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NBA 2K20 MyTeam: Moments of the Week 11 Brings With It PD Tatum and Jokic

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NBA 2K20

NBA 2K20 MyTeam: Moments of the Week 11 Brings With It PD Tatum and Jokic

Moments of the Week 11 is here in NBA 2K20 MyTeam. The reward Jokic card looks very good, but it’s hard to say how long it will look that way. There is a pink diamond Jayson Tatum here as well.

Moments Of The Week 11 Players

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I don’t have much to say yet on these guys, but I wonder if we’re back to always getting at least one pink diamond in the Moments again. Jokic has HOF Dimer, Quick Draw and Range Extender so that’s really good. He’s going to be a unique and fantastic center on offense. His gold badges are not bad on defense, but he’s still going to leave something to be desired there. I stick to my “don’t lock stuff in” rule here, but I get why some people would want him.

Tatum remains a very meta player this season due to his shooting motion, but Kuzma is a little more iffy on that front. I don’t like Kuzma’s jumper, and since greens are so important this year, it’s almost an automatic DQ for him in my book.

I may check back in with some deeper reviews, but no guarantees because I don’t think Moments of the Week 11 moves the needle too much. I suspect my mindset could change when I look at the numbers a bit more and play with them (Melo usually is great in 2K so that ruby might be a budget monster), but for now nothing stands out too much beyond Tatum and Jokic.

In the meantime, you can analyze these players a bit more if you want over at 2KMTCentral.


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  1. I locked in the set for Jokic b/c I love the possibilities it presents and b/c I was able to get most of the set for very good prices after hunting a bit. Only Tatum was a real breaker but I found the right time and managed to bring him home -- thinking about the Tatum pick-up as a 2-for-1 for Jokic softened the thought of it for me, too. I hadn't picked up a Tatum previously and his versatile game have been fun to play around with in spurts. THAT SAID I've been having a blast with Jokic. He's a total box-score stuffer and shakes things up. He's obviously not a defensive lock but his passing makes for a lot of opportunities to mix things up with lineups both big and small. It was a big and fun weekend of MyTeam for me and the mode has safely settled its hooks into me once again. I would still love some more fresh single player player content though. Those weekly Moments challenges are the saddest updates. 

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