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Super Mega Baseball 2 Patch 1.08 Available - Patch Notes Here

Super Mega Baseball 2

Super Mega Baseball 2 Patch 1.08 Available - Patch Notes Here

Super Mega Baseball 2 game update 1.08 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Steam/PC. Check out the patch notes below.

Improvements / Other Balancing Changes:

  • Baserunners now tire slightly faster during rundowns.
  • Changed the secondary position of Sturdy Woodman (Freebooters) from 3B to None.
  • Changed the secondary position of Rocky Backstop (Freebooters) from None to 3B.
  • Changed the primary position of Rob Glover (Overdogs) from 2B to SS, and his secondary position from 3B to IF.
  • Changed the secondary position of Dick Burger (Overdogs) from SS to None.
  • Changed the arm angle of Chico Lapada (Grappler’s closer) from Low to Submarine.
  • Default lineups for the teams in the Standard Super Mega League have been updated to reflect the above skill and position changes.
  • Pennant Race Mojo and Fitness changes have been reset to a neutral state for all teams.
  • Pennant Race Mojo and Fitness assignments now change less from race to race.
  • When joining a Pennant Race, the default selected team is now random.
  • Loading times for rendering player cards and mugshots have been greatly reduced.
  • Replaced the “Well Played!” option with “Thanks!” in the chat wheel.
  • (Xbox and Steam only) Loading times between entering and exiting a game have been reduced.

Issues addressed:

  • Fixed: White ad on the outfield fence in El Viejo Stadium can interfere with the batter’s eye.
  • Fixed: After being issued a base on balls, batter-runner is incorrectly called out after successfully advancing past 1B during a steal attempt.
  • Fixed: When batting in online play, after being issued a base on balls, the batter-runner would not appear to advance to 1B.
  • Fixed: Runners fail to automatically tag up if they are sliding into a different base at the time the ball was caught.
  • Fixed: Text chat messages can sometimes be lost and never shown.
  • Fixed: Several bugs related to muting/un-muting voice and/or text chat for online play.
  • Fixed: Rare bug where ball passes through the outfield fence results in the play never ending (all plays are now guaranteed to eventually end).
  • Fixed: Bingata Bowl and Emerald Diamond stamps are incorrectly swapped in the Team Details home stadium picker.
  • Fixed: In the League Editor screen, the button to customize a standard team is disabled.
  • Fixed: League structure edits done immediately after a season ends due to simulating games can lead to the game crashing and save data corruption.
  • Fixed: Miscellaneous bugs in various menu screens.
  • (PS4 only) Fixed: Crash when editing text that contained special characters.
  • (Steam only) Fixed: Crash in text entry when deleting words where more than one space was used.
  • (Xbox only) Fixed: Xbox users unable to see each other’s visual customizations when playing Pennant Race.

They also changed player skill balancing, check out the full details here.

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