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The Golf Club 2 Server Issues Update, HB Studios Adding 5,000 Coins For Active Users

The Golf Club 2

The Golf Club 2 Server Issues Update, HB Studios Adding 5,000 Coins For Active Users

The Golf Club 2 servers have been an issue since launch and the team from HB Studios have been working hard to get them stabilized. The official Twitter account has posted an update this evening, as they continue to optimize and address the issues. Also of note, they are adding 5,000 coins to all active accounts over the weekend.

The team at HB Studios has been working diligently to resolve the server issues that have been reported. We would like to thank you for your patience and are happy to say that we have optimized the servers reducing the disconnection issues.

We have addressed an issue blocking some users from sometimes accessing Career or Societies. We will be continuing to monitor and optimize the server usage as we move forward.

Out of appreciation we will be adding 5000 coins to all active users accounts over the weekend, thanks again and we will see you on the course.


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  1. Good stuff! Haven't had any disconnect issues since sometime last night. Looks like they got it sorted out!
    The 5000 coins is nice I suppose.
    Hopefully the stats were still being tracked somewhere. I know on my golfer profile page, my stats for my first 3 rounds disappeared during all the disconnects, then one round I shot +6 and it saved, but nothing I've played since then has saved or updated the stats page, and I'm working on my 12th or so round now online. That's disappointing.
    Got kicked today and all my rounds just vanished and now have to play 5 rounds for the handicap to show up again. Brutal. I love the game though and will continue to play. I love the societies part, such a blast even though my highest finish was t84 out of 330 people
    Edit: logged out and back in and it all came back. I got back online after it booted me a d didn't show my stuff. Seems to be fine now
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