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NBA 2K20 MyTeam: Series 2 Has Gone Live So Be Aware of These Things

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NBA 2K20 MyTeam: Series 2 Has Gone Live So Be Aware of These Things

The MyTeam Series 2 release is upon us now in NBA 2K20. This is a full refresh of the base 30 team collections (over 400 cards), and it also means the original “live” cards have been removed — at least for now.

myteam series 2 collections

This means ratings have been updated on many cards, and players have been assigned to their new teams post-trade deadline. A lot of what I wrote this morning does apply to these Series 2 cards (for better or worse) but let’s go through some other high-level things.

  • This should allow some of the end-game token rewards to be hit in the very near future. There’s already been a couple people posting the galaxy opal Arvydas Sabonis in their collection, which was impossible before this release today.

myteam series 2 packs

  • These cards have not been split out on their own, so it does most likely mean you’re going to pull these Series 2 pink diamonds when you don’t want to when looking for the new special pink diamonds that are in Moments/Prime/etc. packs. Again, remember that the “live” cards before ended at amethyst so you never had to worry about really pulling them at the top level. Now, you could pull them in some of these special packs (unless 2K tweaks the packs or the odds). It will not only destroy the value of the Series 2 pink diamonds, it will also anger a lot of people who are getting duplicates of Series 2 pink diamonds rather than the new pink diamonds. In other words, unless something changes, your odds basically just got worse when opening promo packs.
  • Heat Check cards do remain in the pool of packs.
  • Depending on how long Series 1 cards stay out of the pack pool, we may see a massive rise in price on some of the silver cards and perhaps other gem levels. So if you didn’t lock in the collections (I’ve said many times before not to!) you may be able to make an insane amount of MT by selling off your Series 1 cards in the near future. Of course, if you care about the token rewards, then you won’t do this. But if you just want as much MT as possible it’s a new avenue to put together a nice bank roll.

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  • These badges are not really upgraded on a lot of the cards — at least in comparison to gem levels for other new cards in recent months. I assumed this would be the case because it falls in line with how the regular “live” cards were badged up, but it will put a damper on the excitement for some. Again, the cards have been upgraded in some respects, just not by as much as you would expect.
  • Continuing with that same concept, the high-end cards are under-statted/badged and bad. Many people are not going to be excited to pull these pink diamonds because they just don’t have the badges to keep up with normal pink diamonds. Series 2 pink diamond Anthony Davis has 0 HOF badges, for example. LeBron James has 4 HOF badges. Giannis has 3.
  • It doesn’t mean all the cards will be bad though. I do think there’s going to be some value plays to be found in the ruby and emerald tiers, and I will most likely have a future post looking at some of those players.

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  1. Don't know who asked for a Marcus Morris Sr. card on the clippers with only four bronze badges. It's this kind of content that would make a casual wonder why the league was making noise about trading for this guy at all. Coming at this point of the year these cards feel mostly soulless and like filler. It's hard to call this meaningful content, imo. Granted, collecting enough cards to get that reward Pippen seemed impossible before, but does anyone really want these cards? I don't. 

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