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Tennis World Tour Patch 1.07 Available - Patch Notes Here

Tennis World Tour

Tennis World Tour Patch 1.07 Available - Patch Notes Here

Tennis World Tour game update 1.07 is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, featuring graphical updates, new customization options, AI improvements and more.

Check out the patch notes below.

New features

Weekly community challenges have been added!
  • Each week, a challenge will be displayed in the online menu. The efforts of each and every player will be tallied toward the community objective.
  • 2 individual timed objectives will also be available until completion or until they expire.
Individual and community objectives are a new way to unlock items.

Career Mode

Career mode has been updated with new screens and improvements:
  • A month now consists of 2 event choices instead of one.
  • A «Details» button has been added to tournaments, which will display the gains for every round (XP, ranking points, money).The points earned in the previous season for this tournament are also displayed with a marker (since ranking points are tallied throughout a rolling year).
  • A new screen will appear at the end of a season, displaying an overview of the season results and a comparison with the previous year. (You need to play at least two seasons with the patch, or create a new player to see this screen).


  • Results from past tournaments seasons can be reviewed in the form of Tournament brackets. (Go to the Calendar tab in the Career mode and navigate to the tournament you want to review and press «See results». This includes tournaments you didn’t participate in).
  • Various statistics such as winners, aces, 1st serve ratio etc. are recorded across all modes and can be displayed in the character’s page. (For a custom character, navigate to the portrait, left to the archetype points, and enter the menu).
  • The «Career» tab can be reached to display your track records in tournaments: best round reached and number of titles won for each one.
  • You can switch between records with any character and your global records. For official players, press the «View stats» button to see their page, then press again «View stats» to access your personal records with this player.
  • In Season mode, a new screen will give you the detail of the points earned and lost by you and your opponents, with a detailed information about your respective leagues and win/loss records.


  • Clay courts have been improved graphically
  • Crowd animations and choreography has been improved.


New outfits have been added for star players:
  • Nike Madison Keys – Spring 2018, and her racket is now accessible for custom characters
  • Bouchard – 2018 Outfit
  • Goffin – Australia outfit 2018 + Wilson racket (also accessible for custom characters)
  • Monfils – Australia 2018


  • AI will stick to its baseline more, if it’s not a preparing a serve & volley.
  • Tweaked the occurrence of AI faults depending on difficulty.


  • The first skill, skill slot and deck slot are unlocked at level 2 instead of level 3.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed ball trajectory synchronization in the Online modes
  • Maxime Teixeira now correctly unlocks as a playable character when Academy School is 100% complete.
  • Fixed the «Round» displayed in «My performance» in the Tournament result screen when forfeiting before a match. It was off by one round in this case.
  • The «All that glitters» trophy can now be correctly unlocked. (PS4 ONLY)
  • Fixed an issue where when quitting a match at the end of the game, and starting a new match, the animation showing the score of the previous match was still being played.
  • Fixed an issue where Spanish players were displayed as French in the leaderboards.


  • Controller vibrations added on strokes (this can be disabled in the Options menu).
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