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NBA 2K20: Thunder Shaq's Ultimate Retro Roster Trailer (PC)

nba 2k20 ultimate retro roster

NBA 2K20

NBA 2K20: Thunder Shaq's Ultimate Retro Roster Trailer (PC)

One of the best rosters we’ve seen is being highlighted by Alex Strauther in his first video for OS. In it, he hypes up the Ultimate Custom Legends Roster created by Thunder Shaq on PC for NBA 2K20.

If you’re involved in the custom rosters scene at all, you’ve probably heard of Thunder Shaq as his retro rosters were already legendary before this year’s game. You can get a full breakdown of the roster here from Thunder Shaq, and it includes suggestions for other PC mods and what teams are available (there are well over 100 teams that span from the 1960s to the 2010s). All you have to do on PC is search for Thunder Shaq on PC and you should find the roster files.

Again, you can go even further to make these rosters sing, but hopefully this piques your interest enough to seek these amazing rosters out. Feel free to subscribe to our YouTube page if you’re into these rosters as we’ll be trying to highlight more amazing work by members of the sports gaming community in future videos.


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