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Feb 16, 2009

Feb 16, 2009

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Xbox 360
Feb 01, 2009


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Jan 16, 2009
Reader Score
3 on 3 NHL Arcade currently has an average Reader Score of 7.5/10.
Vote Now to contribute to this score. Before 3 on 3 NHL Arcade was released, 12 OS members voted and gave it a Hype Score of 8/10.
# 21 FoxHoundADAM @ 04/30/10 10:04 AM
Reader Score: 8

NHL Open Ice all over again.

# 20 hawkeye2188 @ 01/11/10 12:57 PM
Reader Score: 8

I'll say an 8 if your playing with friends but for me when i played alone it was a 5.

# 19 NAFBUC @ 06/09/09 12:32 PM
Reader Score: 7

Wide open hockey, but the big heads was not needed.

# 18 pfunk880 @ 05/12/09 02:04 AM
Reader Score: 5

It is a fun game at first, but the replay value is very limited. I would say though, that overall, it was worth the $10 I paid for it.

# 17 Chrmcityzfinest @ 05/06/09 12:43 PM
Reader Score: 6

Probably said a million times before, but it should be a mini game on NHL '09. It shouldn't be a stand alone game.

# 16 TheRunAndShoot @ 05/05/09 07:23 PM
Reader Score: 8

Very enjoyable, but lacks depth. Replayability is moderate. Still worth the $10 imo. Best sports game on XBLA.

# 15 bronco4434 @ 03/03/09 09:43 AM
Reader Score: 7.5

Fun game but with no season mode the game falls short of being a must buy. The appeal goes away after a couple days of playing.

# 14 rspencer86 @ 02/23/09 07:57 PM
Reader Score: 7.5

Sometimes, great things really do come in small packages. 3 on 3 NHL Arcade is one of them.

NHL Arcade is a great pick-up-and-play game that especially shines when playing with friends. The controls are easy to learn, even for someone who hasn't played a hockey game since NHL '95. The fact that there are no stoppages of play ensures there is never a dull moment.

The variety of powerups included makes for some interesting strategy, although I believe there could be better balance. The game features three player skill types: fast, strong, and all-around. Since the only way to earn powerups is by checking your opponent, though, strong players seem to be more valuable than fast players.

Playing online is fun, and you can get in several games in even as little as half an hour. I wish there were more online features and game modes, such as the ability to create a friends-list only lobby or tournaments. As is, there isn't much to do except play exhibition matches.

At it's price point ($9.99), though, 3 on 3 NHL Arcade delivers quite a bit of bang for your buck. If you are looking for a deep, fully featured, simulation style hockey game, look elsewhere. If you want an inexpensive, fast, fun multiplayer experience, I would recommend this title wholeheartedly.

# 13 Boucher @ 02/05/09 03:29 PM
Reader Score: 9

i get it free

ps3 ftw

As of February 04, 2009 3 on 3 NHL Arcade has been released. It received a Hype Score of 8/10 from 12 voters.
# 12 NAFBUC @ 01/19/09 06:38 AM
Hype Score: 8

This should be a fast and furious arcade game. Have quick pick up games with your buddies. Should be a goal winner.


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