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HustlinOwl's Scouting Report
Written 12:17AM - April 20, 2013
Written 03:58PM - November 20, 2008

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# 60
CAMPBLACKMAMBA24 @ Mar 28, 2015 (20 Hours Ago)
Originally Posted by HustlinOwl
Shareplay bro lmao!!
I'm just now seeing this. It doesn't work for this game yet or I would
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# 59
CubFan23 @ Mar 22, 2015 (1 Week Ago)
Hey Hustlin! Love that reds pic you have on your arena banner! Took the liberty of making you a new banner. If you want to use it click on it and it will take you to my flickr page. Download it in it's original size(important!) and then upload it to OS.

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# 58
WaitTilNextYear @ Mar 17, 2015 (1 Week Ago)
Originally Posted by HustlinOwl
do you have your sliders on hand? Loss in purge and think you made tweaks that were not reflected on Vault set?
What's in the vault should be current. I was considering making a small change or 2 but I never went through with it/testing it.
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# 57
WaitTilNextYear @ Jan 18, 2015
Originally Posted by HustlinOwl
fyi love your sliders and gameplay setup
Hey man, thanks. Glad it's working out for you
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# 56
highheatkingsb @ Sep 14, 2014
Originally Posted by HustlinOwl
love your house rules, still using for MLB 11 lol. Any updates or do I have the latest?
don't know if you're still playing, no updates, but haven't played. That was my greatest season I've ever done...just haven't had the time since

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