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Apr 22, 2008
Apr 22, 2008

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Little League World Series 2008 currently has an average Reader Score of 7/10.
Vote Now to contribute to this score. Before Little League World Series 2008 was released, 4 OS members voted and gave it a Hype Score of 9/10.
# 5 JkA3 @ 10/06/09 11:27 AM
Reader Score: 7

cool - but too hard for my son.

As of August 05, 2008 Little League World Series 2008 has been released. It received a Hype Score of 9/10 from 4 voters.
# 4 brk1078 @ 07/25/08 12:14 PM
Hype Score: 8

A little voice in my head wants me to get this game... It wont go away.

# 3 ComfortablyLomb @ 04/24/08 09:22 AM
Hype Score: 10

More baseball games!!!

# 2 MikeRo72 @ 04/23/08 11:42 PM
Hype Score: 10

looks great!

# 1 Steelerfan2k1 @ 04/23/08 04:19 PM
Hype Score: 9

I am going to go out on a limb and give this a high hype score.

Ever since getting the Wii and really enjoying the 3 baseball training games in Wii Sports (home run derby, hitting to lf, cf and rf, and straight bp), I have been hoping for a great baseball game on the Wii that really does a great job replicating the motions of the sport in playing the game.

That was almost a year and a half ago, and I am still waiting. I preordered The Bigs, Power Pros and MLB2K8 for the Wii, and followed every preview and message board on those games up to day one. Each time, the Wii controls in these games were incredibly disappointing.

Still though, even though I have been disappointed three times, this first batch of screenshots looks very promising (plus the fact that you can customize players, and it looks like there will be meaningful differences in ability between players).

This is on my list again, and unless previews tell us that the Wii controls are going to be minimal (or not based at all on motions from the real game of baseball), it will probably be a day one purchase for me.