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Thursday, September 18, 2014
05:21 PM - September 18, 2014. Written by kdenson1283
Pre-season game two, was a devastating lose to the Browns. Owner, Denson, met with the media in the press conference room. "We are still fixing too many issues on the team, and really not getting a good chance at what our first team-ers can do on the field. The depth chart reads we have a great second and third string, but their display of awareness on the field is not there yet. It's pre-season the season is ahead of us and we will be ready to contend." Kirk Cousins, has displayed a lack of awareness on the field, throwing interception after interception. "When I get on the field, I play up to my highest ability, but once I see that I have made a couple turnovers. I'm second guessing my decisions." Cousins has told The Flunkies on, 107.6Dahfan.

Is this what we are looking forward to here in D.C.? Blow out after blow out. This will be a long fall and winter if this team does not improve from their 3-13 season of a year ago.

Cleveland Browns at Washington Redskins
Aug 18, 20141ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Cleveland Browns (1-0)0331723
Washington Redskins (0-1)03025
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense172310
Rushing Yards14757
Passing Yards25253
First Downs1016
Punt Return Yards00
Kick Return Yards14177
Total Yards186487
3rd Down Converstion13
4th Down Conversion10
2-Point Conversion00
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals0/10/1
Posession Time19:1116:49
Cleveland Browns
Washington Redskins
Dynasty: kdenson1283
Tuesday, September 16, 2014
09:33 PM - September 16, 2014. Written by hellinas00
1966 Kansas City Chiefs at 2012 San Francisco 49ers

Dynasty: hellinas00
08:27 PM - September 16, 2014. Written by bayers3


Houston Texans (10-6) : The Texans went from 12-4 to 2-14 at the drop of a hat, but most feel at it's core this team is closer to a 12-4 team than a 2-14 one. They will still be elite defensively, especially with Jadeveon Clowney and JJ Watt controlling the line of scrimmage, but offensively they will probably go through some growing pains. After passing on a QB in the draft they will have to rely on Ryan Fitzpatrick after signing him off the junk heap, but they will probably continue to have a good running game so it might not be so bad. Rookie head coach Bill O'Brien is known more for his passing, their success may depend on his ability to reform a passing attack that was 15th overall in 2013. Schedule is very favorable with games against Oakland, Buffalo, and Cleveland.

Absolutely terrifying.

Indianapolis Colts (9-7) : This is more about the overall weakness of the division than the strength of the Colts, especially on defense. With the way Luck has asserted himself and played beyond his years it's very likely that the Colts claw their way back to an AFC South title, but it won't be easy. They have some brutal games (like traveling to Denver for their first game, and a visit from the Patriots) but dates with Dallas, Cleveland, and Washington will give them chances to stay ahead of their rivals. Injuries and suspensions have also limited the Colts' ceiling.

Could Luck-Hilton be the next Manning-Harrison?

Tennessee Titans (7-9) : Ken Wisenhunt takes over a team that has the potential to be very exiting, but also could fall flat on it's face. This team is going to be very dependant on Jake Locker, if Wisenhunt can work his magic they could be pretty good right away, but if Locker gets injured (again) things will go south really quickly. Schedule is decent with an opening game at vaunted Arrowhead and a late-season gift in the form of a visit from the Jets.

Locker and the Titans under Wisenhunt could surprise.

Jacksonville Jaguars (6-10) : The Jags are hard to read, after years of drafting high they have a lot of young talent but continue to stumble on the field. Jacksonville started 2013 0-8 before going 4-4 in the second half while looking like a completely different team. To be fair, two of those wins were against the Texans, but they showed enough to give fans hope. They will have a brutal late-night west coast game at San Diego, but they will get Cleveland, Dallas, and the NY Giants at home. They also dodge the Patriots with their AFC East match up against the Dolphins. Probably a year or two away from being decent, a lot of young talent is bound to sneak up on a team or two (or six).

Henne is probably a better fantasy option than a real QB.
Dynasty: bayers3
01:10 PM - September 16, 2014. Written by hellinas00
1968 Oakland Raiders at 2006 Chicago Bears

Dynasty: hellinas00
Monday, September 15, 2014
09:13 PM - September 15, 2014. Written by bayers3

With the pre-season out of the way we have a much clearer picture of the Colts starting lineups. It's hard to read too much from scores, with the Colts finishing 2-2, but with Andrew Luck leaving after the first few series things didn't look great. Outside of the 25-7 victory over the NY Giants there wasn't much to get Colts fans excited.


Indianapolis Colts Depth Chart - 2014
Regular Offense
WRR. WayneH. Nicks
TED. AllenC. Fleener
LTA. CastonzoJ. Reitz
LGD. ThomasJ. Mewhort
CK. HolmesT. Austin
RGH. ThorntonL. Louis
RTG. CherilusX. Nixon
WRT.Y. HiltonD. Rogers
QBA. LuckM. Hasselbeck
FBS. Havili
HBT. RichardsonA. Bradshaw
Base 3-4 Defense
LDEC. ReddingR. Jean Francois
NTB. McKinneyM. Hughes
RDEA. JonesF. Moala
LOLBB. WernerE. Walden
LILBJ. FreemanA. Jackson
RILBD. JacksonK. Sheppard
ROLBR. MathisC. Johsnon
CBV. DavisG. Toler
SSM. AdamsC. Anderson
FSL. LandryS. Brown
CBD. ButlerJ. Gordy
Special Teams
KA. Vinatieri
PP. McAfee
PRD. Moncrief
KRD. Moncrief


Quarterback : It wasn't really a question to start with, but if the Colts have a definitive answer anywhere it's under center. Andrew Luck is one of the best young quarterbacks (if not overall) in the NFL, and he should continue to drive the Colts. As Luck goes, so does the offense, which should be no surprise. It's all going to come down to the talent around him in 2015, even though they managed to exceed projections the last two seasons.

Luck may need an MVP season to get the Colts into the playoffs.

Special Teams : Adam Viniateri and Pat McAfee return, with Viniateri basically on the verge of retirement, and both continue to be solid. Griff Whalen and Donte Moncrief fought it out for return duties with Moncrief getting the nod after Whalen was cut. Coaches have eyed T.Y. Hilton for return duties, but he may be too valuable if Wayne or Nicks goes down with an injury.

Tight End : The assumption is that offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton is going to go with more two-TE formations and emphasize the run this year. The organization has been excited about Dwayne Allen, who basically missed all of 2013 with an injury, and Coby Fleener. Fleener, a former college teammate of Luck, hasn't been able to produce the numbers expected from their relationship, but with Allen out he performed well in 2013 (52REC, 608YDS, 4TD) and hopes are that he will continue to be productive. Look for Luck to find his TE tandum if the WR group struggles with injury or performance.


Defense : Alot of new faces next to ROLB Robert Mathis didn't do much to improve a unit that was 26th against the run in 2013. The Colts were decent against the pass (13th), but with SS Delano Howell moving into a starting role and CB Darius Butler starting opposite Vontae Davis, it's hard to see the Colts ranking as well in pass coverage. The Davis-Butler tandem have the ceiling of a very good pass defense, but it's hard to tell if that is ever going to materialize. The defensive line, coming out of a 3-4 scheme, is probably going to be just as bad if not worse this year. If the Colts are going to win the division or have a shot at the Wild Card they are not going to be able to depend on their defense, this is a unit that needs to be rebuilt as soon as possible.

Can Vontae Davis hold down the secondary by himself?

HB Pecking Order : Trent Richardson seemed like a no-brainer for the Colts, but now he seems like a real lemon. That being said, he still sits atop the HB depth chart, but that could change really quickly this year. Vick Ballard and Ahmad Bradshaw basically missed out on the entire 2013 season and both of them look like they could steal the starting HB job away if Richardson has a repeat of last season. All three have upside, but all three have serious downsides as well. Richardson has the advantage based on his contribution to the passing game, he still has a shot to prove that he is a 1st round talent. Few expect the Colts to rush much, but if they can't rush at all they won't be able to develop a balanced attack.

WR Depth : Reggie Wayne is 35 and coming off a season lost to injury, Hakeem Nicks is unreliable, and TY Hilton is mostly seen as a deep threat. 2014 3rd round pick Donte Moncrief is exciting, but few think he will have much impact in his rookie year, and Da'Rick Rogers only had 14 receptions last year. Unless Hilton develops into a defacto #1WR, things could get ugly pretty fast if Wayne or Nicks struggle.
Dynasty: bayers3
08:53 PM - September 15, 2014. Written by bayers3

BOSTON, MA - The Red Sox continue to roll, bringing a 14-6 record home to face the Tigers. As luck would have it they would get to face an old friend, Jon Lester, but Chris Archer would be more than a match for the former Boston ace. This would also be an opportunity for the Tigers to get a little revenge for the ALDS drubbing last season.

The Red Sox would score early and often tonight, and Lester would not enjoy his trip to Fenway this year. Xander Bogaerts landed on 3rd and Nelson Cruz, at DH against the lefty Lester, would drive him in with an RBI single in the 1st. Will Middlebrooks would add to the misery in the 2nd with a solo-HR, the 100th of his career, that would just barely make it over the RF wall. Chris Owings would make it 4-0 with a 2R-HR, and Boston was just getting warmed up.

Jackey Bradley Jr. would hit a 2R-HR over the Green Monster in the 3rd, and then Dustin Pedroia would drive in Owings in the 4th to end Lester's day without recording a single out in the inning. Things weren't much better, in fact they got worse, once Lester left. An RBI single in the 5th by Blake Swihart would set the table for a horrific 6th inning. Doubles and singles rained down on whatever poor soul the Tigers threw in and after the dust had settled four Red Sox players collected RBIs on their way to a 5 run inning.

Owings' Combo Meal would pace the Tigers' beating.

Archer was basically stunning, striking out 16 Tigers in 7IP while only allowing 2BB. His dedication to using the slider and pounding the strike zone instead of nibbling at the corners has really paid off this year. Detroit could only must a single hit, with the Bogaerts-Owings-Pedroia trio hoovering up anything in the infield. The Tigers would salvage some respect with a Bryan Holaday solo-HR in the 8th, but the damage was done.

Detroit Tigers at Boston Red Sox
Apr 22, 2016123456789RHE
Detroit (10-9)000000010130
Boston (15-6)13211500X13200
W: Archer (4-0) L: Lester (2-2)
Dynasty: bayers3
Sunday, September 14, 2014
11:09 AM - September 14, 2014. Written by sonsart2
Houston Texans at Dallas Cowboys
Oct 5, 20141ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Houston Texans ()700714
Dallas Cowboys ()101371040
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense166570
Rushing Yards48242
Passing Yards118328
First Downs330
Punt Return Yards1035
Kick Return Yards18947
Total Yards365652
3rd Down Converstion3-121117
4th Down Conversion0-00-0
2-Point Conversion0-00-0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals0-0-07-4-3
Posession Time15:0744:53
Scoring Summary
8:20(DAL) D.Murray 1 yd run (D.Bailey kick)07
4:19(DAL) D.Bailey 20 yd FG010
4:09(HOU) K.Martin 100 yd kick return (R.Bironas kick)710
14:56(DAL) D.Bailey 37 yd FG713
10:14(DAL) D.Murray 1 yd run (D.Bailey kick)720
0:00(DAL) D.Bailey 19 yd FG723
3:23(DAL) T.Williams 1 yd pass from T.Romo (D.Bailey kick)730
10:56(DAL) D.Bailey 18 yd FG733
10:32(HOU) M.Thomas 84 yd pass from R.Fitzpatrick (R.Bironas kick)1433
5:11(DAL) J.Witten 5 yd pass from T.Romo (D.Bailey kick)1440
Houston Texans
Ryan Fitzpatrick13/2713613
Arian Foster8384.70
Andre Brown144.00
Brad Smelley166.00
Ryan Griffin471.70
Arian Foster372.30
Mike Thomas28743.51
Case Keenum144.00
Devier Posey133.00
Deandre Hopkins199.00
Andre Johnson11919.00
Dallas Cowboys
Tony Romo34/4332420
Demarco Murray432245.22
Lance Dunbar6183.00
Jason Witten1113512.21
Dez Bryant66310.50
Cole Beasley56212.40
Devin Harris4235.70
Demarco Murray3103.30
Terrance Williams3186.01
Gavin Escobar122.00
Lance Dunbar11111.00
Dynasty: sonsart2
04:25 AM - September 14, 2014. Written by sonsart2
New Orleans Saints at Dallas Cowboys
Sep 28, 20141ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
New Orleans Saints (2-2)70007
Dallas Cowboys (3-1)01032033
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense172420
Rushing Yards29143
Passing Yards144276
First Downs524
Punt Return Yards834
Kick Return Yards14646
Total Yards326500
3rd Down Converstion5-158-14
4th Down Conversion0-11-1
2-Point Conversion0-00-1
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals1-0-06-4-2
Posession Time20:5939:01
Scoring Summary
9:10(NOR) R.Meachem 56 yd pass from D.Brees (S.Graham kick)70
8:21(DAL) L.Dunbar 2 yd run (D.Bailey kick)77
1:28(DAL) D.Bailey 24 yd FG710
6:05(DAL) D.Bailey 37 yd FG713
14:15(DAL) J.Witten 8 yd pass from T.Romo (2 pt failed)719
6:30(DAL) D.Harris 9 yd pass from T.Romo (D.Bailey kick)726
0:59(DAL) J.Witten 4 yd pass from T.Romo (D.Bailey kick)733
New Orleans Saints
Drew Brees16/2920410
Pierre Thomas11201.80
Mark Ingram199.00
Jimmy Graham66611.00
Pierre Thomas3227.30
Robert Meachem26432.01
Marques Colston2178.50
Kenny Stills2168.00
Brandin Cooks11919.00
Ben Grubbs11
Zach Strief01
Terron Armstead01
Jahri Evans03
Curtis Lofton9000
Jairus Byrd7000
Kenny Vaccaro7000
Akiem Hicks5000
Parys Haralson5000
Keenan Lewis5000
Junior Galette4000
David Hawthorne4000
Champ Bailey4000
Patrick Robinson3000
Marcus Ball2000
Ronald Powell2000
Cameron Jordan1000
John Jenkins1000
Corey White1000
Shayne Graham0/01/110
Thomas Morstead836445.52
Joseph Morgan49924.70
Brandin Cooks24723.50
Brandin Cooks188.00
Dallas Cowboys
Tony Romo32/4327630
Demarco Murray291444.90
Lance Dunbar420.51
Tony Romo1-2-2.00
Jason Witten77310.42
Dez Bryant7639.00
Demarco Murray6345.60
Devin Harris6569.11
Terrance Williams3279.00
Tyler Clutts2105.00
Cole Beasley11414.00
Jason Witten30
Mackenzy Bernadeau10
Justin Durant6000
Barry Church5000
J.J. Wilcox5100
Anthony Spencer4100
Henry Melton4300
Morris Claiborne3000
Terrell McClain2200
Will Smith2000
Anthony Hitchens1000
Brandon Carr1000
Orlando Scandrick1000
Bruce Carter1000
Jeff Heath1000
George Selvie1100
Dan Bailey2/23/3937
Chris Jones313846.00
Dwayne Harris24623.00
Orlando Scandrick33411.30
Dynasty: sonsart2
Saturday, September 13, 2014
08:48 PM - September 13, 2014. Written by bayers3

Two years of exceeding expectations was quickly dashed in the first few months of 2014. The arrest and fall from grace of Colts owner Jim Irsay sent the organization into a tailspin that required immediate attention. In a stunning decision, approved by all 31 other owners, Irsay was banned from NFL ownership and forced to sell the team. While the Colts are hardly a "headline" franchise, valued at a little over $1 billion in 2012, it was a surprising move by the NFL to rid itself of a troublesome ownership situation.

With news of Irsay's ban leaking out through various sources, it didn't take long for potential ownership groups to take shape. In the end MSMG (Midwest Sports Management Group), headlined by Midwestern billionaire Warren Buffett, scooped up the team and set about rebuilding the franchise's image. The vast majority of team ownership (85%) is made up of a who's who in Midwestern / Indiana billionaires, the NFL was swayed not only by the finances but the idea of keeping the Colts in local hands. Buffet (Berkshire Hathaway) is joined by William Wrigley Jr. (Wrigley Management), Gayle Cook (Cook Group), and Herbert Simon (Simon Property Group) as the principal owners with Wrigley Jr. mostly taking charge as the face of team ownership.

The new face of ownership in Indianapolis.

Even with MSMG taking over they decided to keep team management in place so current GM Ryan Grigson would stay on for the near future. Ownership also came out in support of the current coaching staff and pledged to stay with Chuck Pagano and his coordinators. The Colts have avoided a complete rebuilding of the staff, but ownership is probably smart enough to know that March through July is a bad time to hire a completely new coaching staff. The next season or two will be key in determining what direction the team will move in.


The Colts have been all over the map, especially since the departure of Peyton Manning, from Superbowl Champions to the top pick in the draft. The last two seasons under Andrew Luck were almost complete aberrations, with the surprise 11-5 season in 2012 prompting the previous ownership to double-down on 2013 and end up at 11-5 again. The sudden and almost unbelievable collapse of the Houston Texans helped the Colts to an AFC South title last year, but they will probably need more of the same to repeat and some serious help to win 10+ again.

A quick look at the numbers, thanks to Football Outsiders (FO), shows us that the Colts are in for some rough times.

2011 DVOA : TOTAL 31 (2-14). No surprise here the season ended with the top pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. The Manning-less Colts were terrible on offense and defense. FO had them at 3.0 wins and they couldn't even do that.

2012 DVOA : TOTAL 25, OFF 18, DEF 31, SP 12 (11-5). This was a real stunner, with FO predicting 6.2 wins, no team outperformed their projection more than the Colts.

2013 DVOA : TOTAL 21, OFF 13, DEF 16, SP 18 (11-5). Buoyed by the fall of Houston the Colts outperformed the predictions again (9.5 wins), but the wins papered over some serious concerns. The Colts ranked 21st in DVOA but made it to 11 wins again thanks to one of the weakest schedules in the NFL and a bunch of close calls.


The Colts only had five picks in the 2013 NFL Draft thanks to the Trent Richardson trade sending their 1st round selection to Cleveland. Only two of their picks, 2nd rounder OT Jack Mewhort and 3rd round WR Dante Moncrief, figure to have much impact this year. The Colts drafted with purpose, even with only five picks, and added depth to their offensive line and linebacker corps.

Can Hamilton and Luck make it back to the playoffs?

Free Agency was fairly similar to the draft as the Colts scooped up defensive depth. The additions of LB D'Qwell Jackson (Cleveland), DE Arthur Jones (Dallas), and S Mike Adams (Denver) represent some help, but the loss of S Antoine Bethea leaves a huge hole in the secondary. The biggest name coming over was WR Hakeem Nicks, but most analysts doubt that he will be able to replicate the 1000+ yard 2010-11 seasons he produced in New York. Nicks has also failed to play in all 16 games during his previous five years in the league, not a good sign for the Colts.
Dynasty: bayers3
06:29 PM - September 13, 2014. Written by Hammertime80
Blake Bortles seemingly had a handle on the Philadelphia defense at one point in the game. Up 21-7 entering the fourth quarter, all the Jaguars had to do was run out the clock. Bortles threw two costly interceptions though, including a pick-six with 48 seconds left in the game.

The Jaguars defense was impressive, forcing two Nick Foles interceptions. But it proved to be irrelevant as Bortles couldn't manage to hold on for the victory. In the post game press conference he was quoted as saying, "Obviously my performance was less than stellar, and I'll be working to improve as time goes on."

The other faucets of the team's game seemed to come together. Benjarvus Green-Ellis managed to put together a decent game, running 16 times for 101 yards. Paul Posluszny and Asante Samuel both grabbed two interceptions and Justin Blackmon caught a pair of touchdowns.

Despite the loss, Jacksonville did look impressive and will hope to refine their play against Washington next week.
Dynasty: Hammertime80
04:57 PM - September 13, 2014. Written by sonsart2
The Cowboys never trailed in this one. The game was scoreless until the last few seconds of the 1st quarter when Tony Romo hit little used FB Tyler Clutts on a 4 yard touchdown pass.

Teams traded field goals in the 2nd quarter, until Tony Romo hit Dez Bryant on a 17 yard post route with 24 seconds left in the first half that extended the lead to 17-3.

The Rams would come back on their first drive in the second half. A 13 play, 78 yard drive was capped off when Zac Stacy ran around the left side of the defense for a 1 yard touchdown to close the gap to 17-10.

2 Cowboy field goals followed and the Cowboys lead swelled again to 23-10.

The Rams, still showing some fight had a drive stall at the 21 yard line, but converted a field goal with 7:01 remaining to close the gap to 23-13. They would never get the ball back.

The Cowboys chewed up the clock, with first down after first down. 14 plays later, Tony Romo took a knee to cap off the victory.

With the win, the Cowboys improve to 2-1, while the Rams fall to 1-2.

Dallas Cowboys at St. Louis Rams
Sep 21, 20141ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Dallas Cowboys (2-1)7103323
St. Louis Rams (1-2)037313
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense381220
Rushing Yards24081
Passing Yards141139
First Downs2413
Punt Return Yards2715
Kick Return Yards69122
Total Yards477357
3rd Down Converstion6-125-13
4th Down Conversion0-00-0
2-Point Conversion0-00-0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals5-2-01-1-0
Posession Time32:5127:09
Scoring Summary
0:04(DAL) T.Clutts 3 yd pass from T.Romo (D.Bailey kick)70
8:33(DAL) D.Bailey 44 yd FG100
2:36(STL) G.Zuerlein 50 yd FG103
0:23(DAL) D.Bryant 17 yd pass from T.Romo (D.Bailey kick)173
8:14(STL) Z.Stacy 1 yd run (G.Zuerlein kick)1710
5:23(DAL) D.Bailey 38 yd FG2010
13:01(DAL) D.Bailey 45 yd FG2310
7:01(STL) G.Zuerlein 38 yd FG2313
Dallas Cowboys
Tony Romo23/3119320
Demarco Murray322277.00
Lance Dunbar4153.70
Tony Romo1-2-2.00
Dez Bryant5448.81
Demarco Murray5357.00
Jason Witten4287.00
Devin Harris4358.70
Tyler Clutts3237.61
Gavin Escobar11919.00
Lance Dunbar199.00
Jason Witten20
Tyron Smith20
Macjenzy Bernadeau21
Doug Free12
Travis Frederick11
Will Smith8000
Justin Durant8100
J.J. Wilcox8010
Orlando Scandrick3000
Barry Church3010
Henry Melton3000
Anthony Spencer2000
Morris Claiborne2010
Doug Free2000
George Selvie2000
Cameron Lawrence2000
Anthony Hitchens2000
Jeff Heath1000
Demarcus Lawrence1100
Brandon Carr1000
Dan Bailey3/32/21146
Chris Jones313545.00
Dez Bryant36923.00
Orlando Scandrick22713.50
St. Louis Rams
Sam Bradford21/3515403
Zac Stacy16664.11
Tre Mason4153.70
Zac Stacy5204.00
Jared Cook4389.50
Austin Pettis3165.30
Brian Quick3227.30
Tavon Austin22211.00
Kenny Britt2178.50
Chris Givens199.00
Tre Mason11010.00
Greg Robinson11
Joe Barksdale10
Rodger Saffold10
Matt Daniels11000
James Laurinaitis9100
Lamarcus Joyner8100
Chris Long5300
Jo-Lonn Dunbar4000
Alec Ogletree4000
Janoris Jenkins4000
Aaron Donald3000
William Hayes2100
Robert Quinn2000
Maurice Alexander1000
Michael Brockers1000
Brandon McGee1000
Michael Sam1100
Greg Zuerlein2/21/1750
Johnny Hekker518737.41
Chris Givens12626.00
Tavon Austin49624.00
Tavon Austin2157.50
Dynasty: sonsart2
03:56 PM - September 13, 2014. Written by bayers3

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - The Red Sox have slowed down since starting 5-1 and bring a 5-4 stretch to division rival Tampa Bay. The Rays aren't playing all that well themselves, but the season is young and things can change quickly over 162 games. Chris Archer would face Jake Odorizzi, a promising young pitcher with top-of-the-rotation potential.

Odorizzi would go toe-to-tow with Archer, tossing shutout baseball, through the 3rd before things started to go terribly wrong for Tampa Bay. Matt Adams opened the scoring with an RBI double that would bring in Dustin Pedroia from 1st. Will Middlebrooks would follow that up with an RBI double of his own to bring in Adams from 3rd.

Jackie Bradley Jr. would extend Boston's lead in the 5th with a solo-HR, and then Adams would extend it further with a 2R-HR that would end Odorizzi's day. Chris Owings would make it 6-0 with an RBI single that would bring in Mookie Betts from 2nd after stealing the base. The Ray weren't quite dead yet and Wil Myers broke the shutout with a solo-HR. Archer would come out to finish the 7th, but his dedication to the slider burned him when he hung one over the plate for a James Loney solo-HR.

Boston used power and speed to batter the Rays.

Things kept getting worse for the Rays in the 8th as a Middlebrooks sac fly drove in Blake Swihart after a triple. Betts added a solo-HR, and Bradley Jr. finished off the 8th with an RBI double that would easily score Rico Berroa from 3rd after stealing it. Up 9-2 things seemed safe, but the Rays had a few tricks up their sleeve. Braxton Davis started the problem with a walk, and then Rubby De La Rosa added two more to load the bases. With Hak-Ju Lee at the plate De La Rosa issued his third free pass in a row and walked in a run. Jayson Werth hit an easy deep fly ball that Betts allowed to drop in front of him for a 3RBI single and a scowl from John Farrell. De La Rose would eventually get out of the inning.

With the score now 9-6 it looked like Tampa Bay would be able to come back, but Adams had a different idea when he blasted a 2R-HR that nearly hit the infamous catwalks. Chris Owings would complete the inning with a 2R-HR, his first MLB homer, and leave Boston with a 13-6 lead. Leonys Bravo would come in and strike out the side for a Daisy Fuentes and a sigh of relief.

Boston Red Sox at Tampa Bay Rays
Apr 16, 2016123456789RHE
Boston (11-5)00023103413191
Tampa Bay (7-8)000001140670
W: Archer (3-0) L: Odorizzi (1-2)
Dynasty: bayers3
02:29 PM - September 13, 2014. Written by Hammertime80
Jacksonville enjoyed the opportunity to tinker with their roster during the pre-season. After charging to 3-1 behind strong running back play, it appears Blake Bortles will man the controls heading into Week 1.

In a surprising turn of events, Toby Gerhart was cut after an uninspiring outing in their pre-season opener which spurned a slew of free agent signings to compete for the job.

Storylines to follow:

The Curious Case of Benjarvus Green-Ellis:
Green-Ellis won the starting job in a competition that included Michael Bush, Willis McGahee, Ryan Williams, Denard Robinson and Storm Johnson. It'll be interesting to see if he can carry this momentum and have a good showing in Week 1.

Frosted Blakes?:

Blake Bortles was given the starting job despite lackluster play during the pre-season. If things go south for him early in the season, will Henne's number be called?

Allen "The Hitman" Hurns:
The wideout was viewed as a "diamond in the rough" during pre-season showing great glimpses of play making ability. Teammate Willis McGahee gave him the nickname "The Hitman" after famed boxer Thomas "The Hitman" Hearns. This was prompted by a scuffle that occurred during a training camp scuffle that saw Hurns deck kicker David Akers. Can he land a knockout punch to Philadelphia's defense?

Jacksonville showed heart in their pre-season outings, but as we all know pre-season isn't a good indicator of how the regular season will go. There's a lot of talented young blood in the lineup though, and they're looking to shake things up.
Dynasty: Hammertime80
08:13 AM - September 13, 2014. Written by sonsart2
The Cowboys did not hold a lead in the game until the clock read 0:00 in the 4th quarter. A 37 yard field goal by Dan Bailey as time expired gave the Cowboys their first win of the season.

The Cowboys dominated play, but struggled to score. The Titans struggled to move the ball all game, with 2 exceptions that led to both of their scores. In the first quarter, a 45 yard pass from Jake Locker to Kendall Wright led to a field goal to open the scoring. After the Cowboys had tied the game at 3, Jake Locker hit Justin Hunter for a 72 yard score that put them up 10-3.

The Cowboys answered right back, however, with a 5 minute, 13 second, 10 play drive, that was capped off with a 1 yard touchdown run by Lance Dunbar to tie the game at 10.

The Cowboys move to 1-1, while the Titans fall to 0-2.

Dallas Cowboys at Tennessee Titans
Dallas Cowboys ()307313
Tennessee Titans ()037010
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense381269
Rushing Yards15664
Passing Yards225205
First Downs257
Punt Return Yards80
Kick Return Yards180
Total Yards407269
3rd Down Converstion8-174-13
4th Down Conversion0-20-0
2-Point Conversion0-00-0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals4-1-22-0-1
Posession Time36:4223:18
Scoring Summary
5:12(TEN) D.Akers 17 yd FG03
0:30(DAL) D.Bailey 21 yd FG33
10:27(TEN) J.Hunter 72 yd pass from J. Locker (D.Akers kick)310
5:12(DAL) L.Dunbar 1 yd run (D.Bailey kick)1010
0:00(DAL) D.Bailey 37 yd FG1310
Dallas Cowboys
Tony Romo27/4425500
Demarco Murray311494.80
Lance Dunbar471.71
Jason Witten141248.80
Demarco Murray4246.00
Terrance Williams3299.60
Dez Bryant34615.30
Devin Harris23015.00
Cole Beasley122.00
Zach Martin11
Travis Frederick01
Tyron Smith01
Mackenzy Bernadeau01
J.J. Wilcox9000
Barry Church4000
Justin Durant4010
Will Smith3000
Bruce Carter3000
Morris Claiborne3000
Terrell McClain3100
Anthony Spencer2100
Henry Melton1000
Devin Harris1000
George Selvie1100
Anthony Hitchens1000
Orlando Scandrick1000
Dan Bailey2/31/1538
Chris Jones415939.72
Dez Bryant11818.00
Orlando Scandrick284.00
Tennessee Titans
Jake Locker15/2422211
Shonn Greene19653.40
Leon Washington1-1-1.00
Shonn Greene4102.50
Kendall Wright48120.20
Delanie Walker44210.50
Justin Hunter17272.01
Leon Washington166.00
Collin Mooney11111.00
Delanie Walker10
Craig Stevens10
Andy Levitre01
Michael Roos01
Michael Oher01
Zach Brown12100
Bernard Pollard7000
Wesley Woodyard7000
Telvin Smith7000
Kamerion Wimbley5100
Jurrell Casey4100
Jason McCourty4000
Blidi Wreh-Wilson3000
Derrick Morgan3100
George Wilson2000
Michael Griffin2000
Sammie Hill1000
Karl Klug1000
Colin McCarthy1000
Coty Sensabaugh1000
David Akers1/21/1418
Brett Kern627145.11
Dynasty: sonsart2
06:15 AM - September 13, 2014. Written by sonsart2
Frank Gore was the story in this game. He could not be stopped. Gore ran 28 times for 130 yards and 3 touchdowns. The 49ers ran the 42 times for 180 yards in the game vs. only 28 passes.

Effectively chewing up clock as their lead grew from 10-7 at halftime to 24-7 early in the 4th quarter.

A long drive midway through the fourth quarter resulted in a Cowboy field goal. After getting the ball back on a San Francisco punt, Dallas drove the ball the length of the field, but they could not punch the ball in for a score. They turned the ball over on downs with 3:00 left in the game and it was all over.

The Cowboys lose their season opener and drop to 0-1. The 49ers are 1-0.

San Francisco 49ers at Dallas Cowboys
San Francisco 49ers (1-0)377724
Dallas Cowboys (0-1)070310
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense295346
Rushing Yards180169
Passing Yards115177
First Downs1919
Punt Return Yards2411
Kick Return Yards4879
Total Yards367436
3rd Down Converstion3-115-16
4th Down Conversion1-12-3
2-Point Conversion0-00-0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals3-3-01-0-0
Posession Time30:4129:19
Scoring Summary
3:49(SFO) P.Dawson 50 yd FG30
12:10(DAL) L.Dunbar 42 yd run (D.Bailey kick)37
1:13(SFO) F.Gore 1 yd run (P.Dawson kick)107
6:27(SFO) F.Gore 6 yd run (P.Dawson kick)177
14:55(SFO) F.Gore 8 yd run (P.Dawson kick)247
8:48(DAL) D.Bailey 42 yd FG2410
San Francisco 49ers
Tony Romo25/4319400
Demarco Murray221275.70
Lance Dunbar14242.01
Dez Bryant8739.10
Jason Witten5122.40
Terrance Williams45012.50
Devin Harris4266.50
Cole Beasley33110.30
Demarco Murray122.00
Jason Witten10
Mackenzy Bernadeau10
Tyler Clutts10
Jermey Parnell10
Zach Martin03
Justin Durant12000
Barry Church8010
J.J. Wilcox6000
Will Smith5000
Terrell McClain4200
Bruce Carter3000
Brandon Carr2000
Sterling Moore2000
Anthony Spencer2000
George Selvie1000
Amobi Okoye1000
Kyle Wilber1000
Orlando Scandrick1000
Morris Calaiborne1000
Henry Melton1000
Dan Bailey1/21/1442
Chris Jones625242.00
Dez Bryant47919.70
Demarco Murray11111.00
Dallas Cowboys
Colin Kaepernick13/2113601
Frank Gore281304.63
Carlos Hyde7202.80
Colin Kaepernick5214.20
Marcus Lattimore294.50
Anquan Boldin44812.00
Vernon Davis3258.30
Stevie Johnson2189.00
Michael Crabtree22512.50
Jonathan Baldwin11313.00
Carlos Hyde177.00
Joe Staley40
Vernon Davis20
Bruce Miller10
Eric Reid10000
Patrick Willis10000
Navorro Bowman7000
Chris Culliver6000
Corey Lemonier4000
Ray McDonald4300
Tramaine Brock3000
Aaron Lynch2000
Antoine Bethea2000
Aldon Smith2000
Darryl Morris1000
Chris Cook1000
Mike Iupati1000
Phil Dawson1/13/3650
Andy Lee523547.00
Perrish Cox12424.00
Quinton Patton12424.00
Perrish Cox3248.00
Dynasty: sonsart2

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