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Play in the NBA Bubble in NBA 2K20 Via Mod By natkra90

nba 2k20 nba bubble mod

NBA 2K20

Play in the NBA Bubble in NBA 2K20 Via Mod By natkra90

The NBA bubble in NBA 2K20 is now a thing courtesy of natkra90 over at NLSC. I love championing the awesome work so many do at NLSC, and this mod is no exception as it is based on the ESPN Wide World of Sports courts. This mod is obviously just for PC (sorry console users), and it’s unclear at this point if 2K will add something like this in a patch as of now.

nba bubble in nba 2k20

This is especially impressive work because this is the first time natkra90 has done 3-D modeling for a stadium in the Blender modding tool. He showcases the NBA bubble mod with a bunch of other mods, which I will call out here as well so you can get the full TV experience:

  • bongo88: TNT Scoreboard, ESPN Breakboard, Studio Show conversions
  • ernel2014: TNT Breakboard
  • GPPatrol: ESPN Scoreboard
  • Looyh: ESPN Wipe
  • TwisT: Studio Shows

If you’re new to the modding scene, The Goods shows how to install this mod over on YouTube (he’s also a good dude).

Now NBA super fans might be saying, “hey this court does not look quite like what the NBA unveiled,” and you’d be right. The mod was made based on assumptions we had about the court, but the actual bubble court does look a bit different as we’re now learning.

However, natkra90 has already stated that there will be an “update to reflect the new graphics” at some point. So if you’re super stickler for accuracy, there is hope for you yet.

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