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The Golf Club 2 Features Trailer & Interview with Producer Shaun West

The Golf Club 2

The Golf Club 2 Features Trailer & Interview with Producer Shaun West

GameInformer has posted a new developer trailer for The Golf Club 2, giving fans a glimpse of the revamped course creator, online competitions and more.

They have also posted an interview with producer, Shaun West, answering questions on Societies, new tempo swing, course creation, and much more.

How does the game handle bringing your offline Society online? Does the entire Society (clubhouse, etc.) go online, or is it just the money that transfers?

The only things that carry over from Career Mode to Societies are your earnings and any player customizations that have been purchased. The progression of a Society will evolve as it grows with members and more prestigious events.

When online Societies are playing against each other, in terms of matchmaking, does it matter if the Societies are of different member sizes or have more money in the bank?

When competing in Society vs Society there will be multiple leaderboards for each event. Depending on the number of members you have completing in that event, your Society will be grouped in a corresponding leaderboard. All Societies will be free to complete in any event that’s being held, if they can meet the criteria set by the hosting Society.

Read the full interview and watch the trailer here.

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