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Super Mega Baseball 2 Patch 1.04 Available, Patch Notes Here

Super Mega Baseball 2

Super Mega Baseball 2 Patch 1.04 Available, Patch Notes Here

Super Mega Baseball 2 game update 1.04 is available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC/Steam. Check out the patch notes below.

Major additions

  • Added new Awards system to Pennant Race mode.
  • Added multi-layer transformations in Logo Editor.
  • Added basic undo support in the Logo Editor.
  • Added ability to view player stats for all teams in a league within season/elimination mode.

Improvements / balancing

  • Reworked AI pitcher strategy to more effectively consider game situation, batter strengths/weaknesses, and swing rate when selecting pitches and pitch locations.
  • Reduced frequency of pitcher idle animations.
  • Slightly reduced pitch speeds at high batting Ego.
  • Increased extra contact provided by the contact swing (does not affect AI batters).
  • Slightly increased difficulty of throwing pitches accurately at high pitching Ego.
  • Reduced fielding assist at high fielding Ego.
  • Tweaked Mojo boosts/penalties such that extreme states are reached slightly less frequently.
  • Tweaked how Mojo and Fitness affect player skill values.
  • Moved 2nd base umpire slightly to make pitches from low arm angle left-handed pitchers easier to see from batter’s perspective.
  • Reduced pitchers’ ability to make plays on sharply hit balls up the middle.
  • AI more properly factors in injuries when choosing relief pitchers.
  • AI now intentionally walks batters in certain situations.
  • AI occassionally throws a pitchout when it thinks a baserunner might be stealing.
  • Added a new help page to explain the pitchout mechanic.
  • Improvements to game ordering in season schedules.
  • Added Pennant Race specific pro-tips.
  • Improved user experience and menu flow after disconnects/forfeits in online play.
  • Game History in Pennant Race now displays all games including those in prior races.
  • Pennant Race standings are now sorted such that players with zero games played are at the bottom.
  • Improved navigation in card view of the Roster screen.
  • Generally faster/smoother menu navigation throughout the game.
  • Changed Mash Taters’ secondary position on the Nemesis from 3B to None (he throws left handed).
  • Changed Mimori Aoshima’s secondary position on the Nemesis from None to 3B.
  • Switched Bambino and Finderre in the Grapplers default batting order to give Bambino better protection in the lineup.
  • [PS4] Added option to allow save data to be restored from backup if it has been corrupted.
  • [PS4] Improved visibility of L1/R1 and L2/R2 icons throughout UI.
  • [STEAM] Added message to clarify that Crowd Density changes aren’t applied until the next game.
  • [STEAM/XBOX ONE] Enabled achievements in online play.
  • [PS4] Enabled trophies in online play.

Issues addressed

  • Fixed: Step-out/substitution exploit in online play.
  • Fixed: Catcher sometimes fails to charge-up and make throw on steal attempts in online play.
  • Fixed: Selecting a new runner could sometimes result in commands being given to the previous runner in online play.
  • Fixed: Ball physics sim would produce extreme/unrealistic bad hops, typically near grass edges.
  • Fixed: Ball physics sim would occasionally allow ball to pass through/beneath outfield walls.
  • Fixed: Physics issues around some foul poles that could cause balls hit off the pole to be ruled foul.
  • Fixed: Fixed issue where baserunners would automatically advance after a dropped infield fly.
  • Fixed: AI fielders could make excessive failed tag attempts while pursuing baserunners.
  • Fixed: AI defenders could fail to tend first base in some situations in which it should be tended.
  • Fixed: AI substituting a player at a major defensive penalty.
  • Fixed: AI frequently starts an injured player only to immediately remove them from the game.
  • Fixed: Players occasionally render incorrectly when viewing teams from Season/Elimination Hubs.
  • Fixed: All instances of duplicate jersey numbers appearing on the same standard teams.
  • Fixed: Crash caused by player names made up of only numeric characters.
  • Fixed: Certain numbers could be visually cut-off on the back of the jerseys.
  • Fixed: Player pose on trading card could change suddenly.
  • Fixed: Non-pitcher could be shown in pitching animations in the player editor.
  • Fixed: Possible crash in Post Game screens in online play after one user has left the game in online play.
  • Fixed: Crash when co-op partner attempts to skip all simulations in online play.
  • Fixed: Co-op partner gets stuck if you enter the season simulator before they’ve returned to the Season Hub after a game.
  • Fixed: Pennant Race standings could display nonsensical data.
  • Fixed: View Standings button could take you to incorrect Pennant Race results.
  • Fixed: Game could freeze after changing your Pennant Race team twice in a row.
  • Fixed: ‘VS’ icon being incorrectly displayed when starting to simulate games.
  • Fixed: Online status being incorrectly reported as “Server Maint” when user is actually offline.
  • Fixed: Party leadership is not properly restored after re-engaging users in certain menus.
  • Fixed: Pause Menu could be incorrectly visible at the end of a game.
  • Fixed: Players being incorrectly excluded from League Leaders stats.
  • Fixed: Team stats sometimes not correctly appearing after simulating a game.
  • [PS4] Fixed: Party joins from PS4 OS no longer cause game to hang on “Initializing”.
  • [XBOX ONE] Fixed: Hang on loading screen after entering team name twice when copying a team.

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