Freeman (1), Gattis (1), B. Upton (1)
RBI: Heyward 2 (2), J. Upton 3 (3), Freeman (1), Gattis 2 (2), Simmons 2 (2), B. Upton 2 (2)
GIDP: Gattis, Uggla 2, Pena
PB: Bethancourt (1)
Detroit Tigers
Verlander (L, 0-1)2.09770031.50
Sanchez 1.0100000.00
Chamberlain 1.0000000.00
TEAM TOTALS8.021121203
Atlanta Braves
Medlen (W, 1-0)3.0200060.00
Benjamin (H, 1)1.0000000.00
Ju (H, 1)2.0221114.50
Bardy (H, 1)1.0000010.00
TEAM TOTALS9.0421212
Dynasty: Braves1980
09:13 PM - February 24, 2015. Written by stiets1118

Holding onto a 16-6 lead proved to be too much for Alaska State. Give them credit, they took the #3 team in the nation, a powerhouse every year, to the brink of defeat. Credit given, but a loss is a loss, this one being a tough one. The SnowCat defense couldn't stop a revived FSU offense led by QB Ryan Jackson, who threw for 307yds and 3TD in the win. FSU held Alaska State to under 300 yards of offfense, and scored two TD in a span of 3 minutes to take the lead and never let it go, posting the come from behind victory 20-16.
Dynasty: stiets1118
09:08 PM - February 24, 2015. Written by stiets1118
Alaska State Snow Cats 2013 Schedule
Aug 27vs SMUWon, 28-14
Sep 3vs Washington StateWon, 48-27
Sep 10at Florida State #3Lost, 20-16
Sep 17vs Northern IllinoisWon, 40-21
Sep 24at Wyoming
Oct 8vs Air Force
Oct 22at San Diego State
Oct 29vs Nevada
Nov 5vs Hawaii
Nov 12at Fresno State
Nov 19at Utah State
Nov 26vs UNLV
Dynasty: stiets1118
08:56 PM - February 24, 2015. Written by bayers3

NFL Standings - Updated: Oct 16, 2016
NY Giants480
Green Bay1020
New Orleans660
Tampa Bay570
San Francisco930
New England930
NY Jets750
San Diego750
Kansas City390
Dynasty: bayers3
08:40 PM - February 24, 2015. Written by Braves1980
Atlanta Braves 2014 Schedule
Feb 26vs Detroit Tigers Won, 12-2
Feb 27at Detroit Tigers
Feb 28vs Houston Astros
Mar 1at Washington Nationals
Dynasty: Braves1980
08:03 PM - February 24, 2015. Written by Regens4Life

Intro Edition

Donald Trump, the man of many possible accomplishments, including being rumored to run for President, has put all of those things aside so he can manage a city. Manage a city in a different way then you would think. Manage a city through sports. Donald Trump is all about profit, and he saw it in Cleveland. LeBron James is big box office. That is just profit to be made. Johnny Football is big box office. That is just profit to be made. While Donald Trump really likes profit, he also likes to win. And that is what he will be trying to do with Cleveland, bring them not only their first NBA Championship, but their first Super Bowl.
Thanks for reading! There will be a couple of Cleveland Cavalier updates soon, stay tuned for those. Also, this is sort of a collab dynasty with TheDukeBlueSean , go check him out, he is Miami and I obviously am Cleveland.
Dynasty: Regens4Life
07:59 PM - February 24, 2015. Written by goduke30
After a disappointing season where the seahawks were suppose to defend the title of nfl best team was riddled with Russell Wilson tearing his achilles and everyone except sherman from LOB being out all year with injuries we still managed a 12-4 record get boosted out in the Wildcard round and we went on to resign cliff avril Byron Maxwell K.J. Wright and Jermaine Kearse we will go into this offseason with the expectation to get another playmaker on the offensive side of the ball and build our o-line for Russ
Dynasty: goduke30
07:06 PM - February 24, 2015. Written by TheDukeBlueSean

My name is Dan Marino and I would like to make a public statement today on the date of July 15,2014 I have purchased the Miami Heat basketball team and the Miami Dolphins football team. I will start my ownership at the start of the 2014 NFL season. I will begin my ownership at the end of the 2014-2015 trade deadline for the Miami Heat. I am very excited to join Miami with the Dolphins and Heat.
I have many goals to bring back Miami to the way it used to be a winning city.

Dan Marino
Dynasty: TheDukeBlueSean
Monday, February 23, 2015
12:35 AM - February 23, 2015. Written by Energizergamer
Power Ranking Midseason
RK (LW)TeamRecordNext Game
1 () Indianapolis Colts7-1
2 () Dallas Cowboys7-1
3 () New England Patriots7-1
4 () Pittsburgh Steelers7-1
5 () Detroit Lions6-2
6 () Washington Redskins6-2
7 () Baltimore Ravens6-2
8 () Philadelphia Eagles5-2
9 () St. Louis Rams5-2
10 () San Diego Chargers5-3
11 () Green Bay Packers5-3
12 () Chicago Bears5-3
13 () New Orleans Saints4-3
14 () Miami Dolphins4-3
15 () Arizona Cardinals4-3
16 () San Francisco 49ers4-3
17 () Cleveland Browns3-4
18 () Denver Broncos3-4
19 () Seattle Seahawks3-4
20 () Houston Texans3-5
21 () Minnesota Vikings3-5
22 () Carolina Panthers3-5
23 () Kansas City Chiefs2-5
24 () Tampa Bay Buccaneers2-5
25 () Cincinnati Bengals2-5
26 () Tennessee Titans2-6
27 () Jacksonville Jaguars2-6
28 () New York Jets2-6
29 () Oakland Raiders1-6
30 () New York Giants1-6
31 () Atlanta Falcons1-7
32 () Buffalo Bills1-7
Dynasty: Energizergamer
Sunday, February 22, 2015
07:16 PM - February 22, 2015. Written by nicholaseck

Brooklyn Nets Roster
8Deron WilliamsPG306'3"209Illinois
11Brook LopezC267'0"275Stanford
12Thaddeus YoungPF/SF266'8"230Georgia Tech
7Joe JohnsonSG/SF336'8"240Arkansas
1Mason PlumleeC/PF246'11''235Duke
44Bojan BogdanovicSF/SG246'7''220Croatia
33Mirza TeletovicPF/SF296'9''242Bosnia
6Alan AndersonSF/SG326'6''220Michigan
14Darius MorrisPG/SG236'4''190Michigan
22Markel BrownSG216'3''190Oklahoma State
10Sergey KarasevSF/SG216'7''196Russia
9Jerome JordanC267'0''240Tulane
21Cory JeffersonPF216'9''220Baylor

Dynasty: nicholaseck
02:09 PM - February 22, 2015. Written by Roscosuper

Dynasty: Roscosuper
12:00 PM - February 22, 2015. Written by Fridge Combat
Bolts Insider

10:00PM - August 15, 2014,
CenturyLink Field,
Seattle, WAS

Remember, full video coverage is available here!


San Diego Chargers at Seattle Seahawks
Aug 15, 20141ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
San Diego Chargers (0-1)003710
Seattle Seahawks (1-0)141432456w6
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense268478
Rushing Yards45233
Passing Yards223245
First Downs1722
Punt Return Yards917
Kick Return Yards196118
Total Yards473613
3rd Down Converstion56
4th Down Conversion00
2-Point Conversion00
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals0/15/2
Posession Time25:3826:22
San Diego Chargers
K. Kolb22/3524913
K. Clemens1/31400
B. Oliver12342.80
R. Mathews561.20
D. Brown252.50
J. Baldwin - WR56513.00
J. Phillips - TE5377.40
B. Oliver - HB46817.00
S. Ajirotutu - WR3165.30
K. Allen - WR2189.00
R. Mathews - HB23417.01
D. Paulson - TE11616.00
D. Brown - HB199.00
T. Bond - LG01
A. Gachkar - MLB6000
J. Young - FS5000
J. Addae - SS5000
C. Davis - CB4000
J. Verrett - CB4000
S. Williams - CB4000
R. Mathews - DE4000
M. Te'o - MLB3000
T. Palepoi - DE3000
D. Stuckey - FS3000
C. Liuget - DE2100
M. Gilchrist - SS2000
D. Butler - MLB2000
S. Lissemore - DT1000
K. Reyes - DE1000
N. Novak1/21/1519
P. Scifres414837.01
A. Blake37324.30
C. Davis511623.20
L. Brazil36120.30
C. Davis199.00
Seattle Seahawks

The Chargers travelled to Seattle this week, home of the Superbowl champions. Seattle defeated the Broncos in their first preseason game, struggled to run the football but took the ball away 3 times. The Chargers let up 430yds of offense last week, so the defense was looking to step up this game.

So on a typical rainy night in Seattle, the Chargers win the coin toss and go to work. The Bolts seemed to start well, managing to convert a 3rd down, but 2 consecutive sacks by CB Richard Sherman and DE Michael Bennett, killed the drive.

As expected, Beast Mode made his presence felt early, breaking off big runs and throwing around defenders. 3rd and 8 on SD 23, the Bolts brought the pressure, breaking down Wilson's pocket. However, the young player maker moved around to find space and the blitz, rolled out and found newly acquired WR Danario Alexander just short of the the endzone. Improvisation at it's best. The drive was capped off by a 1yrd toss by HB Robert Turbin.

After a quick 3-and-out, the Hawks came straight back onto the field, and a quick pass to WR Doug Baldwin resulted in a 19yd TD before the end of the quarter. The Chargers had -4 total yds in the 1st quarter.
14-0 Seahawks.

The Chargers first drive of the quarter was actually sparked by rookie HB Brandon Oliver. With some good catches, and some positive movement on the ground, the Chargers worked their way to the Hawks 11yd line. Unfortunately, 2 miscommunications between QB Kellen Clemens and WR Seyi Ajirotutu resulted in two potential TDs being missed. To make matters worse, whether it be the rain or the holder, K Nick Novak's 26yd FG bounced off the left upright. The drive lasted over 10 mins, but resulted in no points for the Chargers.

The Bolts managed to hold the Hawks to a 3rd down, but rolling left and throwing to his right, QB Tavaris Jackson slings a bullet to HB Marshawn Lynch on a comeback, despite great coverage from CB Jason Verrett. A 19yd pass to Robert Turbin on a flat-out results in a Hawk's TD.

Another 3 and out for the Chargers, and the Hawks took full advantage. A 16yd pass to WR Kevin Norwood dragging his feet in the endzone, put another score on the board before the half.
28-0 Seahawks.

A nice catch here by Norwood puts the Seahawks out of reach.

Receiving the ball, the Seahawks seemed to drive down the field with ease. T. Jackson used his feet to escape pressure and make some passes on the move to his TEs. However, DE Corey Luiget, back on the field from a substitution, finally got to the QB, leading to a 22yd FG. This was the first possession that didn't lead to a TD.

The Chargers first points of the day finally came with 2 minutes left in the 3rd Qtr, in the shape of 9yd FG. But, a re-occurring theme, T. Jax pushed his team down the field, finishing with 3yd scamper for a TD.

But, as if by some miracle, the Chargers mounted a full drive, capped off by a 22yd pass and catch to HB R. Mathews. Not only that, T. Jax scrambles out on the next drive, allowing the Bolts to hold the Seahawks to another FG.

With just over 2 mins in the half, Kevin Kolb brought his guys onto the field to try and get some points. However, this effort was short lived, after trying to throw the same pass for a 2nd time, the route is jumped by SS Jeron Johnson and the pick is turned into 24yd TD. It would be his 2nd INT in as many games.

Jeron Johnson makes a great read, exploiting Kolb's predictable passing.

So with the game completely out of hand, Kolb trying to make something happen throws his 2nd INT to CB Jeremy Lane. Naturally, the Hawks are able to turn it into points, after a ridiculous 69yd Beast Mode-esque run by Robert Turbin.

With their last possession of the game, the Chargers managed to move down the field rather well, but with only 8 seconds left, Kolb throws it up to his TE Ladarius Green in double coverage, but it's picked off by CB Tharold Simon.

So the Chargers get absolutely blown out by the Hawks, showing nothing on offense or defense. Luckily, this is only the preseason so a lot of 2nd string guys were on the field. Hopefully when the regular season comes a lot of these problems will be ironed out.
The Chargers fall to 0-2 in the preseason.

Offensive Game ball: N/A

Defensive Game ball: 3rd string linebacker Andrew Gachkar made some nice plays out there, containing a lot of potential break-out runs to short gains. Andrew shows quite a bit of potential.

The Bolts Insider is an independent news-letter, created by a long-time, avid Charger fan, dedicated to bringing you all the top news and results as they happen!
Dynasty: Fridge Combat
Friday, February 20, 2015
07:58 PM - February 20, 2015. Written by Roscosuper

Dynasty: Roscosuper

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