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Super Mega Baseball 2 Patch 1.07 Available - Patch Notes Here, New Stadium Available For $3.99

Super Mega Baseball 2

Super Mega Baseball 2 Patch 1.07 Available - Patch Notes Here, New Stadium Available For $3.99

Super Mega Baseball 2 game update 1.07 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC/Steam. The New El Viejo Stadium is available for purchase in the Store on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC/Steam for $3.99.

The team also added a new feature to Pennant Race mode, get the details here. Check out the patch notes below.


  • On a stolen base attempt, it is now more difficult for the runner to successfully retreat back to their starting base, especially in online play.
  • With the exception of base stealing as noted above, base runner fatigue when changing directions has been reduced.
  • Various improvements to net code for better online play experience, including: i) Fewer hit balls suddenly changing directions or being called a strike, and ii) Fewer throws snapping from a good power score to a reduced-accuracy score.
  • In online play, less additional substitution time is awarded after successfully performing a substitution.
  • In online co-op play, the base running and fielding users can now initiate a substitution via the shortcut button.
  • Changed the font on the player cards to be more legible.
  • Pennants on the Pennant Race Awards screen now listed from newest to oldest.
  • A queued throw is now cancelled after a ball is booted (i.e. plays where the “!” appears over the fielder’s head).
  • AI outfielders now tend to take more conservative routes when they think that the ball is too far away to be caught for an out.
  • AI fielders are now less likely to attempt to double-off a runner when there is next to zero chance of the throw being on time.
  • AI base runners now tend to be more aggressive on balls hit in or through the infield.
  • Better camera angles in some scenarios following a hit-by-pitch.
  • In the Player Editor, all players can be randomized at once by doing “Apply To All” with the “Randomize!” button selected.
  • Generating many teams at once is now faster.

Issues Addressed

  • Fixed: Customized batting routines not playing in Pennant Race
  • Fixed: Leaving the chat window while batting would cancel the batter’s step out, even while holding the step out button.
  • Fixed: In online play, the game would sometimes play slow motion after a hit when it should not or vice versa, causing a jarring transition from slow motion to real time.
  • Fixed: In online play, performing a defensive swap without a substitution would incorrectly award additional substitution time.
  • Fixed: In rare instances, an AI pitcher could throw way behind the batter, and the result would be a “phantom” hit-by-pitch.
  • Fixed: In online party play, kicking a user while they were in the substitution menu could potentially prevent the game from continuing.
  • Fixed: Umpire calls “Safe” twice in very quick succession on certain plays.
  • Fixed: The umpire crew is the same for all season games within a given play session.
  • Fixed: In online co-op play, after getting hit by a pitch on the previous play, in some cases the now base running user would see the ball lying on the ground instead of in the pitcher’s hand during the next pitch.
  • Fixed: Various crashes and bugs in the front end while playing a co-op season or elimination.
  • Fixed: In some situations, the game would allow the user to pin the same Pennant Race award to multiple slots.
  • Fixed: “Apply to All” not working correctly for customization options in the Swagger tab.
  • Fixed: Inconsistent pant stripes appearing on some body type / pant type combinations.
  • Fixed: Female hair passing through hat for some head type / hair type combinations.
  • Fixed: Pitch bend arrow color tweaked and given an outline to be more visible.
  • Fixed: Various minor UI bugs.

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