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Small Changes Would Make the NBA 2K20 Uniform Editor Much Better

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NBA 2K20

Small Changes Would Make the NBA 2K20 Uniform Editor Much Better

Until the NBA season starts and all the MyLeague bugs get sorted out (we’re getting there with the latest patch), I spend my time in NBA 2K within the uniform creator. I’ll usually redesign all 30 team uniforms/courts, making the league look how I want it to look, and most importantly, making sure no team has garish sponsorship patches muddying up their looks. In NBA 2K19, there was a bug where third uniforms wouldn’t upload, or they would be erased after saving/downloading. This really set me back, and I didn’t spend as much time with the game I wanted. The third jersey bug was eventually fixed, and I’m hoping the same can be said for a few other lingering issues/requested changes within the uniform creator in NBA 2K20.


There are four main objects on every uniform within the editor: back number, the front number, the name on the back, and whatever image is placed on the front of the jersey (usually a watermark-like object of some sort). These all appear to exist on different axes, which makes centering all of them rather difficult. In the image below, all four objects are at .50 on the X-axis, which should be directly in the middle. They’re even more off-center when you first open the creator.

Another issue with some of the objects is the size and scale. The default aspect ratio for the numbers on the back of the uniform is .58/.50. For some reason, the aspect ratio on the front of the uniform is .63/.47. Last week, the name on the back was showing your PSN/Xbox username (in lowercase?), and it was incredibly small. Adjusting the size of the name was inaccurate because the actual names on the actual jersey were larger than what was shown in the creator. This has since been fixed and gives me hope that some more of these items can be fixed in the future.

There’s also a weird tilt happening on the left side of the uniform with manual images, which you can see in the picture below. If you put the image on the right side of the uniform, notice how it lines up in proportion to the shoulder stripes. Now, look at how the same image lines up on the left side.

You’ll notice that the axes are not equal parts away from zero. But, visually, the stripe is in the same spot over the cut in the shorts. The stripe on the right is taking into account that the tucked jersey folds in. This creates the illusion that the stripes are misaligned. The stripe on the left is not doing this. This also means the axis is based on the jersey and not the shorts.

Speaking of the shorts, it seems we’ve lost the ability to zoom in when placing images on them. This is something we had last year.

The “simple” fix for all of these would be to have everything in the right place at the start. The .58/.50 ratio looks appropriate for both numbers so make that the default, then put the name at a reasonable size, and, finally, center everything.


One of the things most asked for is more image slots. If you want the Nike/NBA logo on the uniform and/or shorts, that’s 2-4 slots right there. Getting word marks, logos and personally made stripes/patterns gets you to 10, or more.

Another thing that I would find helpful is the ability to copy/flip an image. Right now, the rotation and resizing elements do a good job, but the ability to copy an image with its aspect ratio intact, and flip it horizontally or vertically would be a welcome time-saver. You have to wonder if moving the relocation design elements online could open space for more all-around options.


I went through the number fonts in the game and matched them to the real team/uniform to which they correspond. (Please excuse all years shown, as they are just estimates).

The first weird thing that jumps out at me is the question marks. I’ve put in parentheses my best guess as to what should be there. These are mostly newer team fonts, but they all show up as a weird generic block font with no outline. We’re also missing the Warriors’ current font, and the one they used last year.

The second weird thing I notice is the sort order of these fonts. If I didn’t know any better, I would assume the Wizards would be last on the list. But the Wizards are sorted as the Bullets, the Pelicans as the Hornets, and the Thunder as the Sonics. 

When working with certain number fonts (Font #73 for example), there are three “layers” to the number: the number itself and two outlines. However, the number and the outside outline are tied together and must be the same color, even though on the real uniform this font is used (the Timberwolves Garnett-era throwback) that is not the case. There are also a few fonts where there are black outlines that are unable to be edited.

The numbers also appear to be of a different material than the rest of the uniform, which makes them shiny, in turn making them much brighter than intended when you use your team colors. It would be great if the game could recognize the selected color as the same color as the final product on the number.


The color wheel is just decent. Being able to enter RGB values or use an eyedropper tool would be nice. Due to the color issue with the numbers mentioned above, you almost always need more than three colors at your disposal. So, knowing exactly which color to use by having the values available, and not guessing every time with the color wheel, would be easier.

There also seems to be an issue with team colors and accessory colors. The new feature to select accessory colors for each team before the game is great, but it seems random for created uniforms. I know they are tied to colors at a certain position of the jersey (it seems to be some combination of shoulder stripe, jersey color and number color?), but I don’t have access to all my team colors. Look what happens when I re-create the Orlando Magic look from the mid-90s.

Blue accessories are not an option for this uniform. It would be great to be able to select accessory color options for each uniform within the creator.

Layer Options

This year we can put images on top of the waistband area, but not without a drawback. If you’re not happy with the piping/striping options available, you can create your own. However, the stripe now overlaps with the waistband (this looks especially weird if there’s a pattern on the waistband, and it happens every time on the left side of the shorts).

There are also a few options for shoulder stripes that don’t take up the whole shoulder stripe area, which causes side panel striping to abruptly end.

It would be nice if everything on the jersey was opened up for layering purposes — i.e. being able to put a stripe under the waistband but over the shoulder stripes.


There are almost 50 in-game options for piping/striping and a lot of them look familiar. The Suns’ current stripes are present, as are the Bucks, Wizards, Pelicans, Blazers, Jazz, among others. Last year’s design for the Grizzlies’ gray City Edition uniforms was “leaked” in the editor in 2K19. Even some old looks, like the Clippers, Kings and Nuggets designs from earlier this decade are available.

One of the big things I noticed this year versus a few years ago isn’t the number of striping options added, rather it’s the number of striping options taken out. Several simpler options have been removed. This could be a rights thing. I think there was a change in options available after Nike took over. But that still doesn’t explain why the Clippers and Kings designs from 2013 are in there.

It makes sense to have the full Nike jersey template available (the ones with that awful shoulder stripe design) — the shorts are currently included. Though, to not abandon some of the more traditional folks, I would keep the current shoulder designs in there as well. This would mirror the way we can select V-neck, U-neck or wishbone collars.

It would be ideal to have templates available for all the jerseys in the game. I think a solid starting point would be to have every team’s current template present, and some of the more traditional striping patterns added back in as well. NCAA Football’s TeamBuilder did a very good job of getting many in-use templates into the system.


With fewer traditional court designs and alternate courts becoming more popular, the need for a more robust court editor becomes greater. One of the most requested things is the ability to put your own images on the court, wherever you want, whether that be the center court logo or a logo inside the three-point line like New Orleans does. This would also allow for easier re-creations of the crazy courts of the 1990s, like the ones in Charlotte or Houston.

A stronger court creator would ideally include the ability to put your own designs as the out of bounds area, something like Memphis has, or like the leaked alternate Mavericks court of this season. Being able to add custom word-mark images along the baselines would be a welcome addition.

The creative community within NBA 2K20 is sizable, and they make the game enjoyable for a large number of people. These fixes would go a long way towards making their jobs easier, whether patched/band-aided this year, or fully updated in NBA 2K21. What worries me about fixing some of these now is that it might mess up the current creations already out there, especially via the alignment issues if the axes are reset.

Are there any issues I missed? Should the uniform/court creator be moved online like TeamBuilder? Do you hate sponsorship patches as much as I do? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. This is an aspect of the game I'm truly passionate about, so I figure I bring my own list.
    City Selection:
    I'd like to see this updated with more selections, namely going South of the Border into Mexico, among other places to relocate a team. I'd also like this to become meaningful commentary material. It could be something that's brought up on occasion if you decide to relocate a team. Would love to see the fans react realistically to your decision as well, regardless if they love it or hate it.
    Team Branding:
    I agree with needing the additions of having RGB values and a colorpicker tool being used to be more accurate and less time-consuming. So the one thing in this section I'd want would be an audio name selection. It's annoying to want to edit existing NBA teams, only to realize, moving forward, that they will no longer recognize the team by their nicknames.
    Arena/Court Editing:
    Arena Type:
    It needs to expand beyond the current selection of 12. I'd like to see all 30 NBA arenas be available for use, but all of them scrubbed away of any NBA branding on the inside. In addition to that, add more generic areans that would range between small venues, mid-size venues, and large, professional venues.
    The same concept stated in arena type applies here. A marked improvement would be to have more options to choose what's shown on the jumbotron itself. And you should be able to have a separate display package for the ribbon boards in the arena.
    Scores Table:
    Need more than just the 5 options we've had; more choices between the digital and more traditional scores table types. There needs to be an option to have selections separate from the table and the ads that you can place on the frame of the stanchion.
    Should be time to allow logo placement onto the stanchion padding to replicate what's seen in actual NBA arenas. There's no reason we shoudn't have more options for this either; we need to be able to choose different types of baskets that range between the timeframe of the 60s uo to what's current, and the same should apply for the shot clocks.
    I haven't put much thought into this, but I will give the option of changing the styles of the seats themselves, and aesthetically, have the option to do patterns on the seats. (See NHL 19's Create a Team. Pretty deep, immersive feature in their game)
    Arena Sounds:
    Bring back the ability to upload your own sounds. That would be an easier way to replicate what's actually heard across the league's arenas.
    Court Editing:
     I agree with what most of what Chris stated in his article, but I'd add more hardwood pattern types, as well as more hardwood stains. The current selection between Very Light and Very Dark could stand to be expanded and more appropriately accurate. (see NBA Live 19's court creator)
    Uniform Editing:
    Once again, I agree with most of what was said, but the fonts, number colors, and accessory colors stick out most to me. It's time that the name on back and jersey numbers color issue gets addressed. There's no reason I should have to seek out a different color to resemble what's on the rest of the uniform when the values should just match (RGB values would help here too). More/new fonts are long overdue, and it's time to be able to add or subtract outlines for the numbers and name on back; it would help more fonts be usable and allow for more congruence between your font and jersey design. And to the accessory colors, what's weird is you can choose the sock color for your custom alternate uniform, but not your home and road customs. And for the accessory selection, it should be your top 3 colors found in team branding, and have white and black on standby in all the selections. Another thing to note, would be to allow the Nike/NBA branding to remain on the socks. I'm sure that can be updated, as opposed to just having plain socks. 
    One idea that would help the issue with the number of image slots they allow, would be to have the Nike symbol be a default on the shorts and jerseys. Nike makes the NBA uniforms and the placement of the Swoosh is the same on every team's uniforms. So 2K could have the Swoosh be the default and you can toggle it on or off, in a similar fashion you can toggle the jersey number to appear on the shorts or not. They could do the same thing with the NBA logo as well. This way creators wouldn't have to use up slots for the Swoosh and the NBA logo. If going for an authentic look, that's at least 4 slots for the branding and NBA logo.

    Until the NBA season starts and all the MyLeague bugs get sorted out (we're getting there...
    Written By: Chris Huber
    Click here to view the article.

    Can you please push to have a patch where we can manually choose our accessory color and sock color for created uniforms, sucks to not have white and black as automated sock color options when creating road jerseys for 90s teams
    I wholeheartedly agree with this article and this should be sent over to the 2K developers. The MyLeague customization has gotten dull and hardly anything has changed since NBA 2K16. However, I personally think that the color wheel needs to be removed and replaced with an RGB/HTML color slider. It is a tedious process to fidget around the color wheel just to find an exact match that a user is looking for. Implementing an RGB or HTML color slider would save time and allow for creators to enter an exact color code value in seconds. Outside of the uniform editor, I would like to be able to place additional team logos and slogans on the court in the arena editor. At the moment, we can only place arena name logos and we cannot upload our own logos on the baseline, stanchion, nor underneath the basket. For instance, the baseline and basket logos are only in text. Plus, the center court logo is stuck at a 1:1 ratio and you cannot vertically nor horizontally adjust the image.
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    **** off
    Aligning the jersey stripes, names, and numbers is the most frustrating part of the process,
    After that, mismatched jersey number colors. Just why. Why? 
    Next, taking up a slot for the NBA and Nike logos, and having to guess at their exact placement. This should be a simple OFF/LEFT/RIGHT/CUSTOM option for the front jersey and front of shorts, and a similar ON/OFF for the back of the jersey
    Changing default accessory colors would be huge. Shoes and socks especially. If I want all of my players in bright teal shoes with yellow socks, then dang it, let me do it. 
    I don't think that moving the uni creator online would be helpful, and would probably make it inaccessible to most casual creators.  But having the ability to create a full uni online and import it might be cool! 
    Nice article man.
    They need to add in the Jason Kidd NJ Nets era numbers, which were double outline.  No jersey number in the game has a three color selection- only two.  
    2K18 had this correct.
    Hello everyone, i'm new to this. Agree with all of you yet said. But it just make me think more how much 2k is lazy, sleeping on the comfortable money bed they made thanks to those who just want to play a ****ty basketball match between Lebron and Mj with more dunks then dribbles. But this is a bit off topic. Talking about uniform editor. I think they also should try to minimize the logos use by making stripes and trim and fonts more editable, like you select a kind of side stripe and then you can make it larger or thinner, shorter, flipping it and so on. As you said font selection is awful, and they should add more with different options like shadowdrop, single, double or triple trim and so long. More the accessories is something that really i don't understand, that makes me think 2k team it's a bunch of lazy *******s that didn't try the game ( just kidding... i yet know they didn't, other more important things confirm that). Anyway, why the **** you make me choose before the game uniform and accessories, for example i choose my created orange alternate for the knicks, select the orange accessories, and orange socks (as someone said, the only jersey that allow you to select different socks color), and when the game start, i notice there are black socks, just... why? plus it makes my think again why? why can't i choose the shoe colors? (base and accents, plus it would nice if you can select shoes colors also when you choose uniforms in a normal match). Other things that comes in mind, the warmups things are really standard, and could be really standard. You choose a logo for your team, why the **** 2k can just put it on a nike swoosh hoodie? Following this logic, it would be nice to select a logo, maybe even a second one, and a font for your team identity, so you'll have materials for automatic standard things, adn you still could do a special uniform with a different font in the uni editor. there's nothing more in mind right now, so i'll end up asking to the unfortunate who'll read this, is there an official 2k forum or something like that where fans are really listened (or at least pretended to be listened) where someone could expose his doubt considering that i have a lot? Anyway thanks for the attention guys, let's hope Nba live will become a good videogame one day, so that those 2k *******s realize they have to actually improve the game.

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