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MLB The Show 20 Trophies List Revealed

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MLB The Show 20

MLB The Show 20 Trophies List Revealed

TrueTrophies have posted the full list of MLB The Show 20 trophies, which includes 26 in total. Nine bronze, nine silver, seven gold and one platinum.

We’ve listed a few of them below, any in particular catch your eye?

  • Collect any 30 Gold tier player cards. (Complete this trophy within Diamond Dynasty “Collect” menu, inside the “Collections” tile.) – 90
  • Win a Final Showdown in Diamond Dynasty. – 90
  • Tie the score after being down by 3 runs in a game. (This trophy is not awarded if completed in a local multiplayer game, practice mode, or by switching teams.) – 90
  • Hit with “Perfect Hit” contact for a home run. – 30

MLB The Show 20 is scheduled to release on March 17, 2020. For those of you that pre-order any of the collector’s editions: MVP Edition, the GameStop Exclusive 15th Anniversary Edition, or the PS Store Exclusive Digital Deluxe Edition, you will gain access to the game four days early, for Early Access Weekend, starting on March 13, 2020.

Here are the pre-order bonuses for each MLB The Show 20 edition.

For those of you asking about the Xbox version? Well… MLB The Show is coming to additional console platforms beyond PlayStation, as early as 2021. So you’re not getting it this year.


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  1. Almost all Diamond Dynasty. I'm not a trophy chaser, but usually the Show focuses trophies on its focus that year. New features and modes etc.
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    Nothing for franchise, nothing for RttS, about 10 for DD, one for Mto and one for Challenge of the week. Sounds about right

    While most of them do have to do with DD tie in there are some that work for any mode.
    Not that I care at all. I don't chase trophies in any games.
    Being someone who never has earned a Platinum trophy because most have so high online requirements, I am looking forward to getting my first Platinum just because these all seem very doable for a 'limited' online gamer.
    only trophy I'm interested in is that piece o' metal they hand out in the fall.
    but seriously, you'd think there would be plenty of trophies for franchise for every teams rivals. say like the Cardinals win the yearly series against the Cubs, you get a Route 66/I-55 trophy, and say then in the next year you lose to the Cubs as St. Louis for the season, you lose that trophy, so it wouldn't be exactly the same as the regular trophies, nope, it'd be better. and the game in which you clinch your season series, they have a little cutscene where the players are hoisting the rivalry trophy.
    oh, and I do need a participation trophy. this is America, after all lol
    Being someone who never has earned a Platinum trophy because most have so high online requirements, I am looking forward to getting my first Platinum just because these all seem very doable for a 'limited' online gamer.

    The only Platinum I have ever achieved was MLB The Show '18. Obviously I played the heck out of that one.
    Pretty surprised there isn't one for rebranding a team in franchise, or for playing in an online league, as they usually put ones to encourage people to try out new features (as they have with the perfect homer, perfect relay and Showdown)
    Looks a pretty half hearted effort in general tbh, you could probably knock them out in an afternoon by the look of it
    Kind of a weak list. Worst ever though was last years dumb make it to championship ranked seasons. Robbed me of a platinum!
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    Yeah, that's the one keeping me from the 19 platinum!
    This actually looks pretty easy. For those who don't play DD, you can get most of the trophies by just playing vs CPU in DD.
    While I have never platinumed any MLBtS game, I’ve only ever came close 1 time. Which was MLB 15, currently sitting at 81% (3 trophies left). I’ve gotten over 50% a few times, and I can already tell I won’t come close on this list. I don’t like the majority of it being in DD. I mean if there are a handful, that’s fine but most of the trophies should be completed through any mode. Kinda sad, but it is what it is.
    This is a platinum trophy that could be earned completely naturally, without manipulation (as it should be). I’m surprised there is nothing directly tied to franchise or rtts lol

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