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Super Mega Baseball 2 Patch 1.10 Available Now - Patch Notes Here

Super Mega Baseball 2

Super Mega Baseball 2 Patch 1.10 Available Now - Patch Notes Here

Super Mega Baseball 2 game update 1.10 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Steam/PC. Check out the patch notes below.


  • Nintendo Switch compatibility. Cross platform support between Xbox One<->Switch and PC<->Switch.
  • Slightly faster game simulator for large number of games.
  • Stadiums all used equally in Pennant Race.

Issues addressed:

  • Fixed: Rare crash caused by clicking Finish Later in Online Co-op Season.
  • Fixed: Stuck on the Multiplayer Waiting Screen when getting disconnected at an inopportune time.
  • Fixed: % symbol not behaving correctly in customized text.
  • Fixed: User generated content filtering in Exhibition mode not being respected in rare cases.
  • Fixed: Renaming a standard team to another standard team.
  • Fixed: Placing in the top 3 places of each race awarded double the bonus rating.
  • Fixed: Incorrect correlation between Contact skill and strikeout rates in the game simulator.
  • Fixed: A league containing only the standard teams is not pickable as a league in Exhibition mode, and causes problems in the League Editor.
  • Fixed: Can add the same standard team to a custom league multiple times.
  • Fixed: Mitigation for Sorry Slugger dialog on Xbox One.

Just in case you missed it earlier today, Super Mega Baseball 2: Ultimate Edition was announced for the Nintendo Switch, and scheduled to arrive on July 25. The Ultimate Edition will also arrive on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Steam as a new bundle for $29.99 USD, alongside a price reduction of the base version and its DLCs.

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