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NBA 2K20 MyTeam: Leap Year Players Continue Trend of Chaos

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NBA 2K20

NBA 2K20 MyTeam: Leap Year Players Continue Trend of Chaos

Oh baby, it’s just time to watch us all be consumed by the power of the creep. At first glance, looks like we’re getting multiple players who may now be the best at their position in the MyTeam Leap Year packs. I won’t be reviewing these cards, but may be back with some form of analysis in the coming days.

Beyond the Leap Year cards, a couple galaxy opals have been given ratings updates, and we have a new locker code.

NBA 2K20 MyTeam Leap Year Players

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The set reward is galaxy opal Dwight Howard, and here are the other players:

  • Derrick Rose (99)
  • Tracy McGrady (99)
  • Paul George (98)
  • Rudy Gay (97)
  • Gerald Wallace (95)
  • Lonzo Ball (95)
  • Alex Caruso (92)
  • David Thompson (92)
  • Tom Chambers (Evolution) (92)
  • Kenneth Faried (89)
  • Robert Pack (Evolution) (89)
  • Hamidou Diallo (85)
  • Nate Robinson (Evolution) (85)

We also get a diamond Rex Chapman added to the TTO boards for a limited time:

Other Player Updates

The galaxy opal Julius Erving is among a couple cards receiving badge upgrades. He goes from 18 HOF badges to 38 HOF badges to keep up with the power creep elsewhere in the game. Pink diamond Scottie Pippen and galaxy opal Arvydas Sabonis also got upgrades (Sabonis got gold Quick Draw).

Locker Code

Weekly Challenges

myteam weekly challenges

Lastly, just a heads up that the weekly challenges are up for your usual dose of tokens.

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