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NBA 2K20 MyTeam: Moments of the Week 10

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NBA 2K20

NBA 2K20 MyTeam: Moments of the Week 10

With a new week comes another set of Moments players, and this time it’s Moments of the Week 10 in NBA 2K20 MyTeam. This time around, it’s all about the guards. We also have the return of a pink diamond to the Moments selections.

Moments Of The Week 10

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  • Devin Booker (96)
  • Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (95)
  • Russell Westbrook (94)
  • Kelly Oubre Jr. (92)
  • Lonzo Ball (92)
  • Marcus Morris Jr. (92)
  • Dane Exum (89)
  • Jordan McRae (88)
  • Michael Porter Jr. (88)
  • Shabazz Napier (88)

I may or may not dive deeper into this set in the next day or so, but at first glance I’m most interested in Dante Exum and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. I doubt the Devin Booker pink diamond will be worth my time, and overall, I’m more interested in staying focused on the New Year’s Resolution players.

nba 2k20 myteam moments of the week 10 collection

The collection reward for Moments of the Week 10 is 100 tokens.


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  1. It's as though Xmas day in the NBA isn't on 2k's radar. Massive disappointment and I think the NY resolutions cards are for common-denominator players. Having Tony Allen hit Bruce Bowen stats after only hitting 20 3s is crap. Even a little bit of diversity in Defense/Athleticism/Outside Shooting would have shaken up the mix. Really underwhelmed by both of these packs. 
    Yeah but that's generally the case with the token market.
    I think those New Year's cards are great, but yeah, the evolution requirements call in to question what the heck were we grinding these last couple months if that's all it takes to get such important upgrades to cards here.
    That's what I mean I guess. After the hard work some of them just felt hollow with their bland and flat requirements. I'm not in favor of them all being like Bowen, but I believe there's a middle ground to be had, especially where such ludicrous boosts are concerned. It's a good feeling to tap out 300 points, 100 assists and 50 3s, to see a tangible benefit. And I'm so disappointed in the lack of Xmas games acknowledgment. 
    Yeah they've never done an XMas game thing, I assume because they're not in the office right after the games.
    I think these Evo requirements had gotten out of hand, so I don't mind easy ones, but I get why people would be frustrated by them. The same thing generally happens in most of these modes as the year goes on as things get more relaxed and requirements go down to get awesome cards. I assume it's to keep people around but some feel slighted that their grinding is getting minimized. I generally don't agree with the people who get upset about it, but I understand where it comes from.

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