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Crowd Noise From MLB The Show 20 Will Be Featured in MLB Games


MLB The Show 20

Crowd Noise From MLB The Show 20 Will Be Featured in MLB Games

When MLB’s 60-game season finally starts on July 23, every team in the league will use artificial crowd noise, straight out of MLB The Show 20.

As some of you may recall, FIFA 20 crowd noises and chants are featured in live Premier League broadcasts and the NBA might use crowd noises from NBA 2K20.


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  1. so stupid, they do this for soccer matches too, there's no reason for it at all. it can't possibly be about a few loose curse words because any live broadcast is on a 5 second delay. so what's the point of this? it would be so much better to hear the crack of the bat, snap of the glove, etc. without empty crowd noise
    I was hoping for an app that MLB would use that would allow fans tuning into a game to allow mic on. When 100s of thousands of recordings added together would be like crowd noise. When a big hit or strike out happens and would get natural response.
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    I'm watching the Tigers intersquad game on MLBtv right now and they're pumping in crowd noise and it actually doesn't sound awful.
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    Yeah I could see if the crowd sound was amazing! It's lacked for years with a slight improvement for 19 and 20! Definitely on the list for PS5. As many has said you cannot tell the difference between a regular game and a play off or world series game. So there is a lot left to be desired in the crowd noise and interaction department. I am pulling for PS5 but if it misses out of the gate it will say a lot.
    ... and the NBA might use crowd noises from NBA 2K20
    That's too bad, because the NBA 2K's crowd and ambient arena sounds suck. They sound painfully "videogamey".
    Other than NBA Live using "Go Spurs Go" in every single arena, the Show has some of the worst crowd audio ever. I actually don't believe them. I actually think they are not telling the truth. They might as well use the audio from RBI Baseball. Or seriously, use the audio from MLB 2k13. That's the last time we had good audio in a baseball game.
    Man, I don’t know. Watching a Reds inter-squad game. With no fans in the seats, but this canned crowd noise? Will have a hard time getting into a game this year.
    Watched a lot of European soccer with empty stadiums and the only time I noticed the fake crowd noise was when something happened that would have really gotten the crowd going it didn't have the same energy. For the most part I didn't notice it though.

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