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The Golf Club 2 Patch 1.03 Available Now For PS4, Next Week For Xbox One - Patch Notes

The Golf Club 2

The Golf Club 2 Patch 1.03 Available Now For PS4, Next Week For Xbox One - Patch Notes

The Golf Club 2 patch 1.03 is available now for PlayStation 4 and should be available on Monday or Tuesday next week, for Xbox One.

  • Added checks to better determine whether users are cheating while playing their rounds. Users caught cheating will have their scorecards removed and other repercussions will be determined in the future.
  • Course Creator – “Move Hole” could become unresponsive over time.
  • Correct publishing messages are now being shown when a courses publish fails for a specific limitation.
  • Users with no HCP are displaying 36.4 in the Members list of a society this will now show no HCP when required.
  • Course regeneration times have been improved on console when using the Course Designer.
  • Wind ratings have been fixed for all events in society events to have all users playing with the same settings regardless of time of day.
  • Addressed a limitation preventing the full use of the withdraw function in Career Mode.
  • Resolved a limitation stopping some users from accessing their society events.
  • Ability to view all golfers profiles whether you’re friends or not has been addressed.
  • Addressed the loss of d-pad function on PS4 after using the touchpad.
  • UI: The User’s stroke count was increasing by 1 in the replay scorecard HUD after the user watches a replay and lets it cycle through a 2nd time.
  • The ball label of player 1 is no longer missing its distance to pin read-out.
  • Ball label colors of player 1 and player 2 have been corrected
  • Ball labels appear on active ball
  • Labels no longer remain on balls that are holed out.
  • Ball marker no longer follows the users ball in single player games off the drive
  • Placing objects in the course creator regeneration time has been improved.
  • Optimized memory used when creating a heavily object populated 18 hole course.
  • Ghosts are now being sorted properly when using the score filter.
  • Added a High Visibility HUD option to make white text easier to read for vision impaired users.
  • UI: Course Designer: Main Menu is displaying KB/M controls when the user is using Gamepad controls after leaving the Course Designer.
  • Improved the impact of DOF settings being applied in-game.
  • Added National Flags which can now be used as crests for emblems.
  • Potential improvement made for those experiencing hitching in their back swing on PC and Consoles.
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