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Tuesday, August 26, 2014
06:11 PM - August 26, 2014. Written by Reiny09
Minnesota Vikings 2014 Schedule
Aug 8vs Oakland Raiders
Aug 16vs Arizona Cardinals
Aug 23at Kansas City Chiefs
Aug 28at Tennessee Titans
Sep 7at St. Louis Rams
Sep 14vs New England Patriots
Sep 21at New Orleans Saints
Sep 28vs Atlanta Falcons
Oct 2at Green Bay Packers
Oct 12vs Detroit Lions
Oct 19at Buffalo Bills
Oct 26at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Nov 2vs Washington Redskins
Nov 16at Chicago Bears
Nov 23vs Green Bay Packers
Nov 30vs Carolina Panthers
Dec 7vs New York Jets
Dec 14at Detroit Lions
Dec 21at Miami Dolphins
Dec 28vs Chicago Bears
Dynasty: Reiny09
12:02 PM - August 26, 2014. Written by xxSnEaKyPxx
Dynasty: xxSnEaKyPxx
Monday, August 25, 2014
09:59 PM - August 25, 2014. Written by mkilcNYR
The north does indeed remember the days when Harmon Killebrew and Rod Carew batted in the Twins lineup. The north does remember the days when Bert Blyleven threw off the mound and Joe Nathan was a lock in the bullpen. The north remembers watching Joe Mauer take his first MLB baby steps behind the plate. Now it is a totally different ball game.

The Minnesota Twins entered the 2014 season with little hope to actually be a great contender in the AL Central. The entire team was constructed around the now converted catcher turned first baseman Joe Mauer. At first the goal for the 2014 season was to actually just reach .500 with the lineup we had but going into May it is a whole new ball game. As of May 9th 2014 the AL Central standings are:

MLB Standings - Updated: May 9, 2014
Kansas City Royals2214-
Chicago White Sox17205.5
Minnesota Twins16195.5
Cleveland Indians16216.5
Detroit Tigers13218.0

So far the Twins are tied with the White Sox in a division that looks to be the Royals for now in the early part of this season. However that could all change. The Twins have made it to a 2 game winning streak getting back to back wins against the Indians and the slumping Tigers.

It is truly a shock that the Detroit Tigers have made next to 0 impact in the 2014 season. The Twins on the other hand are still just barely trudging along after a brutal 4 game losing streak.Coming up next for the Twins are 2 more games against the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park on the 10th and the 11th.
Dynasty: mkilcNYR
05:48 PM - August 25, 2014. Written by Roscosuper

After running-and-gunning with the NHL's best team, the Islanders let a 3-1lead turn into a 3-goal comeback rally for the Toronto Maple Leafs Sunday afternoon at Nassau Coliseum.

Dynasty: Roscosuper
04:15 PM - August 25, 2014. Written by Roscosuper

Back-up goaltender, Kevin Poulin, kept the Islanders rolling with 28 saves and first-star honors in a 4-2 victory over the Detroit Redwings Saturday night at Joe Louis Arena.

Dynasty: Roscosuper
10:30 AM - August 25, 2014. Written by Forthy
Chicago Cubs 2017 Depth Chart - 2017
  • Catcher
  • Sean Ornelas #98 (84)
  • J.P. Arencibia #7 (79)
  • First Base
  • Armando Molina #29 (84)
  • Anthony Rizzo #44 (84)
  • Second Base
  • Javier Baez #9 (92)
  • Third Base
  • Kris Bryant #30 (82)
  • Michael Serrano #16 (80)
  • Shortstop
  • Francisco Lindor #12 (98)
  • Left Field
  • Stevie Byrne #72 (85)
  • Brett Gardner #11 (83)
  • Center Field
  • Mike Trout #27 (99)
  • Right Field
  • Giancarlo Stanton #28 (99)
  • *Yu Fukumori #62 (74)
  • Starting Pitcher
  • Brandon Beachy #37 (90)
  • Noah Syndergaard #55 (87)
  • Michael Anderson #13 (86)
  • Patrick Corbin #46 (86)
  • Carlos Mateo #5 (87)
  • Relief Pitcher
  • Cody Allen #39 (84)
  • Jordan Walden #52 (82)
  • Pedro Strop #47 (80)
  • Travis Wood #38 (77)
  • Closer
  • Darren Griffin #91 (82)

2017 Cubs Roster
37Brandon Beachy (90)SPR/R306'3"215lbs4.4M
55Noah Syndergaard (87)SPL/R246'6"240lbs844k
13Michael Anderson (86)SPR/R206'6"229lbs96k
46Patrick Corbin (86)SPL/L276'2"185lbs6.0M
5Carlos Mateo (87)SPR/R205'11"215lbs300k
49Jake Arrietta (85)SPR/R306'4"225lbs1.6M
17*Robert Stephenson (84)SPR/R246'3"195lbs1.4M
39Cody Allen (84)RPR/R286'1"210lbs3.8M
52Jordan Walden (82)RPR/R296'5"250lbs3.3M
47Pedro Strop (80)RPR/R316'0"220lbs2.8M
38Travis Wood (78)RPR/L305'11"175lbs2.8M
9*Phil Balladares (54)RPR/R196'2"221lbs70k
91Darren Griffin (82)CPR/R206'5"233lbs73k
98Sean Ornelas (84)CR/R236'4"211lbs120k
7J.P. Arencibia (79)CR/R316'0"205lbs3.1M
29Armando Molina (85)1BL/R216'1"197lbs70k
44Anthony Rizzo (84)1BL/L276'3"240lbs764k
9Javier Baez (92)2BR/R246'0"194lbs3.5M
30Kris Bryant (82)3BR/R256'5"215lbs1.2M
16Michael Serrano (80)3B/UTIL/R206'0"170lbs93k
12Francisco Lindor (99)SSS/R235'11"175lbs751k
72Stevie Byrne (85)LFS/R206'2"206lbs70k
11Brett Gardner (82)LFL/L335'10"185lbs1.6M
27Mike Trout (99)CFR/R256'2"230lbs2.5M
15Matt Szczur (75)CFR/R286'1"195lbs552k
28Giancarlo Stanton (99)RFR/R276'6"240lbs19.8M
62*Yu FukumoriRFR/R186'3"181lbs76k

Overview of Main MLB Players this season:

Starting Pitchers
Brandon Beachy - Ace of the team, gets every big game that his arm can handle. Uses his slider well to punch out quite a few hitters once he's ahead in the count. Career Record: 50-33, 865 SO, 3.04 ERA

Noah Syndergaard -
Brought in a few years ago to fill out the bottom of the rotation, has progressively moved up into the top. Career Record: 20-23, 404 SO, 4.59 ERA

Michael Anderson -
The Golden Child himself. Brings the heat more often than not, and much like Beachy likes to use his slider to punch guys out once he's gotten ahead with his 100MPH fastball. Career Record: 22-11, 155 SO, 3.66 ERA

Patrick Corbin -
A solid pitcher in the 4th spot of the rotation. Can fill in some bigger games when needed, but isn't near consistent enough to stay there permanently. Changes speeds well, and is the only Lefty in the rotation. Career Record: 68-46, 795 SO, 3.52 ERA

Carlos Mateo -
In his Rookie campaign, is pitching the lights out from the 5th spot in the rotation. Mixes speed well, loves using his change up to get some ground ball outs. Career Record: 4-0, 31 SO, 1.32 ERA


Darren Griffin - This youngster has been the Closer ever since Jose Veras blew 4 straight saves in the middle of the 2015 season. Many thought Griffin to be too young, and even too unorthodox for the position, but he has been proving the doubters wrong ever since. Career Record: 4-7, 129 SO, 103 SV, 2.65 ERA


C Sean Ornelas - Originally thought to be an offensive liability, only cracking the lineup for his ability to call the game and play defensively, Ornelas has come a long way with his bat. Still, I wouldn't try run on this guy unless you get a great leadoff, with a breaking ball in the dirt, with the sun in his eyes. Career Stats: .230 AVG, 11 HR, 59 RBI

1B Armando Molina -
Armando Molina was drafted for one reason, and one reason only: His power. The 21 year old slugger was drafted in the 4th round in 2015, and has been belting homers ever since. This being his first chance to prove he can keep it up at the Major League level, he took over from Anthony Rizzo this Spring Training, after a 4HR game.Career Stats: .301 AVG, 7 HR, 20 RBI

3B Michael Serrano -
Serrano only managed to crack the Major League lineup due to his ability to play every position on the field. He has better than average speed, better than average range in the field, with a good arm to go along with it. Haven't even talked about his bat, which would probably have gotten him drafted alone, even if he wasn't a future gold glover. Career Stats: .292AVG, 4 HR, 14 RBI

LF Stevie Byrne -
One things come to mind when you think of Stevie Byrne: Speed. Whether on the basepaths or patrolling the outfield, he stands apart. Turning himself into a true leadoff man as well, as he is learning to be more patient and disciplined at the plate. Career Stats: .278 AVG, 6 HR, 38 RBI

RF Yu Fukumori -
While Yu is still approx. 2 years away from cracking a major league lineup, his arm is becoming the stuff of Legends in RF.
Career Stats: N/A
Dynasty: Forthy
01:47 AM - August 25, 2014. Written by Bloop33
Colorado Rockies Depth Chart - 2020
  • Catcher
  • Kyle Skipworth
  • Shane Medina
  • Edmund Cagle
  • Omar Colon
  • First Base
  • Russell Bush
  • Nate Freiman
  • Edmond Rich
  • Leonard William
  • Second Base
  • Anthony Rendon
  • Felipe Armas
  • Danny Wynn
  • Mario Estrella
  • Third Base
  • Nolan Arenado
  • Michael Amin
  • Bryan McDowell
  • Herbert Flaherty
  • Shortstop
  • Chris Owings
  • Buford Reeder
  • Tomas Perez
  • Left Field
  • Frankie Simon
  • Blake Guerrero
  • Richard Kobayashi
  • Anderson Hawkins
  • Center Field
  • Kenji Takahashi
  • Dustin Ackley
  • Fernando Terrero
  • Carlos Caruso
  • Right Field
  • David Manzanillo
  • Adolfo Salas
  • Roger Anaya
  • Hitoki Murakami
  • Starting Pitcher
  • Carlos Martinez
  • Michael Wacha
  • Cecil Baker
  • Alexi Salazar
  • Mario Cedeno
  • Josh Wirth
  • Relief Pitcher
  • Donnie Joseph
  • Paco Rodriguez
  • Joe Ortiz
  • Frederick Esslinger
  • Erik Davis
  • Daniel Webb
  • Closer
  • Eduardo Salinas
  • Theo Lopez

64Carlos Martinez (95)SPR/R286'0"185 lbs$9.9M
54Michael Wacha (93)SPR/R286'6"210 lbs$7.5M
11Cecil Baker (92)SPL/R256'1"202 lbs$300k
26Alexi Salazar (92)SPL/L285'11"175 lbs$200k
43Mario Cedeno (89)SPR/R286'3"215 lbs$400k
27Ryan Mcrae (89)SPR/R326'3"187 lbs$400k
53Josh Wirth (89)SPS/R265'11"168 lbs$300k
31Dan Ervin (83)SPL/R256'3"222 lbs$355k
25Juan Rosas (83)SPL/L245'10"196 lbs$170k
96Will Hyatt (82)SPR/R286'1"205 lbs$368k
20Richard Larson (82)SPR/R256'2"218 lbs$367k
50Donnie Joseph (89)RPL/L326'3"190 lbs$1.5M
75Paco Rodriguez (88)RPL/L286'3"215 lbs$2.8M
60Joe Ortiz (87)RPL/L295'7"175 lbs$2.5M
22Frederick Esslinger (85)RPR/R285'10"178 lbs$400k
51Erik Davis (85)RPR/R336'2"190 lbs$220k
61Daniel Webb (84)RPR/R316'3"210 lbs$320k
34Andres Caballero (83)RPL/R306'3"198 lbs$320k
18Eduardo Salinas (98)CPR/R255'10"176 lbs$400k
25Theo Lopez (96)CPL/L256'0"182 lbs$4.0M
55Kyle Skipworth (92)CL/R306'4"225 lbs$7.2M
15Shane Medina (76)CR/R296'3"219 lbs$336k
26Edmund Cagle (75)CR/R236'4"229 lbs$310k
17Russell Bush (88)1BL/R266'3"210 lbs$300k
6Anthony Rendon (95)2BR/R296'0"195 lbs$7.9M
8Felipe Armas (95)2BR/R276'4"201 lbs$300k
39Nolan Arenado (94)3BR/R286'1"205 lbs$12.4M
16Chris Owings (92)SSR/R295'10"180 lbs$3.8M
34Buford Reeder (90)SSL/R256'0"192 lbs$5.0M
15Edmund Rich (82)1BL/L246'3"218 lbs$500k
10Michael Amin (82)2BR/R276'3"199 lbs$364k
12Frankie Simon (90)LFR/R265'7"177 lbs$1.8M
7Richard Kobayashi (82)LFL/L256'3"195 lbs$250k
30Kenji Takahashi (95)CFR/L246'1"209 lbs$13.0M
14Dustin Ackley (89)CFL/R326'1"195 lbs$4.7M
18Fernando Terrero (80)CFS/R245'8"182 lbs$345k
23David Manzanillo (91)RFS/R286'2"214 lbs$150k
27Adolfo Salas (90)RFR/R266'3"206 lbs$330k
3Roger Anaya (85)RFS/L276'4"226 lbs$830k
26Hitoki Murakami (82)RFR/R266'2"225 lbs$340k

Overview of Main MLB Players this season:

Starting Pitchers

Carlos Martinez - Acquired from the Cardinals in a trade involving Troy Tulowitski and Michael Wacha, has developed into top pitcher, although seems to be very hit and miss year to year. Career Record: 64-65, 4.50 ERA

Michael Wacha - Also brought in during the same trade, won a Cy Young in 2016 but has seen his performance drop considerably since then. May become expendable as more prospects develop. Career Record: 77-77, 4.03 ERA

Cecil Baker - 2nd year pitcher. Brought along slowly as a prospect through the minor league system. May have been acquired in a trade very early on, but developed with me. Has a rocket of an arm and also good command, stamina and break. Needs a bit of work but may become my ace within a few seasons. Career Record: 23-24, 4.51 ERA

Alexi Salazar - 3rd year pitcher who was also developed in my system. Has struggled in his career, which has been partly spent as a long reliever. The lefty has good stuff but just can't seem to put it together, although this year he took some important steps. Career Record: 22-24, 5.33 ERA

Josh Wirth - Also a 3rd year starter, Wirth has been more consistent than Salazar. Had to be sent down as a sophomore but been one of my better starters since. Has good upside still though he still needs to improve his command. Career Record: 32-22, 4.59 ERA

Mario Cedeno - Cedeno was acquired last season to help a struggling rotation. Has good stuff but not a pitcher who will go deep into games. Used primarily as a long reliever this season, and struggled at it. Career Record: 28-29, 5.02 ERA

Relief Pitchers:

Donnie Joseph - Joseph is my most expensive reliever and has a very good arm, problem is, he gets himself into trouble. Has been more reliabe than most though for me since joining the team. The veteran pitcher on the team. Career Record: 16-8, 4.99 ERA

Paco Rodriguez - Since joining my team, Paco has become my best reliever as far as the statistics and wins are concerned. At just 28, the big lefty will be around for a while so long as his contract demands remain reasonable. Career Record: 36-26, 4.17 ERA

Joe Ortiz - Ortiz was another guy brought in to solidify the bullpen. While his numbers aren't as good in Colorado, he is still one of my better relievers usually. A diminutive guy, Ortiz has crafted a good career for himself thus far. Career Record: 27-19, 3.81 ERA

Frederick Esslinger - Esslinger is in his first Colorado season and had a respectable year and gave me a good right handed option from the pen. While he can still improve in some areas, he is definitely looking like he'll be around for a while. Career Record: 18-7, 4.74 ERA

Closing Pitchers:

Theo Lopez - Lopez has been with my organization since he was 20 and has developed along with his counterpart, who will be mentioned next. While Lopez had the closers job a few seasons ago, he never got comfortable and is now the set up man, a position he seems to be relishing as his ERA has improved quite a bit. At just 25, his career looks to be a long one with the Rockies. Career Record: 8-22, 137 saves, 4.47 ERA

Eduardo Salinas - Salinas also joined when he was 20, and has developed very quickly since joining the team. While he spent more time in the minors than Lopez, he has also been able to craft himself into a reliable pitcher, proving it this year by setting career marks across the board for himself in the closer spot. Career Record: 5-9, 113 saves, 2.91 ERA

Lineup Players:

C - Kyle Skipworth - I brought in Skipworth to help the defensive side of the ball, as my catchers position was built for offense in previous year, but the career ending injury of Randy O'Neill changed that. Skipworth has a great arm and makes pretty good contact at the plate. Seems like he'll be a good option for a few seasons for me. Career Stats: .257 AVG, 118 HR, 396 RBI

1B - Russell Bush - Bush has been developing for quite a while through my system and took over the starting 1B role in late September. Hasn't played much but looks very good for the future. Has good athleticism for his size and great power. Could be a 30-40 HR guy as a permanent starter.

1B - Edmond Rich - Rich has been my back up 1B for a few seasons and is still only 24 years old. Is a good hitter but not much of a fielder or athlete. Very good hitter against right handed pitching so I use him when I need that particular ability. Would be a nice DH when I play against AL teams as well. Career Stats: .288 AVG, 10 HR, 49 RBI

2B - Anthony Rendon - He's been my starting 2nd baseman basically since I started the mode. When I started he was a very average hitter but has worked on it and is now one of my most reliable players all around. Will probably keep his starting spot despite plenty of competition at the position as I have always had good prospects. Career Stats: .270 AVG, 114 HR, 470 RBI

2B - Felipe Armas - Armas is my athletic, super defensive 2nd baseman who also fills in as a 3B and SS sometimes, depending on injuries. Great size and solid speed combined with a cannon arm, he's developed well in the system and really earned his spot on the team. Not a great hitter though, which hurts his chances to overtake Rendon as the starter. Career Stats: .251 AVG, 16 HR, 70 RBI

3B - Nolan Arenado - Nolan came with the team, and is probably the last true Rockie in the organization. Like Rendon, he struggled offensively for years and had a hard time taking a permanent spot, but eventually won out and is now my 2nd highest paid player and my most reliable RBI and AVG guy season to season. Also displaying great power in the last 2 years. Very huge, cause the other big 3B prospect I had was injured and retired 2 seasons ago. Career Stats: .277 AVG, 114 HR, 426 RBI

SS - Chris Owings - Owings, along with his counerpart at shortstop, has developed into a very good utility player for me. A good defender and hitter, he is also a good athlete and can be used in all situations. At the age of 29 though, he has a lot of pressure behind him as my other SS is 25 and growing very well. Career Stats: .250 AVG, 45 HR, 191 RBI

SS - Buford Reeder - Reeder is a young player who has a lot of work to do in order to become the every day starter for the Rockies, but has shown good abilities so far as a 2nd option, and a power option. Another good utility guy, Reeder can play any position in the infield comfortably. Expect him to break out within the next 2 seasons. Career Stats: .248 AVG, 130 HR, 391 RBI

LF - Frankie Simon - Another guy who has developed his way to being a top player in the league, Simon is my smallest major league player but makes up for it with great hitting ability. Looks to be a great lead off man of the future, and will probably have a .290 average in the very least for the next 4-6 years of his career. Very important player to have developed for my team. Career Stats: .275 AVG, 26 HR, 139 RBI

LF - Blake Guerrero - My other left fielder, and also my current lead off man, Guerrero was acquired as a back up from another team and has done very well with the Rockies. While he might not be the best athlete, he can definitely field well and is the best hitter on the team. Can play all over the field and 3B, so is a valuable asset to have on the bench. Career Stats: .279 AVG, 54 HR, 213 RBI

CF - Kenji Takahaski - Taken in my first draft in the 2nd round, Takahashi is a budding superstar. Has a lot of experience for being 24 years old, but if he could stay healthy he could easily becomg one of the most feared players in the league. Has good hitting abilities, which he's worked on hard, is a great base runner and has a monster arm from center. When healthy, has the potential to be a Hall of Fame calibre player, but injuries have been a problem early on. Career Stats: .273 AVG, 70 HR, 261 RBI

RF - David Manzanillo - Another of my early draft picks, Manzanillo is a solid fielder right now but needs to work on his contact. Has solid power for himself though and once he gets used to the majors, could be a major force in the league. At 28 though, he is doing well for himself and is one of the better base runners on the team. Currently leads a very deep group at the right field position, so that must be good news. Career Stats: .265 AVG, 46 HR, 168 RBI

RF - Adolfo Salas - Once again, a draft pick early on in my franchise, Salas has been brought along slowly, but has the ability to be a great power hitter in the league for years to come. At 26 he is just entering the league and in the next few years should become an elite player. Slow though, so there is risk with him still to be seen. Career Stats: .217, 9 HR, 30 RBI

Dynasty: Bloop33
Sunday, August 24, 2014
04:51 PM - August 24, 2014. Written by Roscosuper

Defensemen Barret Jackman, Thomas Hickey and Justin Falk each found the back of the net to secure a 3-2 bounce-back win for the Islanders over the Montreal Canadians Wednesday night at Nassau Coliseum.

Dynasty: Roscosuper
Saturday, August 23, 2014
11:19 PM - August 23, 2014. Written by philliesfan136

United States Championship #1 Contendership
Antonio Cesaro w/Paul Heyman vs Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter
WWE Tag Team Championship / 2 out of 3 Falls

The Usos (c) vs Luke Harper & Erick Rowan
United States Championship

Curtis Axel vs Ryback (c) vs Ted DiBiase Jr.
Grudge Match
Bray Wyatt vs Chris Jericho
Intercontinental Championship

Jay Lethal vs Austin Aries vs Alberto Del Rio (c)
Evolution (Randy Orton, Roman Reigns, and Triple H) vs Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Dolph Ziggler
WWE Championship

Daniel Bryan (c) vs Cody Rhodes
World Heavyweight Championship

C.M. Punk vs Damien Sandow (c) w/Ric Flair
Dynasty: philliesfan136
10:20 PM - August 23, 2014. Written by philliesfan136

*Prince Devitt def. Leo Kruger to retain the NWA Heavyweight Championship

*Erick Rowan beat Jimmy Uso with a chokeslam and Jey Uso beat Bray Wyatt with a super kick. A 2/3 falls stipulation was announced for their rematch at BATB.

*Eddie Edwards evaded the returning Low-Ki, hitting him with a Die Hard Driver to retain the Cruiserweight title.

*Chris Jericho is back to the blue brand, to address Wyatt's sudden epiphany:

"For the first time in a long time, Y2J is back on SmackDown. Being in this ring in front of the thousands of Jerichoholics here tonight and the millions watching at home.. it feels good! I've been on a bit of a break recently, since I beat Zayn at Wrestlemania. I was looking for direction on RAW. Where does this old guy with all the talent left in the tank fit in? Then.. along came a spider. A big, dark, venomous spider and his family. And I know since I've been gone that Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family has become one of the most dominant forces in recent history. The thought of them surrounding me in the ring, with a three-on-one advantage, it terrified me. The Usos helped me avoid that certain fate for one night. But the thought has stuck and it will until I meet Bray Wyatt and his family in the ring. Because of that, I have one thing to say to The Wyatt Family and that's this - thank you. I wanna thank you, Wyatts, for reminding me that the WWE isn't all about lighted jackets and music and surprise entrances and 'Y2J' chants... the WWE is about survival as well. And this ring is a dangerous place.

Guess what, Wyatts. I can be a little dangerous. Because you've never worked with someone like me. I don't look anybody else, I don't think like anybody else, I don't act like anybody else, and as a result that's one of the reasons why I'm the best in the world at what I do! So Wyatts, you can come to the ring and light a torch, you can rock in a chair, you can sing a song, you can do whatever you wanna do but if you wanna get crazy, I can get a little crazy. If you wanna get nuts, I can get nuts. If you wanna get crazy, I'll get crazy with you but when I do you will never.. evvveeer.. be the same again!

That brought out Luke Harper, who directly challenged the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla. A big boot and discus clothesline wore down Jericho, but he had the energy to break out a Codebreaker. A big splash and a Boss Man slam through a table finished off the rock star. The Eater of Worlds merely grabbed the head of the fallen Jericho and laugh while his followers eerily stood above him.

"HE'S GOT THE WHOLE WORLD.. IN HIS HANDS.. HE'S GOT THE WHOLE WORLD.. IN HIS HANDS.. He's got the whole world in his haaandsss. Aren't you the real savior, Chris Jericho? Save yourself at the Bash, Chris!"

*C.M. Punk and Ryback battled with their PPV opponents in the tag main-event. World champion Damien Sandow and United States title #1 contender Curtis Axel looked easily overmatched but their in-ring intelligence helped ease that disadvantage. The Big Guy was strong from the get-go, crunching Axel's jaw with an Over the Shoulder Boulder Holder. The brawl spilled to the outside while Punk and Sandow clashed inside. Ric Flair did not get involved, although Ted DiBiase Jr. did make his presence felt, distracting Punk and therefore allowing Sandow to ambush him from behind. He then broke up a pin after a Shell Shock. "The Axe Man" connected on a Perfectplex to Ryback, who kicked out at one. He was hoisted into a torture rack but DiBiase helped him escape. Axel tagged in Sandow, who took dropkicks and the vintage swinging neckbreaker from Punk. The Best in the World sent the champion back to his corner with a Go to Sleep. He and Ryback got the win on the go-home show via a superplex from the top rope by Punk to Axel.

DiBiase's interference could not be mere coincidence, we've seen this before. For now, we'll just assume he was there because he's also facing Ryback on Sunday..
Dynasty: philliesfan136
03:23 PM - August 23, 2014. Written by glenzariczny
Iwakuma shellacked as M's settle for split

Seattle - It was not a good day at the office for Hisashi Iwakuma. The Minnesota Twins clubbed 10 hits off the Mariner starter, and chased him before he could get an out in the 5th with 8 runs off of him, as the Twins beat the Mariners 8-3 to earn a series split. Trevor Plouffe did most of the damage for the Twins with 5 RBI including a three-run homer in the first the set the tone for the beat down that was to insue. The Mariners now regroup for a giant series before the break with the Oakland A's. It will be Tom Millone (0-0, 0.00 ERA) making his first start of the season for Oakland matching up with Chris Young (6-6, 3.21 ERA) in the opener.

Minnesota Twins at Seattle Mariners
Jul 10, 2014123456789RHE
Minnesota (48-44)4110200008121
Seattle (50-42)002100000381
W: Scott Feldman (6-8) L: Hisashi Iwakuma (7-7)
Minnesota Twins
Santana, SS4031000.262
Dozier, 2B5000010.250
Kubel, LF5210020.232
Willingham, DH5331010.286
Pinto, C4121000.237
Plouffe, 3B4125001.281
Colabello, 1B3010110.240
Fryer, RF4100010.214
Hicks, CF4000010.231
TEAM TOTALS388128171
2B: J. Willingham (18), J. Kubel (16), J. Pinto (9)
HR: T. Plouffe (13)
RBI: J. Willingham (59), T. Plouffe 5 (43), J. Pinto (27), D. Santana (14)
SF: D. Santana
GIDP: C. Colabello
E: S. Feldman (2)
Seattle Mariners
Chavez, CF5010000.321
Romero, RF4010100.248
Cano, 2B5000030.229
Seager, 3B4020000.252
Montero, 1B4000020.233
Morales, DH3100110.220
Zunino, C4011000.231
Miller, SS3121101.291
Ackley, LF4111001.223
2B: M. Zunino (5)
HR: B. Miller (10), D. Ackley (4)
RBI: B. Miller (42), D. Ackley (15), M. Zunino (34)
E: E. Chavez (1)
Minnesota Twins
Feldman (W, 6-8)7.06333624.31
TEAM TOTALS9.0833362
Seattle Mariners
Iwakuma (L, 7-7)4.010870313.64
TEAM TOTALS9.01287171
Dynasty: glenzariczny
Friday, August 22, 2014
06:19 PM - August 22, 2014. Written by Roscosuper

After former Islander Matt Moulsoun's powerplay goal was overturned in the first period, he went on to tally the game winner and an empty-netter to lead the Buffalo Sabres to a 4-2 victory over the Islanders Monday night at First Niagara Center.

Dynasty: Roscosuper
05:46 PM - August 22, 2014. Written by Roscosuper

The Islanders won their second straight, defeating the Detroit Redwings 6-2 Saturday night at Nassau Coliseum. Thomas Vanek returned to the line-up for the first time in over three months and added a goal in the lob-sided victory.

Dynasty: Roscosuper
12:13 AM - August 22, 2014. Written by philliesfan136

*Jay Lethal upset Intercontinental title holder Alberto Del Rio in a non-title bout. Lethal hailed the king with an elbow through the announce table but only drew a nearfall. Del Rio struck back with an enziguri only to take a Lethal Injection neckbreaker. "El Patron" wrenched the arm and locked in the cross armbreaker, but Jay did not give in. He stomped on the body part and got him in an armbar. ADR padded on the offense with a flashy moonsault. Black Machismo had some fire in him, dropping his opponent on a Lethal Combination. He kept on the champ with a double chop, dropkick, and a flying clothesline in a row. A second Lethal Injection - the cutter version - sealed the win.

*Ryback and Jack Swagger had the odds stacked against them in a two-on-three against Antonio Cesaro, Curtis Axel, and Ted DiBiase Jr. Early on, the Big Guy superplexed former partner Axel and DiBiase planted Swagger with a Dream Street. The US champion cleaned Ted's clock on a backpack stunner and dropped him via the Jackhammer. Cesaro stepped in and powerbombed the 291-pound powerhouse. Swagger tagged in after a double team but ultimately lost due to a Michinoku driver and a gutwrench suplex.

*The two-member Shield lost again, having faced Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns of Evolution. Ambrose countered a running Rhodes into a spinning side slam to kickstart his team. Reigns joined the action and snapped Dean's back with a powerbomb lungblower. Rollins turned it around on a running single-leg dropkick and a backbreaker-neckbreaker combo. Roman went a clubberin' on his former teammate and finished it with a Superman punch. The Shield teamed up for a headlock and double stomp. That fueled the Lunatic Fringe, who became bothered by the presence of Cody on the apron and knocked him off. He spun right into a spear from Reigns, which got the 3 count.

*Chris Jericho refused to give words to Bray Wyatt until Smackdown, but he did agree to be the tag partner of the Usos in a 6-man match with the Wyatt Family. It was the typical fare until a Samoan drop and super kick to Rowan won it for the good guys.

*NextGen and Evolution went a second round after Del Rio and Lethal earlier. They paired up with Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan, respectively, for a main-event tag match. Orton and Del Rio landed the first finishers - an RKO to Bryan and a German suplex to Lethal. The WWE Undisputed champion rebounded with the turnbuckle flip into a running crooked clothesline. A springboard dropkick and cutter from Lethal while Bryan had Orton at bay secured the W for his team.

The ROH and TNA alumni is riding high right now going into Sunday, while the YES! man got back on the horse after some defeats. Mexico's Greatest Export has been bested twice in one night.
Dynasty: philliesfan136
Thursday, August 21, 2014
10:06 PM - August 21, 2014. Written by bayers3

It looks like it's (finally) time for the sea change in the AL East that people have been predicting for years now. Boston, the reigning champions, don't look like they have the bats to win the division again. The Yankees look terrible, but they are loaded with young talent, and a few teams with promise should take the division this year.


#1 Toronto Blue Jays (92-70) : Fans and experts have been picking the Blue Jays year after year only to see them fail. This could be the year, no really, they look like they have a balanced team and they certainly have the pitching to keep up with Boston's rotation. Marcus Stroman could make 'the leap' and be a Cy Young winner, and having Jordan Zimmerman and Yovani Gallardo backing him up won't hurt. Jose Reyes continues to be one of the best SS in baseball, and Edwin Encarnacion gives them some serious power. The loss of Jose Bautista hurts, but Brett Lawrie is finally realizing his potential. The five deep rotation should keep them in games, and the offense should push them to a division title.

#2 Tampa Bay Rays (88-74) : The Rays aren't a great team, but in their park with their rotation they will continue to be good. They always seem to outperform their talent levels thanks to defense, but it's going to take a lot more to top the division. David Price, Matt Moore, Jeremy Hellickson, and Alex Cobb make up one of the best rotations in baseball, but it's still the third best in the AL East. The core of this team is still very young with Evan Longoria and Wil Myers looking like perennial All-Stars, but can the rest of the cast do enough to get them to October?

#3 Boston Red Sox (81-81) : The Red Sox look more like a small ball team this year and could struggle to score on a regular basis. People said the same thing last year and they lit the league on fire after August, but with so many experienced hitters leaving via free agency and defense-first rookies taking their place it's hard to see them doing that again. The rotation and the bullpen, especially the bullpen, could be the best in baseball. Hitters are going to see a lot of hard throwing pitchers on the mound for Boston which should help them hold on to the title of the best defense in baseball. What Boston lost in power it seems to have made up with speed speed speed. Look for the Red Sox to steal bases whenever a free bag is open and don't be surprised if they lead the majors in SB. If Mookie Betts, Jackie Bradley Jr., Blake Swihart, and rookie Rico Berroa don't improve a .500 record is reasonable, but if they take a big step forward the Blue Jays might not be so secure at the top.

#4 Baltimore Orioles (78-84) : The Orioles were basically felled by free agency, losing slugger Chris Davis to Texas and Matt Wieters to Houston, and they are getting left behind in a tough division. Adam Jones and future All-World 3B Manny Machado are still elite players, but the same guys they Orioles were trotting out in 2012 are still filling starting roles and they aren't getting any younger. Nick Markakis, JJ Hardy, Ubaldo Jimenez, Miguel Gonzalez, and Jim Johnson are propping up Jones and Machado... or is it the other way around? Jered Weaver continues to quietly be very good, but he isn't getting any younger either. Baltimore is approaching a serious rebuild or risk falling to the bottom of the AL.

#5 New York Yankees (70-92) : It's hard to believe the Yankees are this bad, with experts picking them to finish 26th in baseball, but unlike the Orioles they may have a brighter future. Like previous years, this team is very old and weighed down by bad contracts. Mark Teixeira and Carlos Beltran are ancient, and Andre Ethier is just kinda playing out his contract. Brett Gardner is still a very good outfielder, but he's getting on in years as well. Luckily for the Yankees they have two future superstars, with one already achieving that status. Masahiro Tanaka is approaching his peak, and a trade with the Cubs last year landed SS Javier Baez. Once the Yankees get out from under their bad contracts they should be heavy hitters in free agency again and build through that draft and around Baez.

Dynasty: bayers3

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