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Three for July: Bringing Back Some Greats

Football Manager 2018

Three for July: Bringing Back Some Greats

Summer is when indie developers back off from the release schedule a bit with sports games — which means its a good time to revisit some oldies this month you may have skipped over if you want to take your sports gaming in a few new directions.

First off, my recommendations for June are still 100% recommended.

But I’d like to introduce to your library three more games you may not have given a chance towards…

Football Manager 2018

Ok I admit this game is NOT an indie title if you ask anyone not from America — but you are probably soccer (erm, football) crazy right now. Football Manager is one of the perennial sports game champions. It made management sims cool before even Out of the Park Baseball (a three for May recommendation).

The exceptional depth, various options, and quite honestly, compelling gameplay will keep you coming back and you may even learn a thing or two about the glorious game.

The Golf Club 2

The Golf Club 2019 is coming later this summer complete with a PGA Tour license — but if you want to get a headstart with your swing, you can get The Golf Club 2 right now.

The Golf Club is a brutally realistic golf simulation with unlimited replayability with literally thousands of user courses. Some are completely fictional, some are based very closely on real to life courses. Highly recommended to get you started for the upcoming season.

Rocket League

I must admit, I struggled a bit to come to a third recommendation but it was as obvious as ever. Some of you have never indulged in Rocket League yet and I’m here to tell you that you should spend the next few weeks in the build up to the sports gaming AAA season finding out why everyone fell in love with this game in the first place.

There’s been so many patches and so much DLC, you’ve got hours upon hours of fun gameplay to be enjoyed. If you dismissed this one initially, I’m imploring you to give it a go before the rush of new sports games hits next month.

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