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Super Mega Baseball 2 Patch 1.06 Available, Patch Notes Here

Super Mega Baseball 2

Super Mega Baseball 2 Patch 1.06 Available, Patch Notes Here

Super Mega Baseball 2 game update 1.06 is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC/Steam, addressing some of the more pressing issues after the release of update 1.05.

Check out the patch notes below.


  • Further tweaks to Pennant Race Ego assignments (slightly higher Egos to reduce offense / run totals).

  • Have the AI be somewhat more willing to bring in the closer in the early and middle parts of the game if necessary.

  • After making an out in the outfield with no runners on base, AI fielders now ensure that they throw the ball in to someone in or closer to the infield.

  • Allow the pitcher to be the selected fielder on more types of infield hits up the middle of the diamond.

Issues addressed

  • Fixed: In online play, the ball stutters substantially after being bunted or hit on certain infield plays, especially when the fielding user is at high Ego.

  • Fixed: Slow motion special effects not properly working in online play.

  • Fixed: In online play, the batter’s bunt state could become out of sync after the batting user enters the pause menu.

  • Fixed: Error noise fails to play when attempting to start a pitch from the stretch before the pitcher has finished coming set.

  • Fixed: AI-controlled outfielders still sometimes jog or hesitate while the user is controlling another fielder.

  • Fixed: In rare cases, the AI makes a poor decision to go for a tag out over a forced out on the back end of a double play.

  • Fixed: Outfielders sometimes run towards the infield on deep fly balls / home runs.

  • Fixed: Middle infielders sometimes run towards home plate immediately after contact on fly balls to the outfield.

  • Fixed: AI makes a double switch that inadvertently sees the new position player playing out of position.

  • Fixed: In online co-op, the catch sound fails to play and ball ribbon trail fails to disappear after the ball is fielded in some cases.

  • Fixed: In online co-op, balls hit to the AI in the infield can appear to get past infielders before being caught.

  • Fixed: In online play, on ball 4, the batter returns to his batting stance after tossing his bat in some cases.

  • Fixed: In online play, the substitution button would remain visible after an auto-ball resulted in ball 4.

  • Fixed: Throwing minigame sometimes flashes twice or appears inadvertently on short throws.

  • Fixed: Crash in Pennant Race when opponent closes the game or disconnects while performing a missing pitcher substitution.

  • Fixed: Base runners who have fully tagged up can suddenly take off on their own immediately after a ball is caught for an out.

  • Fixed: Floating bat can be seen during the post-game summary in Pennant Race if the opponent forfeits between innings.

  • Fixed: Customized batting helmets not being used in Pennant Race and were instead replaced with the base helmet.

  • Fixed: Incorrect Slugging % calculation in Pennant Race team statistics screen.

  • Fixed: Crash when trial expires while in game.

  • Fixed: Blowfish’s home park changed to Swagger Center instead of Colonial Plaza if it hasn’t been customized. 3 teams were using Colonial Plaza, and only the Overdogs were using Swagger Center.

  • Fixed: Red Rock Park missing stadium speaker causing there to be no announcer or walk-up music.

  • Fixed: Bringing up the chat wheel cancelled step-outs.

  • Fixed: In Online MP, hit balls sometimes appear to change directions slightly during slow motion.

  • Fixed: Trying to retreat a runner sliding after another runner reaches the base behind them can sometimes inadvertently stop the runner sliding, potentially leading to the game crashing when the runner was sliding into home.

  • Fixed: Color of pitch bend arrows tweaked to be more visible in Red Rock Park.

  • Fixed: Stability improvements in online MP (PS4 only, these changes were already deployed to Xbox One and Steam in Update 5).

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