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NBA 2K20 MyTeam: New Locker Code and Super Pack

spotlight series 2 super pack splash

NBA 2K20

NBA 2K20 MyTeam: New Locker Code and Super Pack

NBA 2K20 MyTeam is offering up a Spotlight Series Super pack today for all the Series 2 players. This comes on top of the new Moments Zion Williamson card. I will continue to be a broken record here and say do not buy these “super packs” but we’ll still talk about them. Also, there’s a new locker code to mention, and I want to discuss something that was available with the prior promo code as well.

Oh, and I guess we may be getting galaxy opal Brandon Roy very shortly if we’re doing super packs, so tomorrow could be interesting.

Spotlight Series Super Pack (Series 2)

Available Players

super pack players

It always looks enticing when you look at the available players, but you could get any number of players from these packs. When factoring in you can only get them with VC, and it’s just not good odds. However, the packs help lower auction house prices a bit, so that’s where you should head for some of these players.


super pack packs

Promo Code

Nice little promo code. I ended up getting 19 tokens since there are bonus tokens to pick up on the board during the drop.

Evolution Kemba Walker

evolution kemba walker

As for the MLK promo code that can award you the Kemba Walker card above, just be aware he’s not worth upgrading. He gets two HOF badges total when he reaches diamond. Getting two HOF badges at diamond in this meta just won’t cut it. It’s a free card so it’s not frustrating or anything, I just don’t want anyone to really waste their time. In comparison, the Moments of the Week 8 diamond Kemba Walker has 7 HOF badges and is better overall in every sense.

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